Compiled: 713 Tai Lopez best quotes and quips revealed!

You might be surprised to know I am a big Tai Lopez ( fan.

Yep... it is the same YouTube commercial guy with Lamborghinis and books in the garage.

Some poke fun at Tai Lopez for the "backwoods" way he talks. Tai Lopez haters point out he rents his fun (it is true - Tai confirms it). Some even obsess over his net worth, Tai's age... even his latest thoughts about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

But for me, Tai Lopez delivers an endless parade of amazing business- and life-skills' advice. It is this knowledge that has helped boost my business, improve my social acumen and strengthen my closest relationships.

UPDATE: This is now available on Amazon - read all these tips on your Kindle here.

So, whenever I hear Tai Lopez dish out advice, I would jot it down in my notes...

Here is my always-updated list of Tai Lopez quotes and quips - sorted by category:


Money is flowing like a river. Poverty comes in part because no one ever walked us down to the water and showed us the abundant flow.

To be at peace - this is greater than all the wealth of the world.

Number one thing responsible for wealth creation? Catching a trend before the masses catch on.

Your life's purpose is basically to make tomorrow better than yesterday.


If you train yourself to laugh at adversity, nothing will be able to stop you.

The hard part about life is that you have to go through the fire to really grow. And the fire is never fun.

Can you hold on to your vision when all around you seems like it's crumbling? This is one of the greatest superpowers you can possess.

Analysis Paralysis

There is a time to be a perfectionist and a time to create momentum quickly even if it's a little sloppy.


7 factors of sexual attraction: 1. Affect: make us feel good, 2. Propinquity: live close, 3. Similarity: shared interests, 4. Scarcity: if choices are few attraction increases, 5. Arousal: if meet when in mood, 6. Hormones: Dopamine and Oxytocin drive us and 7. Physical symmetry: looks

The hottest girl ain't always the best.

I put a value on beauty. Many don't. Not just a beautiful face but the beauty of forms, systems, expertise.

You attract what you are.


Get a badass business partner. Will change your life and 100X your chance of success. But filter carefully or will be a nightmare.

When building your company try to avoid salaries. They encourage mediocrity. Pay commissions.

Number 1 way to make money: you have to be selling a winner. So many people working hard to market products and services that aren't really that good. It's impossible to ever really make money that way.

The single biggest factor in your success launching a business is the product you decide to sell. Good things sell.

Throw a networking party at your house at least once a month. It will pay off big time.

If you want to sell on Amazon now is the time to get in. Amazon's about to grow massively in the new few years.

The 1st rule of a startup is to prove there is "traction" - meaning there is enough customer demand for real growth potential.

You can create a product people want to buy but if you suck at marketing, what's the point? No one will ever hear about it.

Learn marketing. It's fun when it works. It's kind of like chess. But you get paid big when you win.

Be very, very careful delegating your business to someone else. Rarely works out. Watch your own shit.

Let the market guide you. It'll show you what to sell, how much to sell it for, and how to market it. Most entrepreneurs too stubborn to listen.

Starting your own fashion brand is like starting nightclub... It's hard. People aren't loyal to clothing brands. So you must be a master marketer.

You have to put yourself out there. That's really the secret to business networking - just getting out of the house.

It's all about finding badass business partners. You can't do it alone. You need a team.

To find a good business partner you have to be a good business partner first.

It's so much easier to market something that already has massive demand.

A recession will most likely hit globally in the next 1-2 years (it goes in 8-10 year cycles) but if you set income streams up you'll be fine.

If you talk to 5 businesses about paying you to manage their social media, almost always 1-2 will say yes to paying you $1000-$2,500 a month.

At least once a month go to a conference or seminar. Networking is important and most don't do it right. Plus travel is fun.

When you go to business network, always dress to impress. You never know who you might meet.

When you build your team don't just hang out with them at the office. Do fun stuff. That's how you build a loyal staff.

Business networking tip: try to have your "talk-to-listen percentage" around 60/40% -- with them talking 60% of the time.

Don't try to do big business deals over the phone or on email. Go meet them in person to close.

Don't be afraid of a little competition. It will make you better.

I cant tell you how many people have self-destructive tendencies when it comes to money and business. They turn left when they should go right.

The best marketing you can do is giving away free samples. If it's really good, people can't help but buy after they try it free.

Entrepreneurs, dont fill up ur company with only guys. Promote women too. Not saying this to be politically correct. From experience, I know.

Secret to networking? Be an interesting person.

Make a list of the top 10 problems in your life. The solutions to 1 or 2 of those are probably perfect businesses.

If your trying to raise money for your idea, consider lowering the minimums to get in. It increases the conversion rate.

Where is the best place to raise capital or hire badass employees? Your existing customers.

All the money in the world isn't better than a family that gets along and loves each other.

Sales closing tip of the day: speak in very simple sentences. The more complicated you get, the less sales/money you make.

Concensus/Group Think

When you threaten the status quo don't be surprised if some people who used to like you quickly turn on you.

You're underestimating how much societal norms hold you back.

If you test lots of people's personalities, it's crazy how different people score based on their country. Culture impacts more than you think.

Society sets us up for failure. It creates artificial rules that hold us back. Rise above your environment.

Not many people truly understand this but the main issue confronting humanity is how to grow enough food without destroying the planet.


Harness your anger into activity.

Never underestimate the roll of luck in your success. The question is can you create more good luck?


The average human attention span in 2015: 8.25 seconds. The average attention span of a gold fish: 9 seconds.

Scientist have found the percent of people who forget their own birthdays from time to time: 7%

Average number of times per hour an office worker checks their email inbox: 30

Apple has the profit margins of Ferrari and the production volumes of Toyota.

In the fourth quarter of 2016, Apple made twice the net profits Amazon has produced in the last 23 years.

44% of Americans have guns. 52% have Amazon Prime.

Amazon is the big threat to Google. 55% of people searching for a product start on Amazon vs. only 28% on search engines like Google.

Apple's cash reserves are about the size of Denmark's entire economy.

I just read that shoplifters steal $31 billion worth of stuff every year. That number seems crazy high.


Most of our fears are fantasies that will never happen.

When you feel the fear or discouragement, just run faster towards your goal.

Fear is such a double edged sword. You need some fear to keep you on track. But too much fear paralyzes you.

Fear of missing out (FOMO) robs you of so much satisfaction.

Sometimes the only way to overcome your fear of heights is to go stand at the top of a skyscraper for a a few hours.

When you're super worried write down your fears. I don't know why but it helps.

You don't naturally unlearn fear. Past mistakes and traumas have to be "unlearned" step by step over time.

Move straight towards your fears.

So often when we should be afraid we are courageous and when we should have courage we are paralyzed by fear.

Whatever it is you fear.... have twice as much courage on it this year.


Wealth comes from specialization. You need to be a generalist sometimes. But focus is better.

This world focusing on all the wrong things.

Things will get better. The darkness passes. Stay focused.

Procrastination comes from a lack of clarity. Focus primarily on the rewards, not the work. Then you'll procrastinate less.

Never underestimate how much money you lose from being unfocused and easily distracted.

Focus on the most important things. Then "embrace the chaos" in other areas. It's inevitable with a focus that smaller things don't get done.

Activity doesn't always equal progress. Some people just run around like chickens with their heads cut off. Focus on meaningful work.

The most powerful force on earth is a focused mind.

One focused day is worth a month of distracted effort.

If you can't sit still for 15 minutes a day to read a book you have bigger issues than you realize. Focus brings power. You can't always be A.D.D.

Increase your attention to detail. I can't tell you how many people are held back by their sloppiness and inability to focus. Be better.

The great thing about your life falling apart is that (unless you're stubborn) it forces you to completely focus on potential solutions.

Never try to get something too fast. It's better to have something new to look forward to each day. Ambition's more fun than accomplishment.

In life, you will never find perfection in others. It's better to focus on fixing our own flaws. That will keep us busy for a lifetime.

Try living as if you only have one year left on Earth. It focuses the mind amazingly.

Getting Things Done

Best daily routine tip: do the hardest stuff in the first 4 hours of the day.

Spend 10 minutes organizing your day before you even get out of bed. Pays off big time.

You have to know how to get things done. Sounds simple. It's not.

Procrastination often comes from fear - fear of the unknown. See things as a new adventure and you're less likely to procrastinate.

Laziness should be treated like the worst disease.

What will make you more productive? The "10-10 chair rule": Start your day by sitting in a chair for 10 minutes writing out a simple list of the 10 most important things you have to do that day.

If no one can get something done for you, just do it yourself.

Practical morning routine tip: within 20 minutes of waking up, read your list of life goals to yourself.

It's now or never. Don't procrastinate. Do the things you've been putting off that you know will increase your income.

When life starts falling apart, pay more attention to what you're doing. Focus often fixes things.

Don't make "To Do" lists that are in random order. Take an extra 5 minutes to list them in priority order.

Some people are just procrastinators. But like Pablo Escobar said, "The men of always aren't interested in the children of never."

We often procrastinate because we don't want to do something hard alone. Do big things in teams. You'll procrastinate way less.

It's true. Your biggest regrets will be the things you never got around to doing. Don't be slow.

Brainstorm more. Whenever you feel lost, sit in a chair and write out 20 solutions to your problem. Cross out the 17 worst. Act on the 3.

Practical tip of the day: get a curved ergonomic wireless keyboard. Don't use the built-in laptop keyboard. Hard on your hands and slower.

Best habit? Doing hard stuff first without procrastinating and just getting it out of the way.

The temptation is to always be on the go. It should be 50-50. Half your time thinking and planning. Half your time doing.

The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.

Don't be so extreme. Its ok to ease into stuff. You don't have to rush into things and you don't have to procrastinate forever. Experiment a lot.

A good habit is to read more: read a few minutes before you get out of bed in morning; few minutes when going to sleep; and during at least 1 meal.

Keep turning the cards over until you find the Aces. Don't give up.

Get more organized. It pays off financially very quickly.

I just read that Drake stays up all night working until 10 am. There are many different daily routines successful people follow.

The good ones grind away each day. The lazy ones waste away each day. The legends change the world without stressing out.

Always prepare for tomorrow, today.

When you don't know what to do - just move. Don't be predictable. Don't be sedentary. Don't get stuck.

Productivity tip: don't write too long of a daily to-do list. I like 3-5 things max. Then make sure they actually get done.

If you can figure out how to be lazy AND highly productive you are a wizard.

The best daily routine advice I know is to plan the next day for about 10 minutes a few hours before you go to sleep.

Move directly towards what you want. Don't get distracted.

Procrastination can usually be stopped by doing things with someone else. You need other people motivating you.

It's insane how much you can improve your life by simply using more checklists to get things done efficiently.

Every day, get the hard stuff out of the way first. Don't put it off and procrastinate.


Focus beats strength.

Push a little harder towards your goals. They are waiting.

The goal should be to live in "flow" - where you're so involved in something that you forget time, rest, and everything but what you're doing at the moment.

Be super specific with your goals. None of this generalities nonsense.

Everything you hate about yourself - write out a goal to overcome it and read it out loud to yourself daily.

Don't make huge New Year's resolutions. They are too hard to keep. Better to set small goals that you actually stick with.

Stop freaking out when your goals don't instantly happen. Now you have something to look forward to.

Trauma, mistakes, and hardships make you stronger. But still, the goal shouldn't be pain. It should be avoiding it. Enough will come on its own.

Basically, the goal is to make everyday feel like how most people only feel on Fridays.

Long-term goals are good. Optimizing today is better.

Make your goal to rise out of the ashes.

Someone just asked, "Do you want to be the richest man in the world?" Nah, I optimize for adventure and an interesting life.

Don't be afraid of failure. Remember in the end we all die.


The enemy of the great is the good.

If you can't laugh at yourself you're not going to last very long on planet Earth.

Never optimize your life to be great just on holidays. Make the normal days of your life amazing. There's a lot more of them then special holidays.


At some point you have to stop and enjoy your life.

If I could only be rich or happy I'd pick happy. But happiness's hard without some financial stability.

Happiness isn't a thing you focus on to achieve. It comes when you do multiple things right in your life.

I'm happiest when I'm around my favorite people. Better than all the money in the world.

Sometimes it's the little things, like watching game of thrones with someone you like, that makes life good.

Don't ever forget the power of being able to be happy by yourself. I think at least 2 hours/day should be spent alone thinking, reading, writing.

Happiness comes in exact proportion to the time you spend with good people.

This Harley Davidson store sign says "You cant buy happiness but you can buy a motorcycle and leather jacket and that's basically same thing."

The traits that make you successful won't always make you happy. The traits that make you happy wont always make you successful. Find balance.

Sometimes things don't work out. Welcome to planet Earth.

You can't always think, "One day I will enjoy my life." One day might never come. You must optimize today.

The secret to unhappiness is stress. The secret to happiness? The opposite of that.


Once a week post something controversial on your social media. Then watch the comments. Use this to "smoke out" and block the haters who aren't true friends.

Remember that your critics are way louder than your supporters. So it will give an illusion that more people are against you then really are.

99% of the time that someone criticizes you for something, they are actually guilty of it themselves.

Envy will make people invent all kinds of stories about you.

A fun thing to do is mess with your haters. Get 'em mad by debating them for a bit and then say you have found religion and want their forgiveness.

Sometimes you change but other people won't accept that you actually changed. They keep only remembering the old you.

Scientists find that, under a brain scanner, some people literally experience pleasure in another's misfortunes. Watch out. Probably a few of them are already in your life.


Most people are dehydrated. A man should drink about 8 water bottles a day and a woman 6. Not many doing that.

If lose your health you won't even care about money anymore.

The most neglected piece of advice to be healthy? Taking a daily power nap.

The more news you watch and listen to the less happy you become. Don't spend much time on it.

Number 1 way to improve your life: be around more psychologically healthy people. They are becoming harder and harder to find.

The simplest thing that will revolutionize your life? Lift weights at least 3 times a week.

Most people aren't getting even close to enough good protein.

I just got my Spectracell lab blood test results. Interesting. Basically we humans don't get enough antioxidants in the modern world.

People forget about probiotics to get your digestion up. Too many antibiotics. Not enough probiotics.

If you track your food macros I almost guarantee it's low in potassium. Even w/ bananas. Insane how tricky it is. White beans help a lot.

Test your DNA. It's dope to find out the truth about your ancestors.

Buy some snug clothes that just barely fit you. When they get too tight you know it's time to hit the gym.

Everything. But in moderation.

The brain is like a muscle. If you don't use it daily, you slowly lose it.

Try a workout with zero rest between exercises and sets for 20 min straight. Killer and takes almost no time if ur busy or traveling.

If you just do 3 days a week pull-ups/squats/bench/deads and the other 3 days boxing/Brazilian jiu-jitsu/muay thai - you'll be a monster.

Lift weights. Discipline your diet. You will have to have the physical AND mental toughness to make it in this world.

I've been testing my blood once a month for years. Cortisol. Cortisol. Cortisol. That's the killer. Watch ur stress levels. Destroys health.

Never sacrifice long-term health to make money. Short term, you can push it a bit. But it's a slippery slope.

A healthy adult has 30 billion fat cells. An overweight adult has 75 billion fat cells. But the obese have 500 billion!

It's definitely possible to over train your body. Take a week off every once and awhile.

One secret to good hair? Organic coconut oil at least twice a week. Put it in hair during shower. Comb it in. Wash it out with conditioner.

Most important rule of sleep in the modern world: don't sleep with your cell phone in your bedroom. I put mine in my bathroom.

People basically only remember your final win. So don't worry about taking the loss a few times along the way.

Throw out everything with high fructose corn syrup. It's a scam to sell you cheap farm byproducts.

If you eat crap food and don't work out you get out of shape. What happens then in a world where people don't work out their brain?

If you're out of shape get a mentor with a six-pack. Next thing you know you'll start to get in shape. If you're broke find mentors who know how to make money. Next thing you know your bank account will start to go up. Who you hang out with matters.

My 99 yr old grandma just said one of the things wrong with modern society is we don't eat 3 meals together anymore as families.

Remember. Books are the weights of the brain.


The problem with anxiety is it keeps you from being good at things that require you to be cool under pressure. Like investing.

Well, you shouldn't put your money in all at once. You should do something called "dollar cost averaging" which is continually buying over time. Sometimes when it's high. Sometimes when it's low. And don't ever invest any money your not prepared to lose.

Force yourself to save money. Buy a house or auto deduct money out of your bank account into an investment.

Why do people thinking falling prices are such bad news? How else can you buy low if the price never drops?

If you invest your money based on the masses you'll always be buying high and selling low.

Don't reinvest 100% of your profits back into what made you the profit. To be safe you must diversify.

To skillfully invest your money you have to sometimes postpone current pleasure for future gains.

When you invest in the stock market and it goes up, don't forget to sell enough to get back your principal. Then the rest is all upside.

Invest at least 5-10% of your money in real estate if you can. Especially real estate that has rental income.

The safest places to invest your money are in assets that have cash flow.

A good way to make a lot of money is to find a successful mid-sized business owner who wants to retire and take over their biz for a 50-50 split.


In life, if you're sitting in a room for 30 minutes and can't figure out who the sucker is - you're the sucker.

If you could change one thing about yourself make it reducing stubbornness. Trust me. It destroys our hopes and dreams.

Common sense is no longer common. I'm worried about us humans.

Get your memory game up. Amazing practical life skill they didn't teach us in school.

They should teach EQ not just IQ in school. The 5 types of EQ/Emotional Intelligence are: 1. Knowing your own emotions, 2. Ability to regulate your emotions, 3. Ability to motivate oneself, 4. Reading other's emotions and 5. Influencing other's emotions.

#1 factor for upward economic mobility? Self-education under a good mentors guidance.

When you're on the cutting edge things will get confusing, because not many people will be able to give you advice.

If your daily routine doesn't include reading, you're the sucker in the room.

Never get your financial education from the mass media.

Just ordered 102 books on Amazon. The more you learn, the more you earn.

You have to be patient enough to get what you want. It's usually right around the corner if you just wait.

Control your costs. The temptation is to always spend just a little more than you make.

You will walk through the valley of the shadow of death. Keep your eyes straight ahead and walk through it.

All things have a limit. Do something you enjoy for too long and you will start to hate it. The secret is to find the "max enjoyment" level for every part of your life. Don't be greedy and always want more.

One of the greatest superpowers you can possess is the ability to learn 10 times faster than the average person.

The greatest superpower is to be able to face adversity with a cool head.

3 greatest life skills: 1. Reading people. 2. Learning 10 times faster than average. 3. Being cool under pressure while most freak out.

The easiest mistake in life is to spend 90% time thinking on things that wont matter in a week and only 10% on things that'll matter for years.

Don't try to fix the stupid people around you. Takes too long and rarely works.

The younger you start, the quicker you overcome the learning curve. So launch an age-neutral biz.

alf of everything in the world is now officially hype. Get good at filtering through the BS.

Biggest tragedy of the modern school system? That there isn't one high school class on using practical psychology to read people. To know who to attract and who to filter out before they screw your over.

Practice your skill until you're too good to ignore.

Never take things for granted. They can be taken from you faster than you realize.

Audio books can be good. But mix it up. Reading vs. listening works different parts of the brain.

If you aren't reading at least one good book a week you're leaving serious money on the table.

Master the art of negotiation. Learn how to read the situation to know if you can be dominant or have to be more submissive.

Never forget to show love to people who correct you. Only fools always want to be praised.

To get what you want, you have to deserve what you want. Most people wish for things they don't really deserve.

Question everything you believe at least once a year. Will make you a lot smarter.

Attention to detail is tricky. Like Genghis Khan said, "Conquering the world on horseback is easy; it's dismounting and governing thats hard."

In the midst of all the wars don't forget what Nelson Mandela said, "Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world."

When you havent yet accomplished your goals focus on listening. Way too many newbies stubbornly in love with their ideas. That's not how you learn.

Sometimes you have to ask yourself if you want to be right about everything or if you want to be rich. Don't be stubborn and stuck on your preconceived notions.

I think high schools should be required to graduate students with skill in at least one career field. Practical not just theoretical.

People say you need 10,000 hours to master a skill. It's probably more like 20,000. But you can start taking action after just a few hours.

Your biggest career mistake will most likely be doing something you're not naturally good at. Build on strengths not weaknesses.

Best and Worst pickup lines in scientific study: 1. Best: "Do you want to dance?" Worked 63.8% of time. 2. Worst: "Is that really your hair?" Failed 89% of time. Just read this in Harvard textbook by Lehmiller.

Sadly most people's education about money comes from Netflix or TV shows and articles written by people who've never really made money.

The world is full of illusions we perceive as real. The truth is raw and only a few can handle it. Seek until you find.

A huge ingredient in success is impulse control. You can't always do what feels good in the moment.

If you want to tell the future, read a little history. The cycles repeat themselves in slightly different but similar ways.

Learn public speaking. Its mind blowing the amount of people spending tens of thousands on college but can't put a decent sentence together.

Video marketing is the future. Catch the trend.

What you want out of life is probably 6 to 18 months away from happening if you keep working for it. Be patient.

Listen and learn twice as much as you talk.

I meet so many people want to live an amazing life. But most just dont have the skills or tools. Society, schools, families have to fix this.

Which's a better world: One where people go to college full time only from 18-22. Or one where people take one class nonstop for whole life?

A lot of failure comes from trying to do things alone. Wealth and success comes from working with key allies.

First fix your health, then your wealth, then your love life, and then happiness will come. (Ideally you work on all 4 at once).

An over active mind is a problem. You have to learn to quiet it sometimes.

When you truly hunger enough for answers you find them. Not before.

It's crazy how often we fall for the "grass is always greener on the other side" mentality... Don't do it.

The only true job security is having an irreplaceable skill.

The most powerful ability is knowing precisely when to act and when to wait.

Learn to play poker. Teaches you a lot about the game of life.

It's better to learn than teach. But sometimes you have to do both.

To make money online you have to be insatiably curious about your competition.

Lower risk as much as possible without limiting too much reward.

Become an expert at making decisions. Most important life skill.


You can be a charismatic leader. You can be a quiet introverted leader. But you must learn how to lead. If you can lead people you will go far.


Few thirst for truth. Most demand illusions.

To have peace of mind is greater than all things.

If you're an anxious or depressed person, one of the smartest things you can do is surround yourself with chill, naturally happy friends.

Almost all of our problems with other people are actually symptoms of problems deep without ourselves. Fix yourself and the whole outside world begins to change with you.

You have to do the right thing in the right order or else it becomes the wrong thing.

Your brain should be like a map. Full of visions of what you want to achieve.

The natural state of the brain is to be unhappy because it has to always compute worst-case scenarios. You have to work against that tendency.

Be stronger mentally then you are physical. Both are good. But mental toughness even more valuable. You can always hire some big dudes.

If you ever get that feeling that it's too late for you in life, it's probably not too late. Push a little harder.

Greatest superpower is the ability to have complete control of your mind, thoughts, willpower.

Almost all problems are illusions of the mind.

If you're having a bad holiday season just remember, it's all man-made. It's just another day. Only enjoy it if it's going well. Or else ignore it.

I think undiagnosed, serious mental issues are the most forgotten causes of our health, wealth, love, and happiness problems.

Never be bored. Fill up your life with learning new stuff. Makes every day a challenging adventure.

People's relationships at 9-5 jobs have replaced small community living. It was never supposed to be this way.

It's weird but sometimes less is more. A lot more.

Keep your eye on the future. Forget the past.

The second you feel cocky, you'll get humbled.

You have to able to turn logic on and off. And sometimes emotions on and off. And be smart enough to know when's the time for each.

You don't have to be a cheesy optimist or a cynical pessimist but you do need to have the faith of a mustard seed.

I have been poor and I have been rich and both can be annoying. So enjoy where you are now - but don't settle.

It's important but not primary. Working smarter and more selectively is the real key.

As I've been trying to tell people. Working hard/long hours is not the main factor in success.

I think being told your special as a child does more harm than good (there's good science showing this). It creates a narcissistic entitlement. It's better to work on specific strengths and weaknesses. No one person is more special overall than another.

You don't have to be perfect. But you have to get the important things approximately right.

Generational poverty is a real thing. So is generational ignorance.

Optimism is overrated. Vision mixed with action is a lot better.

Almost all of our problems come from one thing - not adapting fast enough.

Personality type matters a lot more than your I.Q. when it comes to success.

Never get too excited or too depressed. Stay level-headed.

Insecurity is the mother of greed.

Sometimes you have to go into the wilderness alone to return a new person.

It's a catch 22: focusing on yourself brings self-improvement but it also increases narcissism.

Everything I hate about myself is somehow rooted in stubbornness - the inability to change fast enough.

Just read fascinating scientific research: "On average students doing online learning performed better than those learning face to face."

I can't tell you how many problems in your life would be solved if you sat down, focused, and brainstormed writing out solutions on a notepad.

You should never want things to go perfectly according to plan. Your greatest creativity will come when things aren't going quite as expected.

Depression often seems to come from seeing things too clearly or not clearly enough.

Never pick any career or business that you're not curious about. No matter how much money you could make.

Find work in areas you have a natural advantage in. Don't plan to just bang ur head against the wall doing something you have no natural skill in.

I swear all sadness has to be turned into some kind of action. Some kind of progress. Or else it just feels empty.

You have to delay gratification enough that you get real work done and don't just party, but you can't delay it so much that life passes you by.

You can't just love what you do. You also have to be good at what you do. You must make money by having both: Love for the career and skill.

You only need two big correct decisions a year (and no massively idiotic ones) to become highly successful.

Every time you're sad or bothered by something, distract yourself by focusing continuously on the most amazing thing in your life.

Try more stuff. In my experience, for every 17 things I try, 10 fails, 6 succeed decently, and 1 is a crazy hit.

Laziness can kill a lot of hopes and dreams.

I swear, if you can just keep your head up when it seems worst, almost every dark time in your life will literally become bright again.

It's very easy to be too aggressive in life. It's very easy to be too timid in life.

Get in the habit of: 1. Thinking deeply 2. Asking the advice of wise, experienced people. 3. Then making a decision without over thinking it.

Until you fix your demons some cycles will never stop repeating.

You won't get hurt as much if you just observe people vs. expect them to act perfectly. Actions reveal the truth. Observe without preconceptions.

Life begins fresh once you reach your breaking point and say "enough is enough."

Be more open-minded. The mind is like a radar. If you open it up you will catch massive opportunities before most people see them.

Take the principles that are making you successful in one area and apply them to the other big weaknesses in your life.

It's possible for the perfect thing to come along and to not be ready for it. Don't let that happen. Start preparing today way ahead of time.

You have to live half by your head and half by your heart. Logic and your emotion. 50%-50%.

Half of life is just having some courage.

The danger is thinking big when you should be thinking small. And thinking small when you should be thinking big. Learn to know the difference.

Be always grateful but never complacent.

Poverty breeds poverty. Only a change in environment fixes things.

It's not just hard work and hustle that brings success. If it was that simple every single mom working 2-3 jobs to pay bills would be rich.

Think before you act (but don't overthink).

Spend 50% of your time planning and 50% of your time doing. Don't think either is more important than the other.

Power in life comes from deep within. It comes from an accumulation of wins and losses that you persevere through.

If you can rise out of the worst circumstances you will earn the respect of the world.

A little OCD won't hurt you.

Think but don't overthink.

How to be poor: be overly sure of your opinions... How to be wealthy: open your mind to learn from the best.

You must have that force of will. That power deep within yourself to not give up.

When life sucks there is good news - I­t­ can only get better.

It sucks to get bored easily and then move on and then realize you miss what you once had.

There are two parts to life: 1. Getting what you want... 2. Enjoying what you got... Only a few get both.

The dysfunctions of our childhood must be fought against daily.


No money. No freedom.

If you only have one source of income you will always be vulnerable.

It's one thing to make money. It's another thing to keep the money.

Amazing. Some people still skeptical about making money online. Like it's some kind of new scam. Get with the times or get left behind.

When you get your paycheck from only one source you're always going to be vulnerable. Diversify your income.

First, you get the mindset, then you get the business, then you get the money.

Money flows to the bank accounts of the most adaptable. Read the current trends and adjust what you're doing.

If you'd like to make more money you have to get better at a skill. Just pick one thing. Get extra good at it. And make sure it's something that other people value.

If you're an introvert and not sure what career you should pursue, think about becoming a programmer. Huge demand. Huge opportunity.

If your scatterbrained and have a hard time ever locking in and focusing, you're probably never going to make real damn money.

If you're trying to make real money you better surround yourself with some detail-oriented, engineer-like people.

If you want to make serious money, study Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger. They are like the Michael Jordan and LeBron James of cash.

Rich getting richer by exploiting the poor or is it the fault of the education system?

For good or bad, money flows into the hands of those who speak its language. A language not taught in most schools.

Making money is basically a combination of the Golden Rule and common sense. Both of which are being forgotten by most.

The reason so many people struggle with money is they feel uncomfortable sitting in a chair and just thinking deeply.

Do all you can to fix your finances. It's hard to do anything when you're too stressed about money.

Never sacrifice your body for money. Too many entrepreneurs get caught in that trap. Makes no logical sense.

Your bank account grows as you impact more people. Bring them value and in exchange, they will share with you their hard earned money.

To make real money you're going to have to be thick-skinned. Overly sensitive people just don't make it.

Your goal should be to at least have 3 sources of income. One primary and two secondary backups.

Money making secret? A bad ass business partner. Almost impossible to go big alone. But you have to master reading people to find a good one.

The first rule of making money: it's not nearly as hard as everyone makes it out to be. So many things in life are harder. Like love for example.

Some people are wired to make money easier than most and some people are wired to find love easily. But you got to get good at both.

The top 10 wealthy men in the world have more money than the poorest 3.5 billion people.

To make more money you have to do more stuff. Simplest formula ever. Energy attracts success.

There is no great tragedy in other people making money when you're not. Forget envy and focus on growing your own shit.

Many see, but few observe. Many hear, but few listen.

Making money doesn't have to be hard. It's only hard if you don't have a mental blueprint. You can learn the money just like learning a language.

What should you do to make money? Pick something you would do even if you already were a billionaire.

When you're stressed out over money you're at a crossroads. Will you go back to your old ways or will you use the pain to try a new, better path?

You don't have to try and get rich quick. The law of compounding means you just have to make a little more today than you did yesterday.

Don't try to make money too fast. Just never go to sleep without making at least 1 decent step in the right direction of learning and growing.

You either make money your bitch, or it will make you its bitch.

Never invest all your money into something you don't understand. No matter how much hype it has.

Eventually, governments won't be able to control the money supply. Bitcoin is just the beginning.

Want to make more money? Stop relying on other people. Go do it yourself.

Make the exact amount of wealth that will keep you at optimal health and happiness. No more. No less.


What motivates humans? 7 things in priority order: 1. Immediate physiological needs, 2. Self-protection, 3. Affiliation, 4. Status/esteem, 5. Mate acquisition, 6. Mate retention and 7. Parenting (an updated version of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs).

If you want respect, do something important.

Keep your head down and your ambition up.

When most people are giving up, that's when you should be increasing your energy.

You'll get what you want if you're willing to work 1 to 2 years longer than originally planned.

Don't get discouraged. The body responds to weights. Keep lifting. It won't fail you.

Wake up. Look yourself in the mirror and say, "It's now or never."

Sometimes the crazy annoying things that happen to you turn into the amazing life changing things that you need.

To motivate yourself read your written goals back to yourself for 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes at night.

Take all the unfair things other people have done to you and harness them to motivate yourself.

Good news. Dr. Weeks found that high intelligence and good spelling often don't go together.

Fight as hard as you can for what you want. And then hope that what's meant to happen happens.

Schools have to stop forcing things. You can't teach by force, people learn by being inspired.

The reality is life is about 90% the journey and about 10% arriving to the fun results. So you have to get used to that.

I need to praise good work more. It's easy to forget to do.

Never feel sorry for yourself. Get off your ass and go DO!

There will always be something to complain about. Resist the temptation.


As you walk through the right doors more will open.

It's so easy to miss big opportunities. You turn your head for a second and they are gone. Seize the moment!

Remember, if you don't have haters you're doing something wrong.

Spin a globe, close your eyes, and point... wherever you land is your next trip. Even if it's the middle of nowhere.

When you get a rare opportunity, please for the love of God seize it! Amazing opportunities don't come around daily.


People ask me why I'm so big on personality tests. Easy. They are free and even if they only give you 1% new insight it's worth a few minutes.

If your family is mistreating you, then it's time to adopt a new family out of your true friends.

Humans like to blame others for their failures but take all the credit for their successes.

Never, ever be surprised by what envious people will say about your success.

The thing about narcissists is they literally cannot see ur side of the story. Don't try to make sense or explain to them. It's not possible.

Ever been forced to stand near someone in a line and had to overhear their idiotic conversation?

Most people are extremely sure of their opinions no matter how often they have been wrong before.

We get hurt because we expect so much from people. Stop expecting and you'll be happier.

Remember, you have some "friends" who are just watching and waiting for you to fail... Filter them out of your life.

Why do you want everyone to like you? Stop.

You have to go through the bad ones to get to the good ones.

Most of our lives are spent trying to please people we eventually find out aren't even good humans.

If someone is offended that you didn't save their number in your phone they are almost always high in narcissism.

The more I learn about people, the more I like my two dogs.

For every 100 people you meet, only 1 or 2 will really have your back through thick and thin.

Most people want to take a lot more than they give. Keep the friends close who don't.

If you really want to know who your true friends are, ask them to do some simple thing for you. Fake friends will make excuses why they can't.

Always pay it forward. Even to random strangers that you will never meet again.

Don't judge too hard. We are all just mostly trying to do our best. Fragile mortals that fail more often then we succeed... Be at peace with the world.

Some people will always find the need to compete with you. Even if you ain't trying to compete.

Remember, very few people have the eye to see your potential.

Some people are just stupid. Nothing you can do about it.

If the world turned against you, who would still have your back? Those are your true friends.

Charisma and narcissism are very hard to differentiate.

People have no perspective anymore. Freaking out if Starbucks is out of their favorite coffee. Bitch, there is a Coffee Bean next door.

It's amazing how fast your life can turn around when you stop blaming others for your situation.

Stay away from narcissists and selfish people. They will always burn you in the long run.

When a girl tells you she is crazy, always, always believe her.

The number one trait to look for in a person? Conscientiousness.

Throw parties at your place at least 4-8 times a year. Best way to business network is to have people coming to you.

If you feel drained after hanging out with someone, they are probably a narcissist. Change friends.

It's easy to forget your original vision for your life and get bounced around by the twists and turns of other people. Resist the temptation. Go back to your original plan.

Never work with anyone you don't trust. Common sense that's often ignored.

One of the worst feelings in life is realizing you've wasted years of your life being around the wrong people.

People spend too much time regretting the past without taking nearly enough time to learn the lesson so they don't repeat it.

Remember most people will only see things from their side of the story. Don't be afraid to remind them of your side too.

A narcissist is like a vacuum. Once they start taking from you, they will never be satisfied.

I'm dumb on many things. Usually, people problems are where we make our biggest mistakes. Trusting the wrong people.

People get confused between "crashes" and normal up and down cycles.

The most important trait in a person? I'd say loyalty. I look for that above all.

The available pool of amazing people will always be less than the demand. So they're hard to find. You have to seek them out. They won't always come to you.

Trying to change someone is hard. I don't recommend it unless you're ready for a nightmare.

Some people are so attractive until they open their mouth.

Find a few amazing people to build your life around. That's all you need. One good, loyal person is worth 50 fickle friends.

Narcissists feed off your energy.

Fake friends are undercover enemies.

Personality is getting lost in the world of social media selfies. Where have all the interesting people gone?

Almost all people who write Zen type quotes about ridding yourself of your ego have huge egos themselves.

Getting attached to the wrong people will cause you more misery than basically any other thing on planet Earth.

Remember that half the people you can't get along with having serious psychological problems. They don't even realize what they're doing.

Most of your life will be spent filtering out the people who want to take more than they give.

People way too sure of themselves. Like Nietzsche said, "Convictions are more dangerous enemies of truth than lies."

Most of what is true can't be said without offending a massive amount of people.

How come people who can hardly balance their own checkbooks have the strongest opinions on running the country?

I'd never want to be a role model. Too much pressure. And all us humans have massive flaws.

For most people, ignorance is bliss.

Hell on earth or heaven on earth? It's the quality of the people you are around all week.

People with facts are increasing. Street smarts are decreasing.

Society is selecting for all the wrong things these days. The wrong traits get rewarded. Evolution has gone backward.

How come people super into "vibrations" and mystical stuff give off weird vibes? Should it be the other way around?

Remember, lots of people super into self-help are not great people to be around. Ironic, I know.

The problem with our brain's hardwiring is that we are attracted to and follow narcissistic and psychotic people.

When you can't figure out why someone did something to you, follow the "reward vs. pain" ratio. That explains everything.

The more I'm around humans and animals the less I can tell which is most intelligent.

If you walk with mediocre people you will feel like a king/queen. But where's the progress?

No matter what you do, at least one person will like it and another will hate it. Can't please 'em all.

When people make fun of your physical appearance it's almost always because of their lack of intellectual ability.

Good things happen when you're around the right people.

Societal pressure is more powerful than people realize. Hard to have real change without changing the system.

A good rule of thumb: if someone's screws you over for the 1st time, forgive. But if it's a pattern of screwing you over, retaliate.

Humans have become too disconnected from Nature. Cities are good but you shouldn't be in one 100% of the time.

People will judge you quickest when they are secretly struggling with the same thing.

Some people will deal with their insecurities by attacking you. Some will deal with it by being dramatic. Others will be honest and share them with you. Stick to the last group.

I'm starting to think certain regions of the world have a lot more mental problems than others. This partly explains their continual wars.

If someone's Instagram is 100% selfies of themselves, what does that say about them?

Basically, 80% of your life's problems will come from exploitative people. The ones who take twice as much as they give. Cut them off.

One of trickiest things about life is that ignorant people have 100% confidence in their beliefs and intelligent people doubt themselves.

We humans think we know ourselves. We rarely do. The mind's an impenetrable fortress. You mostly learn about yourself through friends and enemies.

If you have trust issues it's usually a vicious cycle. You don't trust so you attract untrustworthy people. Becomes self-fulfilling prophecy.

Should there be gun control? In England they banned guns and now they just stab people and run over with cars. Hard to stop bad people.

A good formula to deal with bad people in your life: block/ignore 90% of them. And respond to 10% to shut them up.

In the modern world, the hardest thing isn't making money or feeding yourself. It's finding compatible, loyal people.

Most of our misconceptions about people really just come from bad experiences with a few bad apples that make us jaded towards everyone.

Be happy when someone's obviously treating you wrong. Now they have revealed who they really are and you can move on from them.

People fall so in love with lame ideas. It's sad actually. So ask the opinion of smart people. Make war with a multitude of counselors.v

Never get too cocky about your admirers and fans compliments. Most will leave you in a heartbeat if the crowd turns against you. Stick with the loyal.

Correct a good person and they will love you for it. Correct an idiot and they will hate you.

When the tide comes in, you see who's swimming naked. When times get tough you see who your real friends are.

One of my mentors used to say, "If you are afraid of the phone, you'll never make real money." Never be afraid to go talk to more people.

Don't get advice from too many people. Most are unqualified.

One secret to success is forgetting most of the bad stuff people have done to you. You can't let past trauma cloud your vision.

Make war with a multitude of counselors. Build your life around the advice of good allies.

Almost everyone in the modern world is freaked out about inconsequential things. Keep it all in perspective.

Just remember that those who backstab, attract those who backstab.

For some people, their best form of birth control is their personality.

You have to reverse engineer other people's success.

People love to try to drain your energy by not making any sense. Remove yourself from people who can't be logical.

If you can spend your day around jolly people, you have won at life.

There are two main reasons people treat you badly: 1. You are an annoying person... or 2. They are an annoying person. (Or both).

Good news: the annoying people in life like to congregate together. Makes it easier to avoid them.

You have to hang out with people who make you uncomfortable because they are 10 times ahead of you skill wise.

People usually aren't listening logically. They just want you to say things that confirm what they already want to believe.

When people get too frustrating to be around there is nothing better than going back to a loyal dog or a good book.

Something I wish someone had told me as a kid? Watch people's actions, not their words.

People who brag about how hard they are working usually aren't.

Confidence is something only some people have naturally. The rest have to learn over time. The first step is simply not being affected by others.

It's better to be alone than with the wrong people. But if you can attract real deal people it will transform everything.

One good person is 20 times harder to find. But it's worth the effort in searching.

Never be surprised to find out that some people don't have your best interests in mind.

Surround yourself with people who are rarely offended.

When you don't know how to read people you'll literally waste half your life hanging with people you'll never match within a million years.

Observe people closely. Everything is a clue.


To make money learn the subtle arts of persuasion. So people can really buy into your ideas.

To create a brand you have to be a master of psychology and triggering the emotions of your target audience. Without manipulating.


The world's full of people who never even made a million bucks trying to give business advice.

Admiration is often hidden in jealousy.


Don't hesitate so much. Just try it.

Be careful with procrastination. The next thing you know it's permanent.


You know you're dealing with a narcissist when everything easily offends them.

The 3 most common psychological issues? 1. Overly eccentric. 2. Overly dramatic. 3. Overly anxious.

Order of self-improvement: 1. Fix psychological issues. 2. Fix body. 3. Fix bank account.

Almost everything you don't understand about life can be figured out by studying psychology.

Never ever underestimate the amount of people in your life who have serious psychological problems.


Sometimes when you do a good deed it's amazing how quickly it comes back to you... (but not always).


The 3 "C's" everyone wants to find in someone to date/marry: 1. Cute: physical attraction, 2. Character: trust and admire them and 3. Compatibility: enjoy talking to them about shared interests.

Be the flame, not the moth.

As you become more successful and make more money remember it'll attract the good and the bad. Watch for the gold diggers and fake friends.

When deciding who to be close friends with, focus on a set of 4 traits scientists call "agreeableness": 1. Flexibility, 2. Patience, 3. Forgiveness and 4. Gentleness... These are slowly getting lost in the modern world.

When you first meet someone never try to guide the conversation. Let them be who they really are very quickly. Then you will know the truth.

First, you get the money, then you get the power, then you get the woman.

They say men with facial scars are about 5.7% more attractive to most women.

Guys you don't have to be the best looking. Pablo Picasso was short and ugly. But he was passionate and women loved him. Passion attracts passion.

If you ever go on a first date with someone who's attractive, smart, AND does regular charity work - Don't let them go.

Are most couples really in love or just can't find anyone better?

As you become mentally healthier, you will attract mentally healthier people into your life.

Some relationships would have worked out perfectly if you had just met them at a different time.

Be careful of sleeping with people you have no feelings for. Fucks with the hormones.

Some people you just vibe with. Spend more time with them. Forget the rest.

Unfortunate but true, parents are the cause of most of the world's problems. Think about it and you'll see why.

If you want to know who someone really is, just meet their friends.

People underestimate how much a messed up childhood or crappy parents destroy someone's life and future.

An amazing superpower would be to be able to combine different things you like from different people into 1 single amazing person to marry.

One of hardest lessons all of us have to learn is the "dating good looks with crappy personality" painful life lesson.

It takes about 18 months on average for someone you start dating to reveal their true personality. Why so many people get fooled.

Scientists say there are basically three love styles: anxious, avoidant, and secure.

Remember love is like hypnosis. Sometimes it falsely blinds us to serious issues that will destroy things in time. Stay woke.

The most important thing for romance? Mutual attraction. Crazy how many people waste time pursuing people who don't really like them back.

Good things happen when you're around the right people. So get out of the house. More opportunities are there for you. Go out and network.

The worst mistake in life is letting the wrong people in and keeping the good people out.

I don't think there is that much wrong with me. I'm just super picky.

1st skill to build in life? The ability to adapt quickly. The 2nd? How to read people to know who to filter out BEFORE they screw you over.

It's true. Birds of feather flock together. Been proven over and over. People of similar values attract each other. Views on dominance, honesty/humility, openness to new experience etc. (not on trivial things like what favorite color is). Friends are a reflection of our worldview.

Sometimes when you love someone so much you accidentally drive them away.

If you're not kicking at least one person a year out of your social circle you're making a massive mistake.

We are often more in love with the personality type than the actual person.

One day you will look back at certain people and say, "Why did I ever have them in my life?" and others, "I wish I had met them years ago."

One of the hardest things in life is making calls on who and who shouldn't be in your life. It's painful but necessary.

People's logic is usually weak. They rely mostly on emotion to make decisions. But planes rarely crash because they are designed and operated logically. So don't be surprised why the world is in the state it's in.


Serious question for my non-meat eating friends: is it more ethical to buy shoes or an iPhone made in an Asian factory or eat a burger?

What's the purpose of dreaming while you sleep?

Why do idiots always have the strongest opinions?

Does it make sense that our government spent $2.7 trillion - 65% on Social Security/Medicaid/Medicare/Unemployment. But only $114 billion - less than 3% on Education?

Your ideal career choice? A business fixing something that has bothered you your whole life.

Does LSD expand the mind or ruin it?

How come dumb people have so much confidence and smart people doubt themselves.

Do one-way streets (like in NYC) really save time or just huge pain in the ass?

How come you have to have a license to drive a car but not to have kids -- which is a bigger responsibility?

How come shitty companies can ruin your personal credit score but you can't report their bad service to ruin their business credit score?

Why does school basically have zero guidance in any of the really important life stuff like love, money, fitness, emotional stability?

Anxiety levels are at an all-time high. Why is this hardly being addressed except by medication?

How come schools, that require you to memorize a whole bunch of stuff, never teach even one class on how to improve your memory?

Why is there such a war between balance and excess within us all?

If it's mostly the poor who steal, why do we put them in prison instead of teaching them practical skills on how to start their own business and make money?

Why are some university bachelor degrees $200,000?


They call them power naps for a reason. Powerful people use them.

At least once a week try to get 10 hours sleep. Darken the room. Set air to 69 degrees. Turn off the phone. You need it.

Try to get 10 hours of sleep at least once a week. It's doable if you plan it right.

By far the most important 2 factors for health are sleep and stress. Even more than diet and exercise.

Interesting, a hard workout near bedtime doesn't necessarily mess up your sleep.


As crazy as it sounds to some people, I do believe in the power of prayer. If done right.

True religion is to help the helpless.

If we just had a little more faith in the future, our dreams might just come true.

Sometimes you have an almost spiritual connection to someone.

Sometimes all you have left is faith that the future will turn out right.

Stress, Pain and Anxiety

There are many painful things in life. Almost none as bad as wasting 10 years of your potential... Rise up.

Life changes the day you say "enough is enough!" and truly mean it.

One day a week you should rest and have zero planning or stressful scheduling. Let your brain relax and recharge.

To overcome anxiety. To do what you know you should do without procrastination or hesitation. To know what's the wise path and to actually follow it. I wish I had more of that...

Pain is our greatest teacher.

The greatest pain? The betrayal of a close friend... The greatest joy? A true friend who stays with you through the good and bad.

You have about 50,000 different thoughts per day. Now you know why anxiety exists.

Half the stuff we stress about will seem idiotic in a year.

Almost all stress comes from a lack of perspective.

There will always be crises and stress. You have to learn to see them as normal and stay cool through them.

When faced with two hard choices choose the least stressful one if possible.

When there are pain and failure there is usually growth. That's the good thing.

Laziness will destroy your future. Never think about the pain of something. Just do what you have to do.

I've tested it. It's almost impossible to lose weight if you're stressed. Even if you workout daily.

Reducing stress is more important than making money... Better yet - find a way to do both.

You might be freaking out right now. Keep your head straight.

How to help with anxiety? Write down your biggest fears. Then add "I love how (insert fear) turned out." Say it over and over to yourself.

25% of humans are what psychologists call "anxious" in relationships. If that's you, fix it. It destroys happiness faster than almost anything.

Whenever the anxiety or depression comes literally start dreaming and fixating on the happiest day of your life. It helps a lot.

Pain creates great artists.

Only worry when the worry can actually fix or prevent a problem. Worrying about things outside your control must be eliminated.

Sometimes you will get overwhelmed in life. Not a big deal. Welcome to planet Earth. Relax.

If you see your life as an adventure not just accomplishment, you will be a lot less stressed.

Probably the hardest thing on earth is letting go of painful memories.

Out of the greatest pain can come your greatest creativity.

I wish pain wasn't the primary way we humans learn.

Anxiety protects you. But also destroys you.

Christmas is great but try not to elevate one day too far above another. Causes too much-unneeded stress.

Don't create wealth just by stressing yourself. Create wealth through strategy.

You should only feel worried and anxiety about 20% of the time. If it's higher than that you are slowly killing yourself.

Best way to figure out how successful you really are is how stressed you feel when you go to bed and wake up. Life must be enjoyed.

I swear if you can just keep calm through trials you are a real-life superhero.

To avoid love is to remove a lot of pain. But massive happiness is lost also. A conundrum of the modern world.

It's only when things go wrong that most people start searching for answers. Turn your pain into power.

Once a month take a "Catching up trip." Drive at least 50 miles from home to get away from distractions and catch up on all the things you've procrastinated on. Life changing!

Testing and Tracking

I'm a huge believer in trying almost everything at least once.

All of life is one giant experiment. See what you can learn by being 20X more open-minded than the average person.

Before you launch your new business idea, learn how to test and validate it with as little time and money as possible. It's easy nowadays.

If you try to keep track of every little thing ever done wrong to you, you'll go crazy and waste half your life. Just let some stuff go.

It's not all about money. But without money, the stress will ruin everything else you're trying to do. Don't get butthurt that he's making more than you.

Stressful situations are inevitable. But try to not actively put yourself in stressful situations. Guard your environment.

Test your blood for cortisol levels. It's insane how stressed we are in modern society with all our "conveniences". Try to get levels under 20.

The good thing about mistakes is they make you pay better attention to what you're doing.

Overthinking your past mistakes is a tunnel to a dark place. Be careful you only go far enough down it to learn the lesson.

Wealth is created fastest by people who split test a lot of different things.


Sometimes it's good to just be alone.

You don't really want to be famous. You just want the exact people you're interested in to know who you are.

It's annoying how we always want what we don't have. Even if what we have is good. Damn brain.

You need physical attraction AND personality. Why are people always going for one over the other?

You should basically only think about the things you can control.

Too many flaws to name. The big one is impatience. I can be tough to work for if you don't learn fast.

One day, I think science will discover that almost all of our tendencies (behavior, habits, choices) are genetic - passed down from our parents.

Make a rule in life: for every gift you receive, you will pay a gift forward to someone else in need.

I get ahead in life understanding that everything is a game.

The human's brain is always trying to figure out reasons for things. But some things have no logical explanation.

You've already been scammed by the system. Public school costs $150,000-$200,000 per student to learn jack shit.

If you think you're super smart it just means you're not used to being around super genius people.

Don't be tempted by things (or people) that look sweet on the outside, but are rotten on the inside.

There is no great tragedy in other people being more successful, faster than you. Never be envious.

Somethings just can't be fixed no matter how hard you try.

You probably won't change until you're really fed up with the status quo.

Sometimes the worst thing to happen to you is to do pretty well. Because it keeps you from doing something great.

There is a scientific reason you should dress up at times. Basically, you want to match the vibe of the group you're going into (most of the time).

Sometimes giving up what you want is harder than getting what you originally wanted. You have to learn to let go.

If you continually have that deep down feeling that something's wrong with your life, either it is, or more likely you're not grateful enough.

All is hopeless and all is beautiful - at the same time. That is this thing we call life.

When you've never seen an Ace card, a King looks amazing. In the same way, sometimes life has something even better for you than your settling for.

1994 is a year the world really changed. Amazon started. Think of all it disrupted and the opportunity it pioneered for you to make money online.

Ego is a double-edged sword. You need enough to stay confident. But not too much that you're blind to your flaws.

Don't miss new trends. Like General Nathan Bedford Forrest said the trick to winning: "Get there first with the most men."

More than anything, I admire people who have gone through hell and back and are still fighting.

Be sure to make time to quiet your brain. The biggest revelations come when you're in-between activities.

Never underestimate how much your mind can play tricks on you.

We live too much in the past and future and forget about the present.

Being born good looking is a little bit like inheriting money. It helps more than it hurts if you don't have to work for it.

You will spend about 80,000 hours of your life working. You better damn enjoy what you do.

People confuse activity for accomplishment.

There is no way marijuana should be illegal any place that alcohol's legal. Drinking is way worse.

It's amazing how much of your life can hinge on one little decision you did or didn't make.

Never get a big head. We are all more insignificant than we realize.

Whoever makes the best decisions wins at life.

Music is the world's biggest legal drug.

Never fall in love with your ideas. There is too much upside to flexibility.

If we imagine eating a cockroach the "insular cortex" region in our brains light up.

The hardest lesson to learn is that life isn't fair.

You have to get to a place where each day, week, month is getting better, not worse. Going backward is like hell on earth.

Sometimes we dismiss a good idea because it's presented by someone who's not good at explaining it. Be careful with that.v

Make your life an interesting story. So that when your grandchildren retell it, it will captivate their audience.

Most live in a prison of their own making. Stubbornness, over-sensitivity, pride - remove these three as fast as possible.

We almost always can do better than we did today. That isn't always bad news.

Your skepticism will block many of life's blessings.

Since most people hate their job they rarely feel the pleasure that comes from a good days work done.

If only I knew what I know now, one year ago.