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Raw transcription

Everybody it is Markus Allen it's Thursday, August 11, 2022 at 7:43 in the p.m. here in beautiful Lancaster County Pennsylvania and this is the Markus Allen show let's skip the fluff and get right to the good stuff Scott back from Whole Foods and it was very exciting to see this 'cause last week when I went to Whole Foods I get very little stuff in whole foods they were all wearing a mask the customers the most of the employees there I guess they're forced to wear masked but most of the customers are wearing a mask if that before I show you this let's go to i'm reading this right now Philly sex workers finally have access to the monkey pox vaccine oh thank God for that sex workers in the city are now eligible to receive the monkey packs pox vaccine to Philadelphia Department ofof Public health said a relief for people at high risk of hatching the virus how the propaganda is thick anywhere the reason come to Philadelphia and choir's always go down to the bottom and I go for this I want to see what the latest nonsense is right here is that interesting so all throughout the spraying into the summer around the beat maybe the end of July boom the monkey pox the state of the pandemic the monkey pox cove at 19 level jumps up and then levels off announced back down to where it was 045 months ago so that didn't last too long but what interesting is the reason I took off last thursday because I had Covid yes me I have Cove the one who says there's no such thing as Covid I admit I had covid last week so that was the good news was that the people at Whole Foods or maybe waking up or maybe I just got there at the right time there is literally one customer who wore mask everyone else was mask for a fantastic to say so what is this cove that I had well a lot of people I know had Covid and what's Covid according to the American medical association in cyclopedia disease from 1989 by the way I'm gonna have a link to this I always have links in my companion notes I invite you to come to escape the new and then click on the Markus Allen show and then look for the title that goes something like these wars on humans is getting old is it is are are humans let me see if my public school education is filling me in right here the word these words on humans I think it is getting old if it's are then there's gonna be a typo just deal with it so if you go to click on these wars on humans is getting old I will have a link to what I'm showing you right now if you're listening to the podcast if you're watching the behind-the-scenes show on video and you see what's going on here and look at this again from the American medical Association encyclopedia of disease from 1989 page 1051 coronavirus is the common cold and yes I had the sniffles last week a little bit of a sore throat too I'm back in action i'm about 99% right now I'm sure I'll be slurping up some phlegm don't mind that just ignore it it's it's it's gonna be okay I know it's disgusting it's fine everything's gonna be OK so yes that is the common cold and actually gonna do is I'm gonna put a link to you can you actually get this book on Amazon and the reason I wanna show you that it's because apparently this is a very hard book to get a hold of maybe it's because everyone's finding now that it's the common cold so if he go because if there is that and of course my my note system isn't copying I might have to go back to old fashion but we got a new computer it is I am on the new MacBook Pro 13 inch it it's remarkable I got this MacBook Pro because it has the Touch Bar if you're by the way if you're not into Mac or Apple stuff just go away for a couple seconds i got the dreaded Touch Bar all the Touch Bar it sucks that the Touch Bar is amazing I can't believe it right and that was the only reason I got this the some this models for the touch bars like if everyone says something is bad I know it's good for me and sure enough this thing as amazing you can scroll and you cannot scrub through videos it's very easy to adjust volumes it's context as per what webpage I'm on so I can Scroll through my bookmarks it's great very happy with it you don't think I'm not happy about is you have to use dongle's I did get this if I can put that in the notes the what's it called it's on the side here the think it's Belkin' open it in the notes for later uncle so it has all you know I have ethernet connected into it so my my connections very fast it doesn't rely Wi-Fi it powers it's powered hub which is cool it's got USBAUSB a USB-C it's got SD card actually to size SD card it's great headphone jack hdmi is great but 100 bucks it's not cheap and the reason I got the that one is because I've gone through three of these Hobbs that were like 19 bucks and they break within a month I'm tired of them breaking so I spent the big bucks and got $100 one anyway this Mac is an M2 has the M2 chip and I got it because they're probably gonna come out with new max at the end of the month the 14 inch of 16 inch and you know this thing is rock solid I know the MacBook Pro this is my the last one I had was from 2015 which is sitting right here which I'm gonna give to my wife once I replace the battery which swelled so it rocks that's why you always heard that when I was doing audios is because the damn computer battery swelled and made it so that the bottom case swelled and then it rocked that's why you're that no it's but this thing it's flat as can be so very happy with this so far in the software rock solid it's it's great fantastic okay yes so here on Amazon you can see that this book is $58.51 pretty pricey for something from oh 1989 and you get you getting get get to do it's not like they're only used and then we go to here the American medical Association is cyclopedia medicine Google books and it's good there and you can see that the preview is unavailable clearly this is censorship an accent action not surprising that's the world we live in right now complete censorship and that's how I know we're kind of winning we're winning because they have to sensor everything if they were winning they would have to sensor a thing the brainwashing would be bulletproof so that's why Covid and I'm over it and yeah I mean I didn't die so far so good I didn't get Mira carditis I didn't get Perry carditis I didn't have a heart attack playing hockey I play hockey every day twice a day actually no I didn't break out any skin condition I didn't I want you to all the things that are happening right now which is normal they tell us it's normal that everyone you know just happens to be 30 years old and dies of a heart attack statistically virtually impossible by the most people don't have a heart attack because the calcium doesn't build up in arteries calcium never builds up in veins by the way because of pressure high pressure and the artery is not in the veins we'll go over that and show sometime yeah yeah so yes I got the cove it that gets into the whole terrain theory versus the germ theory and a do who show about that might do it next week maybe maybe not I am still believer that viruses do not exist as far as passing disease from one species to another i still believe that viruses are like firefighters for your body now firefighters could be the arsonist could be the ones that are setting off the fires or they can be the ones that come to the rescue of the fire I'm of the ladder I believe that if there are such things as viruses and that's it's possible there is no such thing but it there is absolutely never been isolation they call it isolation there's never been proof that someone took a sick person remove the virus from the sick person cultured it and then got a healthy person and an inserted of virus into the healthy person and made that person sick never in the history of history as that happened I'm waiting to see if someone can prove that until then I'm still on the bandwagon that we make this brighter that why does the Mac do that every Mac I've had it always tries to even though I have the settings so that I want it full blast high screen value it always goes down if someone knows what that is let me know hit me up contact me I'd appreciate it how to turn that off I wanted full blast brightness all the i don't care about the battery I'm always plugged up oh now I forget what I was talking about I was in route myself sound like Jeff Burr what was I talking about and then you're supposed to say oh yeah virus he have viruses yeah still not on the camp that you can there there contagious now it's interesting and I actually had a really good conversation man I'm gonna go all over over the place this week I had a great conversation with the guy who sold me new AT&T mobile service for my wife's phone and watch shout out to Brandon the manager and Fruitville Pike AT&T in Lancaster County Pennsylvania and we I think we had a three hour conversation about truth stuff and he was receptive to most of it but there are certain things that he wouldn't go there and I think the whole virus thing was not what was was one of those he can't go there but he was respectful very respectful he was awesome and he's the kind of guy that I would love to talk to bring the microphones and have a conversation with it was great yes so that was Cove in and like I said I've heard all kinds of podcast people who stop doing podcast last week cause they had some sort of sickness so oh I know it was interesting what's interesting I was telling Brandon is that this symptoms of Covid including losing your taste and smell are the exact same as electromagnetic poisoning now some with his it's 5G I don't think it's 5G but is it possible that they're using some sort of invisible that wasn't say they the Bankster government are they able to make people sick by aiming something at them we've gone over this before there's a guy who invented L rad let me put a link to our ad and I'll show you this video if you go to the link you'll see he's able to beam sound to someone wirelessly in targeted it's only for that person so why not why not make someone sick using microwaves but why not I mean that's the model that I go on I think that's possible my wife is on board with the viruses don't exist because she was until she just retired a schoolteacher for school school teacher and she would have people from five different families come in with the stomach bug all having the stomach bug five different families and she's like how do you explain that and I said I can't so to be continued that is for sure next I was at the Amish natural food store it's called Miller's natural foods lot of you probably know about it for some reason I need anytime I mention people have been there it's one of the biggest natural food stores I've ever been in and something happened for the third time in my a life that just was astonishing which is an Amish run retail store had a credit and debit card reader is the third time I've seen this month the place I get my meat and I get a lot of meat hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars the week and just me because that's the diet that I'm on and then there is a knickknack he Amish run retail store that also takes credit debit it's funny because the I've been there 2 to 2 times this week and I go to pay with my debit card and she's like oh you know you're gonna pay 3.45% extra for the privilege of using the debit card they clearly don't like the debit card but they know it's coming and like I don't care that's fine charge me 3.5 even that's illegal by the way it's against merchant account service agreements I think I'm pretty sure at least when I was in business taking when I was in retail it was you can do that you had to give a cash I don't think I can give a cash discount I don't know anyway a lot of people fall for the myths of the Amish the Amish have electricity they just generator on using diesel generators the Amish have smart phones it's pretty funny the same actually it's kind of sad because they're they're so amazed by the date they can't look up anymore like where as English people were were used to it although it's there still a lot of people who are English who never look away from their phone but I think people are getting used to it not the Amish show they are just blown away by it it's hysterical to say and they have Internet their their own Internet which is highly censored they have just everything that you hear about is just not sure they have electric bicycles and scooters they have better electrical stuff than we have so anyway it was pretty fascinating to see the Amish scooter ring around taking credit card generating electric they laugh at that's when big storms come through like we're good we're cool yeah so there's that oh so it's Tony about Whole Foods so let me pull this up here I I love fancy bottles on my I guess that's a fetish of mine probably one of the better fetishes you can have and I was at Whole Foods and I just saw this why didn't someone think of this a gazillion years ago it's Mountain Valley which is one of the highest rating rated Springwater's out there doesn't have microplastics in it apparently and it's an aluminum then I can call it a I can't an aluminum bottle and I don't care about the recycling that's the global warming climate change nonsense it's just cool let me take a little drink i was going to save the opening of it where it's like the gas thermos put gas in it and Attley that's what it sound like just like apps that's cool I really like that bottle do you like that bottle how much does it what is 12÷18 is that the add dollar 50 that was not too done no I didn't pay $1.50 at whole paycheck overfoods think it was like 260 I'm drinking a lot of water read a book about watering in a to a do a whole show about I'm gonna give you the results of me drinking 2 1/2 L of water salted water every single day and man is out of bitch people who drink in gallon of water a day I don't have a do it I have just feel like I'm drinking all day long it's a good thing I own my own business where I can go to the bathroom whenever I need to because man I'm out but it's been great I feel great I'm sleeping better all kinds of it's so I give you an update on that sometime in the future next what do we have next in my notes oh was talking about I have my notes cancer into decay is it possible to reverse cancer and reversed tooth decay so let's go with us want to talk about cancer never forget seeing this article from something like 13 years ago in New York Times and the headline is Cancers can vanish without treatment but how and I basically talked about how to astonishing and according to the American medical Association were data from more than two decades of screening for breast and prostate cancer call the fact that cancer can actually go away on its own say it isn't so no I say that sarcastically because I've been saying for years now that cancer is a made up scary word that the American medical Association has come up with to get us to take their drugs and it's the drugs that cause more sickness and even death the treatment then the problem itself it is my observation that cancer is really metabolic inflation influe sass funny cause I'm gonna talk about her inflations nonsense it's not true it's metabolic inflammation another words is our body crying out to us saying hey stop what you're doing if you keep doing this it's going to kill you let me keep reading the old view as that cancer is a linear process blah blah blah I sell acquire the mutation a little by little required more and more you meditations mutations are not supposed to revert spontaneously blah blah blah cancer is a dynamic process according to Dr. Kramer at the end of the day he quotes I'm not sure how certain I'm about this but I do believe it the weight of the evidence adjust there's reason to believe disappearing tumors are well known and testicular cancer Dr. Jonathan Epstein at Johns Hopkins also says it does not happen often but it happens blah blah blah blah blah of course cancers don't return return return routinely go away and no one is suggesting that patients avoid treatment because of such an occasional occurrences i am now again I never give advice especially not medical advice I'm just telling you what I tell myself in my family no cancer due do you go away which is again biological inflammation it goes away when you re when you get rid of the things that are causing what causes body your body to get inflamed your environment your nutrition you're in inputs that include gases gases like nitrogen oxygen what kind of water do you drink do you sleep well are you sleeping enough are you drinking a lot of water are you drinking no are you dehydrated I am certain that dehydration is enemy number one for all diseases that includes cancer which is again inflammation back to the article but knowing more about how tumors develop and sometimes reverse course might help doctors decide which tumors can be left alone in which need to be treated that's propaganda bullshit cancer cells and pre-cancer cells are so common that nearly everyone by middle age are old ages riddled with said this person but I don't pronounce people's names anymore cause I just it's not worth it I'm sure I'm gonna offend them so I just say this person that was discovered an autopsy studies of people who died of other causes with no idea that they had cancer cells or pre-cancerous cells exactly you don't even know you have it no problem oh you gotta take care of it gotta get your screening we gotta get under the hood earlier a cell isn't it's path toward an aggressive cancer researcher say the more likely it is to reverse course so there's your early prevention by the way that's what Cove it is all about and I'm gonna I might do a show next week or maybe the week after about that why is it that it seems like cove it is over it is not over we are entering the next phase the next phase is early treatment and constant never ending health sensors that's what this is all about and look we get the dis from 2000 look up here 2009 they start with the early treatment stuff back then anyway no this is like the third rail people will swear that someone they know their family member friend died because they had cancer and I'm not disputing i'm just disputing the word they didn't die if cancer they had they died of biological inflammation eat something the gases they were near did something to them they were poison food poisoning happens all the time vegetables oh there's your third i don't need any vegetables well I try not to the only vegetable I eat are root vegetables like potatoes that's it vegetables are horrible I don't think him I don't think human should be eating vegetables fruit that's not vegetable vegetables are like root leaves stems seed especially seeds seed oils horrible for yes omega sixes linoleic acid Dr. Paul Saladino I put a link to that mom Dr. Paul Saladino all right it's in the notes highly recommending his podcast to listen to when it comes to this I think Paul and I are the only ones on the planet who are out there who agree with us everyone else thinks we're crazy what you don't need vegetables why why would I wanna do that there's a reason they taste bad they taste bad because you're not supposed to eat them actually admit a chemical it's like an epoxy it mixes and a crates sour it's like a skunk or skunk puts out a bad set sent so that you get away from it next tooth decay so let me read this this is from right I love going to read it is it possible to reverse tooth ok sometime in 2003 as fully employed guy in my late 20s with medical and dental insurance I never had a single cavity but for reasons various reasons I have not been to a dentist in 34 years I finally decided to suck it up and go for cleaning and lo and behold after x-rays and a thorough examination so that I had not one but two small cavities she pointed out the spots on the x-ray despite being a fully grown man the thought of needles and my gums and drilling out to cavities terrify me to the point where I put off the appointment numerous times over the next six months this is me speaking that is your body and your mind telling you stay away from these people but when I say these people I'm not saying all dentist are bad my wife's Dennis apparently is amazing in Ittown Elizabethtown Pennsylvania I would put a link to them but I don't want them to get too busy and they won't be able to see my wife i'll have to think about that next in the end of the company I was working for close shop I went freelance and lost the dental insurance the estimated bill for the two cavities was almost 800 bucks so now I had a really good excuse for delaying over the next six years I started my own company got married at 2: kids but I never did go back to the dentist until last year that is when my wife found the original paperwork from 2003 complete with pictures of the two teeth that needed it filling and threatened to divorce threaten divorce if I didn't go back to the dang dentist so I sum it up my nerved stealing my Sulfur advanced tooth decay I don't know what stealing us I don't know what that means I guess getting up the hood spot to get ready for it and it root can can and probably fake teeth and maybe even dentures boy the dentist will look there like the doctors they're just gonna scare you like you wouldn't believe and said I was towed by my new Dennis that my teeth were perfect with zero cavities and not a single issue I've lost and I brushed two times a day and apparently was blessed with jeans that let me avoid the dentist from us a decade at a time so my questions is it possible to reverse tooth to K by brushing or eating certain foodsmy answer to that is not by brushing but yes by eating certain food specifically avoiding foods I cause the bacteria that let let lazy in your mouth and I'm gonna give you a quick solution to an ingenious little simple I've talked about this before I'll just tell you right now take a half a cup of water preferably something that's like reverse osmosis it doesn't have minerals in it or distilled water half a cup of water quarter of a teaspoon of baking soda quarter of a teaspoon of 3% hydrogen peroxide dump that stuff into the water mix mix it up take a little sip of brush your teeth with just that of course do that after you brush your teeth regular and I don't use toothpaste I know I'm crazy right I i think there's no need to use toothpaste so what I do is I brush my teeth with just water then I take the swishing solution swish a little bit my mouth brush my teeth again and does it you're rid of all the plaque that and that's what we're talking about here plaque no but does it get rid of a lot of bacteria does the bad breath go away does your toothbrush stop smelling if you have a toothbrush that smells really dad do this and your toothbrush won't smell bad anymore I was really surprised by that one I started doing this so maybe six months ago back to The Reddit post did my original dentist simply make a mistake or were they trying to swindle me by performing unnecessary done a work or let me answer i don't think they're swindling you in fact I think 99. 9% of people would get mad if you didn't say hey you really should take care of that's what I get a little Jenkee about is the dentist if they're being real should say hey listen because cavities don't happen in three months or six months or a year so he can do it if I were the dentist well first one I wouldn't be a dance cause I wouldn't make any money cause I would tell you that I'd say listen let's talk about the foods that are causing this problem hint hint vegetables sugars price especially process sugars it's not a etc. And let's take another x-ray by the way the x-rays are very light in radioactivity it's very quick dose you don't have to worry about it let's take a look at this in six months in and see if it either gets worse or it goes away chances are if you do those things it's gonna go away that's what your dentist should say but your dentist makes no money giving that advice so of course they're not gonna tell you that back to the red to post my hunch is that no it is simply not possible to reverse tooth decay and that yes my dentist was trying to swindle me well like I said before it is absolutely possible to reverse tooth decay saw it with my son my youngest son had six cavities and then when he got his root canal there were no cavities get some water i don't edit these podcasts if you hear of a podcaster and they never sip water and never cough because they edited out I'm just keeping it real the screwtop doesn't going really well maybe it's not supposed screw it OK and then finally I believe this because they found not one but two cavities in shortly after they close for eight months under go giant renovation with new state of the art facilities this is not some small mom and hop tennis but rather a longestestablish clinic with multiple dentist two floors etc. and then and again I'll post a link to this you can see all the comments some people say it's a swindle the question is why would your wife to force you for neglecting to go to the dentist that's an excellent question I was got a second opinion on the case cavities i think that's excellent advice for me I just don't go to the dentist like why would you do that oh because they can they can make sure that you're doing well you know how you know you're not doing well do you have sensitivities do you have pain OK if you have pain sensitive then but if you're fine why would you go I know someone's gonna contact me and give me the riot act about that okay that I'm just telling you what I would do Morissette situation when I was 20 blah blah a cavities need a crown may I turn off notifications so you don't see my private stuff good thing there wasn't naked pictures in that notification I don't think there was one that would be cool if there was I'll leave it he did not take it okay six months and I sure sure enough not here we got another case of six months later schedule another cleaning with a different dental practice turn off no cavities now again I don't think that there's a conspiracy that the dentist are all in on it and I don't think they're placing little glitches in the x-ray showing where cavities are I really hope not I really hope that they don't go to that I mean it's possible but if you go to if you bother you should always ask for your x-rays there yours you paid for them just say I would like could you send me make up some story hey my sister is a dental hygienist I want her to get a second opinion but by the way I'm gonna go back to you I don't I don't do business for friends and family that's what I would say I've done that before and then they give you the x-rays there yours you paid for them so it take those x-rays and then I will go to the second dentist I have them do their x-rays and that's it can you send me the x-rays and then you just look and and see if if that glitches there that cavity is there and the x-rays no if one shows skews me everyone shows the glitch cavity in the x-ray and the other one doesn't either the equipment is screwing up or the dentist is purposely putting look lit you NPR rental report with behavioral con condom stain Dan Ariel who alluded it to just sort of thing I got a huge night of response from the dental community OG I wonder why I wouldn't say he called them crooks he was originally trying to understand why people are such an almost irrational attachment to their dentist and didn't look at the data from a huge insurance company to see if cost of procedures rose relative to the time blah blah blah blah blah so yeah I would recommend I I live in the comments as I always say fascinating comments me I know for a fact that you can reverse tooth decay is happening in my family twice from two different people next the media is at it again this is great watch this from boom boom boom where were we seen this before sources tell ABC news there's been a strong reaction to the raid on extremist in Ku anon related forms so I just say there's been a strong reaction to the raid on extremist and Q anon related forum sources also telling ABC News there's been a strong reaction from some extreme rules online including Q and on and other groups there is been a strong reaction to the rad on extremist and cue and unrelated forums including those that were active before january 6 including those that were active private January 6 including those that were active prior to January 6 involved in the January 6 in insurrections including those that were active prior to the January 6 riot some I've been calling for violence and even a Civil War some of them include calls for violence and even a Civil War some of them include calls for a violence and all my forms and even Civil War this was the top comment on the search on the pro Trump site the Donald last night "lock and load with references to a Civil War talking very violently about Civil War searches for civil or talking about Civil War Civil War Silverware of the war Civil War Civil War this is the kind of violence that led to the january 6 attack OK so why why they doing this why are they why is the message always the same no matter what TV station media station newspaper magazine etc. it's cause you have to have the do you have to have the propaganda match it's been carefully written and they tested they tested different markets and when it has well then it rolls out and they don't count on people like this you tuber to be able to spice it together and show the obvious so when you think that in your town they're writing the news no the news is written it's known as operation mockingbird let's pull this up here wiki Wikipedia operation mockingbird is an a ledge large scale program of the United States Central intelligence agency that begin in the early years of the Cold War and attempted to manipulate domestic American news media organizations for propaganda purposes so now it is this really operation mockingbird I don't think so but it's it's for for basic conspiracy theorist it's good enough it's actually goes way deeper introducing let me introduce you to the din name robert McMahon Robert McMahon is the managing editor of the council on foreign relations he's covered for an affair since 1990 so that be 22 years so far and this is the guy this is really where the news comes from the CFR the international the Institute of international affairs Royal Institute of international fairs I should say which is Chatham House and jolly old England it doesn't take many people to write all this snooze and that's how you keep a consistent in the council and foreign relations is very much like the world economic form the Twitter little videos that they put out it's almost the same it's always like this calm music and it's got words that go across and it's just propaganda that's all it is another big player in operation Mockingbird us State Department when we pull that up we're here Hillary Clinton was running this at one time i used to think that these politicians were just actors and I think it goes a little bit beyond that I think they are actually pretty powerful I'm actually change my mind and I think they are very powerful and then there's a there's tons of counseling for an relations here's another example this is the European Council on foreign relations so it's kind of like a franchise for each country it just goes on and on and on next speaking of the war on humans take a look at this backyard hens eggs contain 40 times more let on average than shop eggs research fines I'll just give you the punchline on this one basically they're scaring and I talked about this maybe a month ago in my neighborhood I'm in a townhouse development and when I used to walk I no longer walk outside I walk at planet fitness love it love the treadmill anyway when I used to walk around here recently I how to say a third of the homes we probably have about 7080 homes in here it at least 20 homes had either chickens growing their own vegetables etc. people are totally falling for this idea that the world is gonna come to an end and they have to be completely self-sufficient and they have to so they been tricked I'm in the egg's thing good very good eggs are very good for you but this whole again the vegetable thing totally tricked into it's growing their own vegetables and I think that this is what this is about they're scaring you because it's the not for you strategy when they tell you to not do something people wanna do it it's the same thing happens when they say they're gonna take away your guns people buy guns so here it is backyard hens contained 40 times more lead who those hens are they're so dangerous and why is it dangerous well it's because they're ready for this the study area right here we assessed trace metal contamination in backyard chickens and their eggs from garden soil's across 55 Sydney homes let me repeat the last three words 55 Sydney Holmes so you would think that they did thousands of tests no five dozen it's not even five dozen it's nothing that that's it totally invalid sample and where they all it are these nursing homes near cities are they near roads where people are driving in a leaded gas cars or unleaded who knows what they put the damn gasoline oh and by the way is lead bad for us I've talked about that before I don't think lettuce bad for us just like I don't think mercury is about for us I know did I lose all the audience it's just critical thinking what proof is there that the stuff is bad for us me because the line made media keeps telling us that well when you repeat something it becomes when you repeat a lie becomes the truth so the world continues to get the war on car ownership take a look at this come phone copy Erica I think I'll play the middle part if I remember right no I'm bitch shoot today we're gonna per hour that's an absolute joke carry our contacts new carbon levees insurance hikes and of course significant increases to patrol petrol and diesel prices which are already well underway this year you may have noticed at the petrol pumps but there are other means of course and people into giving up their cars I'm going to get to that in a moment but first I want to comment on this article from the Irish examiner public may be urged to film was blessed us this is crazy plus motorists under new RSA strategy I guess it was for chew it is that covet managed to normalize a culture of snitching ching and curtain twitching so the punchline is I forgot I forgot where this was at but they're making the speed limit 30 km what was a 30 I don't know if it was miles per it doesn't matter a lot less and because of Covid this government is made it so that if you snitch and get rewarded and what's interested what's interesting is Sweden there's a comment on your Sweden is already adopted he 40 km/h speed limit in all urban areas this is the war the the war the war on the car continues think about you've got bike lanes that are in the way of the roads you have closing down entire city streets for outdoor dining and play areas and cities you with with good luck actually just started to ramp up again I'm starting to see inventory at car dealers I wonder how long that's gonna last you have part shortages it's very clear to me that the war continues on what other words are well there's a war on homeownership take a look at this hello change and then another craving day the Dow close the day down about 215 points and the S&P and NASDAQ also both ended the day relatively flat of course so major driver the market is the record high inflation rate that fed his is no such thing as inflation affecting purchasing power again they keep repeated in the lie inflation has nothing to do with why prices go up or down it is you could put 1000 times more currency into the economy and no one except for a handful of people would notice it's purchasing power interest rates to try it is rising prices but that is pushing some prospective homebuyers out of the market joining us now is Gina smile like she is a federal reserve and economy reporter for the New York Times welcome to Eugene so you wrote about this and you say in the article that you caught up for the times that the red high has four some first time homebuyers to keep renting because they simply can't afford mortgage cost and you point that could actually contribute to inflation why is that I have to admit I dig the look of this check and then I snap out of it because I like what she works for the New York times she has to be some woke lefty Libtard but this class is drive me nuts so sexy right so rental costs are the primarily important housing number when it comes to the way we calculate English calculate inflation in America so we do all of our basically based on how much winterizing so the issue here is that we just don't have enough apartments to go around we are seeing really strong and as we see more people started saying that rental pipeline as opposed to moving into your dad we're seeing that really really strong for apartments tired and as that happens obviously it's play tricky problem if you're the federal reserve I don't yeah it's a really tricky problem and manufactured problem problem agitation solution part of the head Galy and dialectic mission accomplished you will own nothing and be happy I have that in my notes somewhere oh no let me get it well I am a get show stuff happy let me just play that my damn cursor is on the way let me try that horror you owe nothing and you'll be happy right from the we're like an omic form in yes this video was deleted I grabbed it before it got deleted you're welcome I said there's that we're wanting down the show get the war cryptocurrency I think this will be the last one this is the big one I've been saying now forever that I wanna have nothing to do with cryptocurrency people get really triggered by that if you listen to pass shows you know that's the case and this is the big reason I am triggered by or concerned about it because I know what it's about I know for a fact that the United States government created crypto I've talked about in many other shows before let me post a link to that CIA and Vince crypto that's in the notes come on invents crypto and then that was 10 years after crypto was tested it's called Mondex was tested in five different worldwiwhite cities and about the New York Times classified crypto so the longest running crypto is actually in hidden plain site it's in the classified section of the New York Times it was invented by two people of bell labs which is intelligence and you can go apparently it's still running you can go get the classified section the New York Times and see a hash which is basically just us this random seemingly random string of letters the numbers and when you take that hash and you have the public key and you match the two then you can get the secret coat so they've been doing this forever and then my my favorite which is the bank of England and ripple so it's us check this bank of England Ripple ripple proof of concept bank of england we carried out her I got to say yes to this OK we carried how to proof this is on the bank of freaking England's official website and this is from I got turned on because it's going to get my message they're gonna send naked stuff I know we cared out a proof of concept with Ripple to explore the synchronize movement of two different currencies across two different real time grow settlement I mean to turn this off but I guess I gotta shut down the check cause I know they're gonna send naked pictures to me it's gonna be embarrassing we carried out proof of concept with ripple to explore the synchronize movement of two different currencies across two different real time grow settlement systems link using ripple current connect in the interledger protocol we wanted to demonstrate how this kind of synchronization might lower settlement risk in improve the speed and efficiency of cross-border payments when was this 2017 so there's more proof that the government the banksters created cryptocurrency anyway here is the big news this is frightening and I've been begging people to answer the question what happens if the government has a back door access or can shut down crypto accounts how are you gonna defend that and no one gives me an answering people block me on their telegram groups and this happened not I'm gonna respond to this can you pause this I'm recording a shower OK US blacklisting of tornado cash Sparks out cry from crypto currency industry tornado cash band over money laundering but has legitimate uses as a privacy tool the US treasury department blacklisted the virtual currency mixer tornado cash on Monday saying the system has been used to laundry more than $7 billion worth of virtual currency since it's creation in 2019 blah blah blah so the punchline here just to keep the short is if you use tornado cash to make it so that your crypto was truly anonymous which it's not crypto it just boggs my mind the what's the word I'm looking for not hypocrisy what's that called when you eat a cow but you think house are awesome cognizant disson it's the cons and dissentance that you are using crypter we were totally anonymous but it's on the block chain and everyone can see it see you like wait a minute what if I make it so that i do some special software stuff where the people still get the money but it's anonymous imagine that anonymous like how crazy of a concept is that well the government doesn't like that and here we go as a result of today's action all property and interest in property of the entity above tornado cash that is in the United States are in the possession or control of US persons is blocked it must be reported to OF fAC said the announcement there is $412 million of acids on tornado cash prices of tornadoes crypto token torn plummeted after the black yeah yeah thank no here's the thing I've seen some people in the crypto space who claim to have privacy coins showing this news and being all gliefful by a CC see what the government's doing well are are token or are our coin never has to worry about this you want to bet how much you want about on that crazy so do you remember when the truckers protest truckers protest I blocked bank account banks have begun freezing accounts linked to the truck trucker protest this is from news work in news week so let me let me put this in the notes boom boom boom yeah and how are they able to do how they were able to do this well you can thank 911 and I've talked about this before I'll put that in the it's 9 11 KYC part of the patriot with 911 that came out 45 days or so after 911 was the reint introduction of KYC which stands for no your customer and AML which stands for anti-money laundering in a mate it said that thanks had to come on board and get all of our personal information when we open accounts or if we have an account but we don't have the personal information that includes Social Security number phone number your latest Comcast bill you're in a cable bill I'm Tryna remember the last time I did KYC it made was everything Social Security number you had to look into the camera of your phone and look side to side treated like a total criminal even though almost no criminals use trackable currencies they use cash they use artwork they don't really use cryptocurrencies so it's kinda like my wife it was it again first grade schoolteacher she would yell at the entire class even though was that one idiot in the front who was causing all the problems and I that used to drive me nuts when teachers did that no but clearly they're just using this as an excuse to completely track us control us and dominate us it's very simple so I have this account conform relations on the future of crypto currencies so again I'm assuming this is the because I don't remember this cryptocurrencies in the future of money the increasing popular to crypto currencies poses big challenges for government summer which are responding with the own digital currencies here are some of the benefits and risks of crypto so if you watch this I forget what it is it again I put in the notes it's the Hegelian dialectic problem agitation solution so they're gonna tell you here are the problems you have these bad criminals or passing money illegally and someone should really do something about that that's the reaction and talk to note that just happen to have the solution and what's the solution kycAML central digital Central Bank digital currency known a CBDC they got this ready to go and I think it's gonna come in about 2026 again there you can track this CBDC bdc tracker not work I'll put that in the notes all the phone i know it sounds like I'm repeating myself but it's important gotta repeat the important stuff and here it is so the United States is in the green that's in there in the research phase right now but if you wanna see people who already have it what what countries they already have it launched virtually no one Jamaica bahamas and then if you wanna see the countries that are pretty close that are in the pilot stage you're all of Canada that is France trying China Saudi Arabia South Africa Nigeria Ghana and then if you wanna see my heroes my hero countries the ones that canceled it's not too bad on the list Philippines Finland denmark Haiti Ecuador in Ecuador I didn't know Ecuador had an island that's cool I don't look into that so here's a punchline the Banksters have Delta super Duper major blow to crypto two days ago this happened to they get two days and of course no one noticed they basically seized any Ethereum krypto account that used what's known as a mixer to send anonymous transactions this effectively turns cryptocurrencies into what I call poison pill and I quote in the past the oFAC has placed cryptocurrency wall addresses on its "spies especially designated nationals list " so now the treasury is targeting the address of smart contracts that enable people to maintain their own personal privacy according to peter Van Valkenburgh Director of research a coin center a nonprofit cryptocurrency think tank which is probably controlled opposition quite frankly probably working for the banks and pretending to be on our side and when I see poison pill like I said before it's because every Ethereum transaction which is different than bitcoin includes what time is a smart contract this means that every Ethereum has this logic the software in it that says if this happens then do this bitcoin doesn't have that and when you have this logic in it then the government can somehow I don't know how they do it so I have to look into it can use that smart contract against us and block us po boom boom and that's pretty much it I talked about ripple repola labs I have a couple more links I'll post down below but we are exactly at an hour in and I like to end the show at an our and so there it is it is Thursday, August 11 is 843 in the p.m. and what's the so always like to and with the solution the solution is government bad bangsters bad get out of their system I've always said that I 1 foot in the system and 1 foot out of the system I'm trying to move that 2nd foot totally out of that system it's hard I get it but we need to have that conversation because if we continue down the road if you read the rate reset COVID-19 the great reset I'll post a link to that book Covid 19 the the great reset cloud Santa Claus Schwab he doesn't hold back he tells you exactly what how your life is going to be and I take it serious because he pre somehow predicted what was gonna happen with Covid and it all came true let me take her back 99% of it came true we still don't have contact tracing we still don't have real ID in Pennsylvania but apparently that's coming next year you're supposed to come this year but besides that he's been right about everything so I take his threats is real I look at him as the person who is trying to control my life no one controls my a life except my wife and again 2 feet out of their system run foot in right now one foot out but I i need to go to two OK I am dry mouth I am thrilled that I got through this podcast after being sick in good shape and I wish you a good night have a great night actually enjoy life and I'll talk to you next week take care.