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Everybody it's Markus Allen today is Thursday, August 18, 2022 at 7:11 in the p.m. here and beautiful yes beautiful it was beautiful today Lancaster county Pennsylvania take the highs in the mid 80s I had all the windows down roof open for the first time because it's been so hot but it's absolutely beautiful out although it is getting a bit depressing depressing for my family because sunset is getting closer and closer to dinner and then it's gonna be 430 and this can be winter time and everyone gets depressed during the winter time here in Pennsylvania but that's far away that's 3 to 4 months away not gonna worry about that fact I'm in a fantastic mood I am so glad that and thankful that you're here to listen to me and that's what I do I talk about my week if you're new to me and my show I have a show that's video and audio and I just talk about things that interest me I set up my life to be able to do that to be able to afford to do that I just take 3 Hour Dr. think about stuff I just talk to people that's becoming actually it's been hard for the last three years it's been hard although it's getting easier now everyone seems to have their mask off that that what's it called monkey pox didn't that didn't seem to take hold I forgot my show ya I showed this last week I'm a show it again if I could to put my contamination suit on go to I was go down only do they're to look at this right here so as you could see the state of the pandemic so this is what was happening all year and then we had this Blip does it tell the date went up like this it's hard to skyrocket oh my god here we go and then boom back down so yeah that's it yeah that's what I do is I just talk about things that interest me a lot of the stuff seems to be controversial because I'm I'm the guy is the opposite of what almost everyone on planet earth does and live a great life because of it I know that sounds arrogant but it's the truth I don't worry about anything my stress level is virtually none now unless someone who I sleep with gets on me and yeah I mean that's my rule thought that mom and my roof at my royal from do the opposite of what they tell us to do when the experts tell us that eggs are bad for so I had lots eggs same with red meat it tells it bad that's all I eat right red meat salt bad for you no it's not etc. etc. so because of that people say I'm controversial i think everyone else's controversial with the stuff people do is just mindboggling like if I was an alien from another planet and I swoop down on to earth and I saw what people do like inject Poison into your veins without questioning what's in it let's get out of real quick or the things that Ameri here in America and I'm in America the things that we eat here in America no wonder people are 350 pounds no wonders watching Dr. Shawn Baker couple days ago and he went he was in I think in California still and he visited Louisiana and he was just mind blown how fat people are he was politically correct about it he's just like I don't think there's a person that weighs less than 350 pounds here so that's the one I love America I don't like I had I don't relate to being an American say that I'm getting controversial I don't wanna be known as an American because that's a label but I do love living in America except for the food and I was complaining about it with my son earlier today and yesterday actually all the food I don't know if the fifth I that reminds me let me just jump right into that I'm gonna get rid of this garbage on so here are my notes if you're watching this on the video this is I love simple note it's got simple known fact I'll put a link to simple note although I have been looking at Apple notes a lot harder these days they've really made significant improvements although Apple are that the new operating assistant they have right now it's just just brutally bad I will not be upgrading the Mac OS for a long long time just the bigger company gets the worst things get gotta keep it in number so I keep this on simple note now she can see here all the things that I wanna talk about today there's no way I'm gonna get to this in fact let me set a little safari action please wake me up in 55 minutes I can't set an alarm here how about a reminder instead confirm done yes I like to go about an hour peoples attention span has I just look at the engagement stats and people really start to fall off after an hour so yeah this is all the things I wanna talk about it's not gonna happen so what you should do is go to escape the and you should subscribe to one of the podcast services for everything here let's do it together i get open Safari and then go to escape the new normal click on the Markus Talent show where just click here to watch all the shows and as you can see here you can subscribe to Apple overcast stitch your Google podcast Amazon music Spotify podcast attic or you can plug in my RSS feed if you don't want to have anything to do with those I'm sure they're gonna band me sometime because again I'm controversial see I do a show every week here I was going to do a show every day on a new website which got leaked out I forgot that I put the wrong URL on this sites podcast artwork and that lead town people are finding out what it is but I'll keep that a secret I think that holes been plugged and it's basically for business people so it's the Markus Ellen show for business people so if your business person subscribe here cause you get this every Thursday night it's all about critical thinking that's what Thursday night and then if you on a website and your business owner what business owner doesn't have a website you're gonna wanna listen to that and I'll make that announcement when it's ready I'm also working thing on a book that I was supposed to finish three years ago but I stop because I thought the whole world would end and I thought people would be all homeless and would want a place to live that was free from government intrusion and now today Thursday august 18 I went out today it's like it was three years ago almost Noah that's not true there are still some people wearing mass but it's nothing like it was a couple weeks ago even the people who are Libtard's have taken off the mask and it's fantastic and that's why I brought this up what I've shown this many times in the show it again it's called the great depression fractal over dj I a which stands for the Dow Jones industrial average so another words if you look here at the gray line I'll describe this different listening to the podcast only there is a chart from 19 well before the great depression and then this leads up to the great depression that's the blue line and this gray line is where we are today from 1980 and it looks like we're going to have euphoria in the year up to your 2024 so it looks like from now and two so 2022 to 2024 things are going to get just like the roaring 20s honest I don't understand why there is only two years I thought the roaring tour 20s was a lot longer that was look that up how long did bye-bye I ordered a what's that called for the microphone where it absorbs all the bounces and stuff that's coming out a couple days so my sounds of sound all the better next week how long did the roaring 20 area yeah from May to all makes sense from 1820 1929 but again if I overlay this map I only see two you're well maybe yeah maybe the roaring 20s yeah that makes sense maybe this is the roaring 20s OK that makes i take that back so the punchline is if history repeats or if it rhymes my wife was asking me what that meant history rhymes I have no idea I just think history pretty much repeats I mean if you've got a formula for dominating and controlling people why would you mess with it so you just roll it out each generation something like 83 years so I can see we've had this up and down up and down up and down of course if I click on here and look at stock market today not that I pay attention I've never invested opinion stocks I was given 17 shares of an oil stock by my aunt then I cashed that out when she died yet we're at 33,999 I guarantee you let's see if we click on that bump bum bum come on right so if I look at all for the Dow Jones industrial average as you could see it's capitulating exactly like it did here so it looks like it's gonna to pitulate conpitulate and then we're gonna have a two year euphoria so get ready for that party like it's 1999 and then Waamo jamm as you can see her in the chart from 2026 until about 2030 there's that number there's at year 2030 it's going to be absolute hell at least for the stock market if you want a business and you're smart about things and you don't have employees and you automate and you keep your expenses low you know there are a lot of millionaires that were made during the great depression maybe you can be one of those two and that again that's what my show's gonna be about so stay tuned for that so there we go back to the notes planet fitness that was supposed to be the first thing I talk about it was a planet fitness I love planet fitness if I had to come up with a top 10 value bundles amazing count me in planet fitness would be in the top two might might even be top one I joined planet fitness 5 1/2 years ago it was $19 a month it's amazing you get all the equipment included you get to go to any planet fitness she want in fact I originally got the planet fitness app because it was a back up to living they have amazing showers and a locker room and it's like the country club little country club for $19 a month and if my wife ever decided to kick me out because of my controversial thoughts and shenanigans I knew that I'll have to figure out where it's sleep but I gotta go shower and that's included so yeah I did that and what else are you are unlimited tanning I tan every other day yes I faked tan I get the orange man Donald Trump tan i believe tanning is incredibly important for you healthwise a consistent bake very good for your D3 hormone out of vitamin or hormone allegedly if you believe what some of the professional say about that I know if it's it if it's helping with my D3 D3 great but it does make me look better I look you know being white doesn't isn't a good luck at least for me what else so I get to bring my a guest it is often as I want I bring my son my youngest son three times a week except in the summer when he's having fun and massage hydromassage I can't say enough good things about planet fitness so I was talking to the DM of planet fitness because they just put in all new equipment it's part of the franchise agreement I don't know if it's every I don't know how often it is probably every eight years or so and I said to my said if I guessed how much it would cost to put this equipment in would you tell me he's like I tell you either way I said 1 million bucks he said one. 1 million I said I was pretty close so yeah I mean $19 to get one $1.1 million worth of equipment sounds like a good deal to me I was asking him well for some reason he does talk to me which is unusual and last three years almost no one talks to me for obvious reasons cause a covent and you I'm I'm a good listener so I'm sure that's why he loves talking to me because I just listen and he just tells me all kinds of stuff and then he was showing me the the new treadmill control panel and now I could take my Apple Watch and I can tap it and it would load the work got onto my phone and my watch which was pretty cool can put my heart rate on my watch so I don't have to toggle it on the control panel really cool stuff and I was telling him I said you know again same story I said listen this planet fitness thing is the greatest thing ever the only complaint I have is this and I pointed with my finger up in the sky to a scaffolding it was scaffolding of tvs it must've been like 20 TVs and it goes why we're trying the TVs and I'm like I haven't owned a TV in in 15 years now I think it's Garbage and he goes oh I said I'm curious do you do people really watch TV because I look at people when I'm exercising and I don't think people are really watching of course they watch it if some breaking news is on but that's a lot of money to put into to something because most people at planet fitness these days they bring they're iPhone and they're listening to a podcast or they're watching YouTube or TickTock it's pretty sad actually well it's sad for me maybe for i'm at a good thing but I think it's pretty sad that you're you're not present you're not in the moment when you're working out if I just relented I just bought $23 pair of Bluetooth headphones not earbuds but the headphones I go over that you're like I'm wearing right now and it it sucks because everyone is into their device like I used to go five years ago and people would talk infective it was so there were so much talking that I try to sometimes avoid certain people there so much going on not not today no one talks so anyway that was my planet fitness trip talking to the DM Next JFK secret Society speech are used to guest host on Chris Kendalls hoax Busters Carl many years ago he allegedly died I don't think he died I've talked about this many times but that's OK if he hasn't died that's good new he's alive which would be great if he has dive that would suck but one thing that Chris always talked about was that the JFK secrets society speech was fake and I'm like and he really never really explained that that was when I was kind of kicked off of his show so I didn't get to ask him at the time what he meant by that so I did some I saw something I got like production today it's my favorite form got like productions and I'll post a link to it to the post and it remind me to look more into this speech so here's the beginning of speech I'm it's almost 20 minutes long as you can see her in my notes I've got very specific timestamps on my go over so basically it goes like this remarks of the president to the American newspaper publishes association Waldorf Astoria Hotel New York City April 27 1961 just jammin i appreciate very much your generous invitation to be here tonight OK so who was he talking to he was talking to the press who are on the same club at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City yeah on April 27, 1961 so let me think what I should play first let me place yes here's here's what all the conspiracy theory website that conspiracy theorist website play let me preface let me set it what the tell you is that John F. Kennedy was the last great president and he hated secret societies and this is not as the secret Society speech and here it is from no I don't know 16+ so a minute and 20 seconds of him saying bad things about secret Society so take a look and or actually take a listen to if you're on the podcast of what he said let's see a timestamp is at 6:41 i got my new MacBook with a straw which is great I love the touch ID I don't know why people are Touch Bar so here's the word secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies to secret oaks and a secret proceedings we decided long ago the dangers of excessive and unwanted concealment of pertinent facts far away the dangers which are cited to justify it even today there is little value in opposing the thread of a close society by imitating its arbitrary restrictions even today there is a little value in ensuring the survival of our nation if our traditions do not survive with it and there is very grave danger set an announce need for increased security will be seized upon by those anxious to expand its meaning very limits of official sensorship and concealent that I do not intend to permit to the extent that it's in my control and no official of Administration whether his rank is high or low civilian or military should interpret my words here tonight as an excuse to sense the news to stifle the same to cover up our mistakes all the withhold from the press in the public the facts they deserve to no OK so that sounds amazing oh my goodness JFK he's on our side he knows that secret societies whatever you wanna say bad about them exist and he's gonna he gives the impression he's gonna fight for the common man against the secret society OK that's taken out of context because if we go we go to my notes if we go to the 620 Sophie go 15/15 seconds before the beginning of that speech so let's go 626 let's listen to this 620 60 come on 620 listen to this area for refers to the need for far greater public information and second to the need for fog grader official secrecy the very word secret is repugnant so he just said what we really need is secrecy and then he said that long part about secret societies and then if we go to 1350 the seals the deal 1350 I have no intention of establishing a new office of war information to govern the flow of news OK let me explain what that means so he's not gonna set up a separate department to control the media he doesn't have to because they're all listening to the speech and they know to tow the line I am not suggesting any new forms of censuship or new types of security classifications I have no easy answer to the dilemma that I opposed and would not see if I had one but I am here we go watch this it's in the members of the newspaper profession and the industry in this country to re-examine their own responsibilities to consider the degree and the nature of the present danger the nature of the present danger and the the duty of self restraint which that NT heat the duty is self-restraint another words shut your face no your place danger imposures upon a sole every newspaper now asks itself was respect to every story is it news here we go punchline all I suggested is that you have the question is it in the entrance of national security and I hope that every so Chris was right although he didn't really explain it if he would've done it like that I'll be like holy crap he literally said the opposite of what all the conspiracy theorist say that again that JFK was on our side we should vote for these politicians because they're gonna they're gonna help us fight back against the secret societies the people who were over us none they're in the secret societies and they're telling the press hey shut your face mind your place amazing that's that again if you go to my website I have three links that you can you can watch the video the entire video you can actually get the transcription of the speech and in go to the specific garlic productions thread where people are talking about let's go there real quick if anything if anything new has been said no so there's this thing that actually form slid let me explain with short form sliding is pretty pretty devious so the reason I like I like productions because I have a knack for looking through all the bullshit that's on here and seeing the good stuff like what I just showed you and it's a form and what happens when someone post a new post it shows up actually it shows up right here that's because these are called pins so anything that's pin means that the administrator of the guy like productions for said that this is really good it doesn't have to be good it's just or maybe to propaganda we're gonna pin it so that it's it has it's like it's own sliding between here the pin pin pin all way down to here so something that is pinned we'll go up and down in this top section up here now most people don't know what these flags and pins mean they just think if they keep seeing something that keeps sliding up to top you watch if I refresh everything's gonna change position say that I'll refresh again see how everything is sliding up and down and what what triggers a slide is when someone replies so for example if I go to this and if I go down and hit reply into either type something or bump click the bump button let me try it again bump and I hit the remember it's Paul Joseph Watson remember that I'll hit bump ok so there's my post if I go back to the forum see how it's at the top now it's cause I bumped it up to the top and there's a lot of military intelligence that does bumping and slide up for sliding so what to do is they'll bump everything let's see that this is really a hot topic that no one is supposed to see what they'll do is they'll bump all the other topics except this one so that this when drops off the page onto page 2 into page 3 etc. so again if I hit refresh you'll see everything changing position so if something is not pinned then the top position is here this is section number two so this is section number one with the pens this is unpin stuff right here so US trying to wor soon if I refresh now 60s and 70s music so someone just bumped or post of a reply and push this up one of the tactics that I use with forms is I do the opposite of Fort form slide again if I have something that promotes me I will reply with some value I'll put some valuable information as opposed and I know soon as I hit the post it's gonna show up at the top and if I keep providing value keep posting valuable stuff it will stay up there and I'll never be accused of spamming so that's got like productions warning tons of time if if you don't know what you're doing you're gonna waste a ton of time you're gonna get a lot of disinformation missing information mal information here garlic productions but again I've been on this more this form maybe I don't even know 1516 years and I I could just scan this in in 2 two seconds and now I can look at the number of use the number of replies if something has like 200 views and Zero replies I typically look at that because they're trying to do the form sliding no one's replying cause they wanted to go off let me fight I a see if I can find something like that no because it's been sold off the page anyway that's garlic productions next naked this is frustrating you're gonna hear me talk a lot about how vegetables are not fit in my observation vegetables are not fit for him and consumption by the way I'm ain't let me backtrack everything I say is my observation this is not advice I'm not telling you what to do again it's going to seem like everything I tell you is the exact opposite of what you've hard life and again that's why I'm healthy and I've got my mind and I'm feeling great and life is really good for me I don't make a lot of money by the way don't need to and it's because I know everything is exactly the opposite of what the experts tell us and that's because the Banksters hire the experts that tell us bad information it's clear they don't want us to be healthy and I've seen mine they want us to be depressed and nihilistic and Cuz that's good for the agenda to control us into to dominate us if you have a bunch of people like me that's dangerous so I'm gonna talk in the future a lot about how vegetables am I observation or not fit for human consumption I know crazy right and no fruits are different than vegetables and the reason why I say vegetables are not fit for human consumption because plants don't want to be eaten they're OK if you eat their fruit they don't want their seeds cause that's reproduction they you don't want their leaves there stems the roots their pods etc. they don't want those eaten 'cause then it's it's over but they're OK with you taking the fruit the only reason I eat fruit is because I'm on a carnivore eat steak and steak in eggs diet and the one thing missing from that no matter how many organs I eat or I supplement with there for some reason and I think this is changed over the last hundred years there's not enough electrolytes magnesium potassium and sodium chloride there's not enough of that to make it so we don't get muscle cramps and other benefits for biology the way I get that is with copious amounts of honey honey is magical and eating fruit if I eat exclusively honey without fruit I still have electrolyte problems muscle cramping and then these muscle cramps I mean this there's no kid in her out I have no idea why our creator whoever that might be made it so that if we don't have enough electrolytes we seize up and we want to kill ourselves because our muscles cramp up but man I mean I've had some doozies I thought I was gonna die not kidding so so I'm looking for us a source of an easy way to eat fruit now thought I found it it's called naked let's look this up naked strawberry banana Iris this is it right here so i investigating the company I investigated the bottle not throw that it's in plastic at all I wish was in glass there's no sugar at it it's non- gmo as you can see area and it says blend of four juices partially from concentrate with other natural flavors now natural flavors is a tough one to find out about it could be innocent and there is other definitions were natural flavors can be artificial sweeteners which by the way I found out this house which is unfortunate let's see do you say strawberry purée these are the ingredients it's four ingredients strawberry purée apple juice banana purée orange juice natural flavors how bad can this be sweaty does I took a picture of me cracking the thing open when I was on my favorite telegram group Darkside papers I'll put that into the notes dark side papers chip and then immediately I got Omar who runs the group saying I can't believe you're falling further naked and naked bs I was the what you talking about and then he posted the series of things and I'll read the last one this is what he wrote the primary basis of the lawsuits them 'cause he told me that they got sued for mislabeling the primary basis of the lawsuits time from the companies use of the word all natural and products that contain archer Daniels bidland fiber sol – two parentheses "a soluble corn fiber that access a low calorie bulking agent really he needs to add a booking agent to freaking juice fruittoe up me put this in and see how to say this always avoid and gra she can't pronounce how do you say that i want it oh I hit the wrong button fruit oligosaccharides yeah that say it again fruit oligosaccharides an alternative sweetener other artificial ingredients such as calcium panaltanate synthetically artificially produced from from Aldahide and if that's not bad enough and genetically modified soy which basically turned you into the opposite sex toy so he's really really really bad so I'll post them later that's got the shameful truth about naked juice lawsuit settlement so now I am stuck I don't know what to do actually I'm about to throw out in the trash tonight the five remaining the five remaining juices that I have the sunk cost fallacy is kicking in for those who don't know what that is let's look up the the dictionary definition of that taco spouse is a phenomenon when a person is reluctant to abandon a strategy or course of action because they have invested heavily in it even when it's clearly abandonment would be more beneficial so in my example it's beneficial for me to take the $15 loss and throw out these drinks because it's probably bad for my health it's got this artificial sugar and soy and from aldehyde in another good example of sunk cost fallacy is you're a lawyer you go to law school year you drop a half million dollars for four years of college and then you quit on the last day and you're like you know it I don't think a lot I don't think Lauren is good for me even though your parents you paid for are going to want to shoot you for wasting a half million dollars in deciding Lauren wasn't for you some cost fallacy is the ability to walk away from that and move and my entire life is one big sun cost fallacy and I'm better for it I went to bartending school I dropped out the last day because we went to a real bar and we were getting our diploma actually got the diploma but I did nothing with it and I was behind the bar for the first time behind a real bar for the first time never forget where this was it was in Granite run Pennsylvania where the Franklin Met was for those of you in this area well know that it's now agenda 21 apartments with a train station a huge train station actually and the bar the people went home drunk in the middle of the afternoon and I said I can't do that I can't believe that we're allowed to send half the bar home drunk yes so that was my son cost fall a seat that I ripped up so there is a diploma summer in my basement for bartending school 300 bucks lot of money back then when I was going to College for me at least so young be thrown out the juice tonight that's for sure then there were some discussion in the telegram group about fiber how your fruit juices are terrible for you because it strips out the fiber and then I asked people if they knew about constantine monusterski and I'm looking on my wall 'cause on my wall I have a list of all of the breakthrough revelations that have happened all through my life and I see it right here April 25, 2019 the fiber guy and I'll post a link to his Amazon book if you wanna pay for or if you want the exact same book for free as a PDF I'll post that also it's called fiber menace let me tell you by the way my thoughts on paying for books I I would I love to get books although I've only read two books from cover to cover normally they suck there's a lot of filler in it from only read two books covered to cover my life and what I and now do is I get the book for free again I'll post the link to this psycho B – OK. Cc had tip to Timothy geology for for that tip and I'll read the book and if I like the buck I'll leave I'll either send the equivalent money to the author because I always have donation page or I'll go then get the book on Amazon so I can then reward them and that's because most books are Crap and it is I don't even care of the books $.99 if I pay $.99 in the book is crap I get annoyed and then I can't get stuff done it's better just to get the book I'm a bit let's talk about this when when there's gonna be I'm putting out a bunch of books all the books will be completely free on my website every single one of you could do the same strategy if you like the book then go buy it on Amazon and go listen to my audiobook on Amazon if you like it if you don't like it do nothing and I was originally impressed by that strategy from Seth Gouden they looked this upset go free first book free maybe yes area here it yes and I will copy this and put in the notes set Golden says giveaway your first book free blah blah blah blah blah blah why things are okay covered in these topics but basically Seth Golden's first book became is runaway best seller because he gave away for free on his website and they had a link to Amazon I think to Barnes & Noble's and he just killed it love that concept it's reversing the risk it's great concept so that's that anything else on I was why do I have is VA good for you I'm getting rid of that who cares about the eight yes so so I know so I don't know what to do right now that's all that's my conundrum like I need to get in the hair OK it's coming back to me as I was remember typing last night at 12 o'clock midnight hearing like kisser County Pennsylvania you would think that because their tons of farms around me that getting organic fruit that's not sprayed and not GMO would be a cinch the only thing we can get there's only one form that I know of that has low spray not even no spray low spray and they do apples and I think peaches and it's not in season that long there's a couple strawberry farms of their all spray I don't know if any nose spray strawberry farms there certainly no banana farms our climate here isn't ripe pun intended for bananas although with greenhouse technology these days you would think that be you can grow any crop for for some reason there's other there is nothing that I like to eat here where all the farms are that's why I went to Whole Foods and I saw this snaked thing and I got it and it tastes pretty good but it tastes pretty good probably because there's artificial sweeteners in it so if there's is the place where you're listening to this or watching us that allows you to comment if you can leave a comment and let me know where can I get a damn fruit juice so I don't have muscle cramping on the carnivore diet and we're here in Lancaster, will if it been shipping it I'm gonna pay for it like you can help me out with that I'd appreciate that no next oh this is a good one M RN a vaccine trials bombshell man says he participated in each this is crazy watch yes I'll just keep my mouth shut unfortunately you are not the only person saying 13 I participated an MRA based and you know module before a medication trial so yeah medical trial on an MRI in basement occasion that was meant to alter how to tease up kaleidoscope here's the kicker out of the trial the over 200,000 participants and every last one of us including myself had their heart stopped there's less than five of us there still alive today but all of us experience our heart stop it at least once party no calling my doctor life this medication was a series of injections that occurred over about a year and the complications to two years papa cancer heart attack stroke myocarditis so now I didn't commit government assisted suicide there's more weight tell me you've never the college without actually saying you never went to college wait till you look at the holes in the sky's chest because the thing about a medical trial or medical experiment where they're using stage three human testing to see if a medication is actually efficacious if it does not show what the pharmaceutical company wants it to show in that study and that drug does not pass FDA testing that's because it killed over 2% of the people to of the people that were in the trial typically what happens that is that pharmaceutical company goes out and it pays everybody that was part of the trial and experience side effects pays them by paying their medical bills and gets them to sign a nondisclosure agreement in order to do so so no you're not gonna find it in I'm getting gross up by this right here the hole in his fucking chest where we destroyed they bury that at it because they don't want you to know the pharmaceutical companies kill more people than wars do in America you can go ahead and look into that since 1920 doctors have killed over 200 million Americans I feel way more than wars ever have step way I and since you called me a liar open our surgery lost my colon3 strokes is there more I think it's just a recap don't go over this again so this guy is one of five out of 200,000 people to test the R of the MRN a base medication back in 2013 so nine years ago he is one he's just five survivors 2 hundred thousand people if that's not bad enough we're told let me look this up M are in a invented napkin distinctly remember the person who in who Quantico invented and not who's that quack Dr. Robert whatever some other person who invented this he was bragging that he came up with us on a napkin now I'm not saying it let's let's go to a better search thing Google yeah and ex is my favorite right now let's say who exactly invented the MRNA vaccine yeah Dr. Malone wasn't someone bragged how they invented it over a weekend on the back of a napkin and it was as the pandemic was happening well how can I bet let's go back to this this happen in 2013 hello who's lying someone's lying so was it invented during the pandemic or was it invented nine years ago 200,000 people tested it five people left surviving crazy crazy and I'll have notes where you can go to garlic productions were they are talking about this and a bit shoot video that you just watched OK I see were 45 minutes all and on inflation this drives me crazy the word in place is Bankster mumbo-jumbo if I could just watch the guy forget his name today what is his name oh darn it anyway he's the only financial person that has come out and said the truth which is it is not inflation that has anything to do with price is going up-and-down it is purchasing power the CPI so check this this is the 12 month percentage change consumer price and access with CPI stands for consumer price index select a categories so it seems like everything is up a lot so we have from 20 years ago that the change was one. Eight and then we had yours were there was negative prices where prices went down big time and then bumbling along bumming along and then now we have this right but that's for all items as you can see her on the chart again if you're listening to the audio you might wanna come over to escape the by the way I'm calling this this naked situation is so frustrating to me a little little pun intended on the naked drink so if you search for that you'll see me going over this chart and you'll see a link to the chart to say yeah here's the link so this will be the last topic right there now if you click on any of these topics you'll see two charts two lines for the same chart so food yes has gone up but let's talk about new vehicles see that's coming way down the trend is your friend and it's coming way down let's get rid of that let's talk about apparel apparel coming way down how how about education where's the education here we go education McKin I the cost of college is way so is inflation real yes inflation just means printing more money does printing more money make prices go up absolutely not have said this million times before and I'll say it again if you flood 1 thousand times more dollars into economy no one except for a few economists will will yell about and scream about it it will have absolutely nothing to do with the purchasing power of the dollar what messes with the purchasing power the dollar is when the Banksters tell you that in ear of corn is $.50 that a gallon of gasoline is $4.50 the banks or the ones who basically put these charts out and then everyone parrots what the banks are say to charge and we know that's true because I live in the Amish community here in Lancaster County Pennsylvania Amish do not go to the Chicago Mercantile exchange to see how much they should be selling an ear of corn for I've been going to the same Amish farmers here for now 21 years coming up in September and they used to charge me 599 for organic grass fed and finished ground beef a pound of that 599 that was 21 years ago today the price for that 599 everything is basically the same price on armish farms how can that be we have inflation the cost of stuff is going up it's cause they don't play that game they're like a dozen egg should be about 325 I paid anywhere from 285 to 325 for for no soy what else sw there's no so there's couple of things they don't they're it's like the highest quality egg you can get where the yolk it is so orange it's crazy where if you go to the store the yoke is is barely yellow that's because they're just absolutely horrible feed that they get the the hands got so inflation has nothing to do an absolutely nothing to do it's a total misnomer and the bank just just put out this propaganda nonsense it's just nonsense so yeah I suggest you go through here and you can see what you know trend is your friend if you're into i want to let what a natural gas yeah it's coming down everything's coming down gas up and down there's your capitulation food let's get rid of these food that's the one that's probably driving with appears to be everything is everything oh everything is going up what about technology I guarantee you technology is driving price is way down way down I remember when I was talking about this I was I went to Drexel University because I was a graphic designer and I snuck into the library I was not a call I did not pay to go to that college and the library they had a laser printer and I was a graphic designer and I go use they're a laser printer because a brand-new laser printer was 6500 x 65 under a box today you can get an equivalent in jet printer for what $49 and that includes the ink so somethings go up other things come down everyone looks at the gas price my wife drives me crazy oh my God it's five dollars for gas yeah but you know the price of tennis balls is still 399 for three boss how do you Splaine that anyway 51 minutes and I think my next topic is going to take me well over an hour we yeah cruises for the in vaxed Shamite year CBCCDC is bad front companies as there's a good one very good one cancer rental my cancer is good for you I'm gonna get that then cancer is good for you yeah I said it cancer is good for it no oh my God my mom died i have cancer how dare you say that OK she didn't die of cancer she died from the treatment of cancer cancer is good for you cancer is information I'll go way more into it when I did my neck show next Thursday or maybe the Thursday after I actually got i have a global warming hoax show that's exclusively that if I have everything ready to go I'm creating an info graphic that you can share with people it's amazing all of the lies of global warming from year after year after year after year so that's kind I got lots of things going on but that's okay cause we're gonna get it okay Thursday, August 18, 2022 I appreciate you listening to me and I will talk to you next week take care.