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So should we skip the fluff and get right to the good stuff yeah do you wanna watch the hearings that are underway now or no explained that all of the fraud allegations and the campaigns other election are you all right that's enough of that we got this is this is being produced by a wag the dog style television producer apparently attract more viewers i think you're way more important things to talk about Tim can we talk about someone who's very upset with us from our last show I wish you what so I said so we'll beauties a few days ago I was on one of my favorite telegram rips the dark side up at like two in the dark side papers I think it's in Miami I'm just rolling through a few of my pictures here ok oh how how appropriate and I had a fan of mine who likes a lot of the things that I do except that I will let me just read what she wrote in the reply you ready you ready panelists yes I listen to a podcast today between Marcus and a couple of fellas regarding the Texas shooting but the beginning was devoted to the man expressing deep animosity and distrust of dating marriage and women proving to me the men are pigs project and the war against the sexes and families are complete why not say a big F you to the TPTB at the powers to be by finding and cultivating healthy relationships it's not possible find someone to love and who love you back all my kids ages 4139 and 37 married happily and have children I'm so proud of them not one set around hating on the opposite sex and if one is too comfortable in their marriage as one of the guys in the podcast shared Marcus? Who is to blame look in the mirror and do something about it it was depressing listening to these guys who wants to take that one first album I'll definitely take that one first OK go for it yeah first off yeah first first of all that's not reality she's not the one that's out there dating women and finding out with what women are like we're basically speaking or I'm speaking from my experience and it's you know in today's society for it for somebody like me it's it's it's just not worth marriage Reno going into a marriage contract and that's just the reality of it all you have to do is go sit in family court sit there all day long and you'll see what happens so that you know the fact that her children you know married and all that kind of stuff and they're happy that's great you know my answer to that is always for now you know you're happy for now that you know I've had tons of friends who are happy and you know I went to their weddings a few of them I was the best man at the wedding and you know that it didn't work out you know 10 years 15 years later didn't work out in their divorce so and I'm not saying they're gonna get divorce but you know what to said to to sit there an email and say that you know about it you know why you know I hate women that's simply not true I'm simply describing what my experiences you know for the last 35 years of dating women and men in today's society it's it's gotten a hell of a lot worse and you can ask any man oh yeah I mean you can I have tons of my friends feel the same way so you know I don't you know I respect her you know her email but it's just simply not reality that's not the Eno Eno Eno implying that it's easy to find somebody to love that's that's to me that's simply not reality anyone with a penis wanna take it next i think she is shaky and has her own little classroom like Frank I think she has her argument already in in her comment say the FF people I will rise and if they cooperate and sign everything's fine it's it's really had to manage what happens when things go wrong and she is opening acknowledging that marriages do fail she saying her children are happy she's also implicitly acknowledging that marriages fail for whatever reason it and it's about the carnage after that that we've been talking about in an no we also recommended some remedies to help you to deal with and that is to avoid the current marriage certificate situation I'm in it's perfectly OK to two at establish a relationship with a woman and raise a family but you you cannot do it under the current marriage contract it's really that simple you'd be foolish to do that and so I I think in my view that it would be sensible also to post that marriage contract on on the biblical commandment just it's just a view of a model or like that I think works and I grew Thiago I just I don't think the critic is is facing reality she she is saying OK it can all be great yeah I can but to maintain its greatness we have to go back to the rules which establish the greatness of the first place the current real legal system doesn't support it in my beer in the end of salmon how much to stay on and honestly I think sometimes we spend a little too much time talking about relationships and men and women and I it's not really my most favorite or most interesting topics talk about but I have conservative views on relationships then I think marriages is a great great thing for society and I think we should keep pursuing it despite the powers that be best intentions to disrupt it and we we identify the disruptions in society and Miles Mathis really does some pretty good essays regarding the interference and the disruption between men and women and it's a real thing it's really happening and I think most people ignore it and overcome the issues and they have normal relationships although her children sounded a little older than maybe the target of this the anti-social engineering right now they might've got past the worst of the programming because they're a little older but maybe today at ST Eagle said that it's more intense and it's cause more destruction ok and i want to feel generally knowledge you know she does make a great point that it has been it has been a deliberate effort by the powers that be to do damage yeah absolutely yeah what would Frank was mentioning there with the with the marriage contract it's it's a really difficult thing for for for a guy in today's world to be entering a contract like that it really is ideal and probabilities every single day amen to me that probability of entering into a marriage contractors is just not worth it really isn't maybe it was 20 or 30 years ago when you know you weren't one a few listeners you're got married maybe that was the case it was fine but in today's world absolute no way absolutely not i've seen way way too much carnage lake Frank's lake Franklin stating it's a lot of my friends their lives are destroyed destroyed because but I'm going to court and any knowledge and etc. etc. so for me it's just simply not worth it that it's not the reality of today i like to focus on one sentence she wrote again she wrote all my kids ages 41 3937 married happily and have children and then Thiago kind of went into it before I mentioned the second paragraph which I had which I'm gonna read I've been married 42 here's yes it takes work and it's not always easy but I wouldn't trade it in for anything else and I love sharing life with my hubby I feel like giving up on relationships and marriage is what psychopaths want anyway take care so here's my thoughts on this I am gonna tell her quick story that happened to maybe three years ago before convent 1984 I had a gold ring that my parents gave to me they had no use of sitting the drawer and I thought he worth it you always think it's gonna be worth more than what you get and I was looking to you know the cash for gold type of thing and I found this woman she's always on TV she's always on billboards and I'll give me your gold and I'll give you cash and I went in and we struck up a conversation with the owner who is on the Billboard and she's crying and for some reason when people see me they they like to spill their guts with me I don't have to say a word I just I think it's because I just look at them straight in the eyes and they had the need to tell me their problems and she's like I'm like oh is everything all right she's like call my husband just left me so oh OK how are you doing what happened and she told me because I don't understand it we've known each other for 13 years whatever it was we never fought about anything we never had a single disagreement and then he just left me is that I'm surprised no one's laughing at that because all I've heard you talk about it before OK yeah you're probably tired because they haven't communicated that's right so when she says I've been married for 42 years blah blah blah blah blah blah blah in a bit basically saying that they're happy all my kids are happy married and happy you don't know that absolutely that's what I was I was just about to say that how does she know she's not even that she's not living in it I'm assuming she's not living with them right so it's just to me honestly you know guys it's honestly just fantasy talk to me if it works out for you and you're able to stay with your wife and you're truly super happy until the end of your life kudos to you but I know very very very very very few people I know the vast majority of these results of marriage are nothing but carnage and destruction that's what that's what I see and I'm just not willing to enter into a contract in today's world like that like a frank was saying but I respect what she's saying if it works for her that's great if it works for the children awesome but the reality is today it's a it's a it's a it's a very you have a very very very small chance of that working out like that and I wish yeah I wish I can take it like I wish I can take her to add transformer into you know and into into like a camera on my shoulder and go out into these venues and then she would see what I'm talking about what these women really want yeah i bet she would have a different opinion then now we know for sure we're gonna have something to talk about next week by saying that happiness is also every Deculus pursuit I need you live your life yo yes your contentment comes from living the life of cording to the inner the invoice does not it's it's not about the pursuit of happiness it's a ridiculous i did it right I know Timmons is ready to move onto the next topic and do that this is a post for John Le Bon specifically John Le Bon has been up my arse for years saying tell me to share my screen saying that there's no such thing as paid shells no proof whatsoever that people are being paid to sure whatever the cases and as you're about to see her I would like to see if you guys can debunk this or you able to see that i can see something you make a bigger know or how about that yeah yeah this is from the the jid i've never heard of it before and you can see appear to fighting online hate speech since 2020 Jewish international Jewish internal defense force OK cool and you can see the competition appendix to be for papoose thing onto forms and comment sections etc. etc. now this is either a fantastic fake out that she put some some deep thought into her this is proof of pay jewelry or the Jewish Internet fence for us as it was an organization it's not if you go to the websites not there anymore yes is it was an organization maybe this of the old Activision so it shows hear the punchline as you can make if you're a top performer the following scenario demonstrates a monthly payout calculation of a top user if you don't make enough posts per day you can make about what does that 70 grand a year $5615 a month that's a lot of disruption wow by the way I'm not against us I'm not kidding if you if you're passionate about a topic you feel that you're being persecuted because you're jewish I think you should go out onto the Internet and show your point of you I'm not against that what are you that's nice I live I think it's you need the problem is going to be when people like John the bonsai it's not happening so this is just this is just Photoshop no I'm I'm I'm saying the problem is John Le Bon is denying the existence of paid Scheels in it and it is silly silly it's not helpful i'm OK if it happens in 80 pretend it doesn't happen is going to lead you to poor decision making rice some point at some point when when you're having a discussion with the people I get into the thing where I just give people three chances to to resolve an issue if they're not prepared to resolve it i never can't come to an a a simple yes or no statement on something obvious after three efforts to get them to do that you know that they are not genuine they're not trying to have a proper conversation yep yeah i am without him without understanding that there are people out there that I just deliberately trying to interrupt with your messages you eat you get yourself tangled up for no reason you know what let's take let's let's take the other side of the let's steal man argument doesn't take John sausage on a bun why would someone purposely in Mastro's go to forums like all like productions and post clearly ridiculous things what would be the motivation i can only think of money or money order or the crazy one of the dryer right ok no thoughts on this time Mr. fake allergist oh I definitely think there our militaries that are controlling conversation and they most likely are paid operatives and they're mostly there to guide conversations in Twitter and Facebook comment sections or that I have no doubt that I think I think the whole point of the Elon Musk/Twitter operation and I don't think he's buying it anymore I don't no if anyone is almost out of Nori it was just a show that Twitter is probably mostly bought I know there's real people cause I'm on there and I know more as there are horses there but there's probably way more bots that you're arguing with and I would say that the the things that Marcus explain 10 years ago software like HP Gary or one person in control 500 and 500 identities or more probably that can interact with each other are still happening and I probably do argue with bots quite a that is what their arguments are just you're an idiot you know what you're talking about you could say that to any comment to anyone and that's easy to automate it's not really at work I just pick out keywords from what you said to reply to them by reinserting them so it's definitely happening and for many reasons one I think it's proven that Twitter is just another influence operation to control the conversation and put ideas out there and that's really what I think that the military and the defense contractors are all about that's what they're doing and they've done it forever with newspapers and radio over the last 30 4050 here's a particular radio hosts the newscasters project Mockingbird there's no doubt they've always influence influence operations is what science is and they will get they will get paid they're not volunteers of course cause it's not actually a great job if you think about it it could get boring really quickly so yeah I want to be paid a decent amount because it's probably a mind numbing did you not even interested in the topic but not everyone's interested in what we talk about it's not that interesting the most people as much as we are did you look at the rate that they pay let me zoom in Aberdeen and like you said they could be from 10 years ago cause that operation is shut down I would hope it's twice as much now if I was good but I would also argue that there are members of the defense forces that are doing this as well hundred percent hundred percent and they're getting proper money plus all the housing paid for etc. Yeah it's it's a career it's insane and I don't think they're too many people that would do it for very long and not get paid for it is there's no benefit is not a real benefit if you're just there harassing other people we've had people on my board all the time doing it OK Alexa people that I doing it though for money at mustard some point in their lives decide that the thing they're doing is not correct and I looked at the time I was on the beautiful tropical island north of Papua New Guinea bulldozing dirt into the city at some point you get to take me a sign I doing this is not what I wanna do well it's a very negative thing to be disrupting other people's conversations especially if they're natural woman doing her matter if they if they have the picture and propaganda like global warming etc. they are doing yeah it is it there they're hurting society Tim have you ever or anyone on the panel can't come face-to-face with someone who says you're an idiot that's all they say to you you're an idiot you're wrong you're an idiot how dare you physically out of person yeah well maybe on the schoolyard playground maybe in 40 years ago yeah I bet but on the Internet that's all you see from he's paid trolls in that store out and that's a psychological event what that does is it it immediately gets other people who were going to join into the discussion to stop because they can't handle being yelled at specially women women can't take i don't like that and even if I know I'm even have a fly no it's a bot it's still psychological yes absolutely I i got a reply today saying I was a dumbass I think we need a new thing although we're on Twitter is Twitter because I normally don't engage if I'm gonna engage I'll just give it two or three word reply I'm not gonna put energy into it too much less will you type it really quickly because I know it's going in it's just going into the ether and no one is going to see it and I am literally burning up energy no reason right there it does catch you then why am I trying to convince one baht is Elon has really help expose one bought on Twitter it's not not gonna help OK next mendez you made a super valuable contribution by finding actual evidence it is helpful i got like production they always joke about 350 that's the joke that everyone have seen has I can't I can't I can't track it down but apparently they get paid 350 to post on godlike productions $3.50 right so many times some she'll post some ridiculous thing everyone follows up with 3 53 5350 OK or maybe they're following up themselves the perpetuate the myth or or get the 3 50 and the easy 350 right nexus move on to the next topic headline if you're still on my screen how flash penetrating sound waves could 3-D print implants directly inside of you so I wanna know do you think this is BS or is it real and if it's real let's talk about it researchers at concordia university of devised a way to solidify liquid interplastic creating a 3-D printing option that could be used to implement medical implants directly inside of patient's body direct sound printing known as DSP utilizes high frequency sound waves to accomplish its intended use that's like this is real here's what it looks like I got so there is a 3-D printer where you pour a liquid into a cylinder and the cylinder struck by light which solidifies the object and the stuff that hasn't been struck paws away so as far as I i know that technology is exists already cut so then the next question is do you think that's the real reason we're getting vaccines no and no I don't I don't know if this is happening for real makes me wonder what an ultrasound or imaging a fetus is doing is that sound waves or is it actually a sand wave or is it radiography I thought we were told we're ultrasound means high frequency sound waves that's what I told yeah yeah what is I don't know but it can't be good at this to me this is science section maybe one day but first I don't know and vaccines I still stick with my my my theory that the worst the best of nothing out and at worst they're harming people it feels like they are harming people does i see harm all around although people don't really advertise it I don't know if they're trying new technologies in the vaccine as possible I i don't think so but I just don't know do you have any thoughts Thiago yeah maybe in the future absolutely I don't see why not with the technology that they have but as of right now I I I I don't know what in terms of vaccines what do you mean vaccines putting an implant in a vaccine no putting a liquid yet the other vaccine of course there's a big talk about graphing and there is a big talk you're a bitch that just hype but maybe there's graffiti that that's liquefy that's put the other vaccine into your arm which cascades into your body and they're using some type of device that we can't see to do something to our body right now with these so-called mRNA vaccine yeah yeah no I don't I don't think so either I think I think honestly with a vaccines of today I think they're just straight up boys heavy metals with constituents that they have been there it's just it's just kill these people OK so let's move onto on darkside papers I made a big splash and people were kind of upset with me because I've been looking at some videos because I'm big into free energy big big into free energy and I've seen people not wearing gloves handling mercury like it was nothing no mask no nothing and makes me question whether mercury remember everything they tell us is the opposite we live in a very inverted world is mercury really bad for us it could be really good for us anyone want to take that one I think it's bad that I have one of the most toxic things on earth OK I don't see you going with the main line you're you're going to Main line now I'm not gonna I'm not gonna test that one either I don't know how I tested within your teeth not mine you never had more mountains no feeling I have for him I don't know if I'm fine or not I just appear to be fine lol it's assuming it's it's assuming it's leaking I'm not an absolute as I am but there's videos that show offgassing every time you take a bite but I'm not convinced that i don't like that i'm not convinced that I I think that I would put mercury in just in the off chance that it was happening but I would say it was my guess is it will be used for a long time and it's probably in her in other words it's not reacting and not decomposing in a dangerous way and that goes into is that bad for us and I can't wait to hear what Frank asked to say cause this is right up his alley so put perry is a place in West Australia will lead was smelt it for a long period of time and the the idea was that it was causing basically criticism and the children that they're so cool they measured IQ is very low in this particular town is the evidence and I i guess my view of all of these things like lead pipe was used in in Rome forever it's been used forever it's not very reactive about asbestos and the same with asbestos out asbestos is another one of these technologies which was taken off-line really yeah and same with the Freon for air conditioning yeah yeah yeah yeah it's quite likely that lead but I've never experienced myself any problems with late I usually eat all the time when you when you hate it it's a fight it goes into a vapor and you really don't want to be inhaling that paper and put in a pewter mugs with my mothers Norwegian pubes and pewter jewelry was a very big part of the Norwegian culture when I was a child and that has all been taken out of no way altogether because of this thing about lead after hundreds of ease of people using beauty jewelry and that doesn't mean that it wasn't hurting people and maybe because when you poison some of the metals it's a slow kill so it's it's not you drink something and you're dead oh there is an accumulation factor I really think that's the real thing and and metals are not removable the body cannot remove them I believe that's real fucked i would say certain people are more effective than others who did their own chemical circumstance i know I wish I did I agree with Marcus everything is inverted and we don't know but overall I I think I'm on the idea that Metal in your system is not good I will say to Tim is that the getting the research is not that easy like the research the research on sultan someone pretty easy to find but heavy metal poisoning and how it occurs is less less easy to find much less easy to find it was a disease in in Japan when I was a child called I try I try which is called ouch ouch in the story there was a cat was from mercury poisoning from the paper mills of Japan the fisherman were being poison with mercury but what that really did was shut down the fishing industry in Japan forced to travel you know I will see you so now that the Japanese fish but then started taking their traveling to Australia inside to get the tuna but the waters around Japan are plentiful fish but virtually and fish are in Japan that link that leads into the mercury in the fish we're all scared to eat seafood now because of the in the matter is that is that yes I don't know the answer is I don't know it just seems extraordinary in which direction will let you know they were talking about quantities of mercury going into the Sea which must be very small and super diluted yeah exactly it's it's a bright light. Thanks it's it's a bit like the story about carbon dioxide produced that's having an effect on the climate by the way I heard an interesting thing from a guy named cough and then I've been listening to the last thing on CO2 and they were saying that the quantity of CO2 In Princeton's seat car CO2 emissions is .19% of Covid.19% because most of it is just water vapor yeah we're talking about the emissions from a factory most of what you're seeing it's just water vapor and I'm just very tiny fraction is the is carbon or CO2 but if you do it it's just if you do the simple arithmetic app about that story you find out that it is just not credible let the amount of anthropogenic carbon dioxide is a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of its infinitesimal and what is the biggest lie ever again here we go again so the race in Camp Nock side has increased in the atmosphere is because we had from 1900 to about 1980 a beautiful warm sun it was a very active sun bright and the and the oceans warmed up and warm water doesn't Holcomb dockside very well and there's no proof it's bad for the world and there's no conflict that is causing it so there's so many negative parts of the story that are just impossible for you to just dismiss his head but we're just continuing this this rush to De carbonization madness into which the lead story the lids store in the Mercury store in the context of those yes games if we put them in the context of those scams we've got we've lost asbestos which is just a brilliant material we've lost lead pipe sleep is very easy to use and in a very malleable Julian welded we've lost Freon exit we're gonna lose gasoline and diesel now we're losing it now let's talk about what gasoline and diesel do gasoline and diesel give you effect of the king having 200 slaves or more right you know imagine the salt I've got a book consult making which has ate a couple of chapters of that house it was made in Elizabethan times I had to practically chop down forests to produce a little bit of Salt and that's why soap is so expensive no the V the introduction of the industrial revolution in England made salt really cheap and that's when the industrial age took off because the industrial chemical industry is also based it is just crazy what's gonna happen when we get rid of coal and gas and in other damage being done in Victoria right now where we are at Premier literally blew to kingdom come they two of the most efficient coal-fired power stations in the world and now we're having price rises to go through the roof and he's prevented guessing fuel gas expiration and I stayed using this game and now essentially Australia which Well Victoria which was an industrial powerhouse with cheap energy it's just gonna become a court case i'm so I'm sympathetic with Marcus's view yes that's him that the story against mercury historians lead is just part of those games and needs a lot more work what's a UTI go I think so too I think it's always it's always convenient to have play invisible enemy something to blame that for theirs you know whatever agenda that you want to put forth to the people to the masses you know in terms of the CO2 so I mean with a mercury you know I don't mess with it myself but you know whether it says toxic as they say it is I have no idea but you know as far as it seeping into the ocean and getting into the fish I think you have to have a whole Lotta mercury to you know to do any damage in the Pacific Atlantic Ocean but it's up to me to me they they just it's time and time again it's the same story they demonize the invisible they demonize and when they demonize it they try to also make a complex so the average person has no interest in it or doesn't understand it till I forget to re-record my garlic adventures it was a pressure I think this pressure OK let me tell that real quick so last week I did speak in mercury last week I didn't experiment I ate garlic for the first time in a long time on Monday night for dinner Tuesday night garlic bread Alfredo on Wednesday night if you listen if you listen to last Thursday show I was totally off my game and the reason I do that experiment is because I read in several places are renting several places that pilots in the Air Force are not allowed to fly their planes within 72 hours of consuming any amount of garlic no I don't know if that's true or not I always like to do my own experiments so I did Monday I was fine Tuesday was totally fine Wednesday where most but the brain fog really kicked it and then I listen back every Friday night I don't know if you're aware of this guys I take my family out every Friday night and we listen to the show and people in my family were kind of quiet they're like are you OK I'm like yeah I did the garlic thing and I was like I was slurring and stuff it was terrible so then the question is OK so we're worried about mercury fillings amalgam and by the way amalgam is 50% mercury at Silverton some other concoction of metals I was looking into so by taking just a little bit of garlic I was completely off my game had a huge brain fog and slurring my speech yet I have four Malcolm feelings I've had since I was 11 years cold and I seem fine but I am I've also got a mouthful of firm Amalgam and I haven't noticed anything except if I have anything with aluminum foil on it immediately cause it's a movie to come out when you're eating alone in Florida if if I if I take a piece of chocolate has a bit of aluminum foil on it the reaction is really just awful but alchemy yeah absolutely so you see the picture on the screen right now this is a picture of my neighbors barn now do you see at the top of the barn or three what everyone in the world would consider well I'm curious in the United States we all call these three things the same thing what what do you guys call those things there's little spiky things on the top of the roof in the ballroom yeah I tried to zoom in but it won't let me zoom no it's a it's a metal rod with a sphere a metal sphere and a pointy metal tip I wasn't in fort is not for lightning exactly we're told it's light it's were told it lightning rods yeah which is bullshit because if it was true very nice balls the egg that's with no added you you hit the punch line X great exactly if you follow the lightning rod to go to ground next to your box and if you're into Tortaria old world type of stuff everyone's does this is how you got free electricity in the 1850s know that sounds ridiculous except before cable TV wasn't married we have those antennas on our roofs and we got free TV wirelessly we have that again with digital TV exactly so why would this be different and it's only on old houses that were built in the 1850s are you aware that if you just send a cable up on a balloon and yellow the blue and above your head times a week to get quite a lot of voltage not current in a lot of voltage but not current but if you can still you can still use that hi there are plenty of people that I put wires up trees and showed people how to get useful power from apps have to be I'm totally into you have to be at least 130 feet in the air in it again at voltage not current which is completely different tons of voltage but not enough voltage times amps equals a constant you stepped on the voltage and you end up with current rates that's what I like i'm really looking big-time into transformers because you can take that energy use a transformer so there's a whole conspiracy I've heard this all my adult life that are really going all over the place or that the power that comes into our house is really not made from those wires it's actually made at the meter the meter as a transformer that's what delivers the power to our house and you can tap in to the ground wire that goes underneath the house and get the same phase 1 truck that comes from the top of the meter but I don't know enough about I'm not buying any of that I am and I and I like power of solar finals i don't buy any of that crap sorry I had to show you videos and yeah maybe but I think solar panels real and I think alternating current is real so there's not to be there's no conspiracy at all and I want to comes all that so you're not into the idea that churches were really power stations on the down now I really know no what about you Diego there's electricity in Sydney ha ha ha we got a little bit ha ha ha ha ha ha although you need a permit to have a windmill here or anything like that but yeah yeah I mean it's it's it's just nonsense read but you know I am in Merkaz I have a huge interested in the in energy I've had an interesting energy like this for for 30 years but my expertise lies in such some other kind of energy but I don't know is that you know if they had to stand that you know if they were powerstations maybe they had to figure it out before Tesla dead but yeah I don't for my my investigation of the Olde World the Tesla is just a distraction and a fraud help me to be even exist right who is this real is Einstein well maybe I was just at Princeton University a couple days ago actually Einstein is a very regarded person at Princeton yes there's busters all over the place yeah but that doesn't mean he ate I think I agree I don't think he's really good about physical but I think he's like Rain Man right or Chauncey the gardener from being there at movie who are Peter Sellers I was Peter Sellers last movie is actually a really good movie pretty good movie where he was the gardener in his is owner or his pastor or the master of the house died and that was very influential person and he said the gardener said a few things they thought were prophetic and they made a president one of them took one of the things about the work Einstein is that when you go through and do his work for thought one of the thought experiment is a thing called the twins Paradox and that's where one a twin gets in a rocket flies away and comes back in because he's traveled so fast he's 10 years younger than the other twin but then because it's relativity it doesn't matter whether you consider the rocket flying away from you or as if the rocket was still in the earthly backwards and forwards so from that point of view the twin that stayed on the earth should be younger than the one that was on the rocket now what happens is that called the twins paradox in other words what they're saying is that the whole logic of relativity can be shown by that simple thought experiment to be logically flawed but what happened in modern sciences I said oh that's a twin paradox we can explain it but that doesn't mean the theory is wrong now this is the kind of fraud that you're up against if if a theory can be demonstrated to have a fallacy in its own application its own logic then clearly it is nonsense rest of the stuff about equals MC squared in their nuclear weapons cannot be true it is impossible so these are the very simple ways to demonstrate and that's why you've had all the stuff about Einstein piled on and on and on to stop people looking at that very first point that the twin paradox disproved the theory of relativity and nuclear physics entirely completely and utterly it cannot be true interesting I saw a video I'll see if I can track it down someone be bunking E let me put in my notes equal 70 square yeah what he does he put a magnet on a magnetic whiteboard and he said is is there power coming off of the magnet will clearly it is because it's sticking well equals MC squared MCC being that the power of the magnet is zero or the Emma 00 times anything is zero but clearly it's sticking so you just throw that out he's just demonstrating that the weight of the magnet is not say something like that it was it was very simple I was like wow zero times anything is there one of the largest books longest books that were ever written was a book about Einstein debunking everything he actually stole a lot of his ideas apparently from Henry punk Ray so that's wrong that's that's the the eye dear affirm yeah well there's no such thing as burning space and time and particles and all this ridiculousness it's nonsense me me describing bending space and time is like telling you guys that I can bend it bend a shadow it makes no sense it's absolute nonsense so it it but what if you guys look it up you'll see it's one of the largest books in it it it it completely goes into everything that you ever talked about and just one other point the whole point of Einstein was to demonstrate that the ether does not exist and I need to point out to you that very thing is you're talking about magnetism electric motors all of the things that we take for granted everything all the theories of electrical engineers assume the ether exists yeah everything practical aspects of a modern scientific world I love optical the engineering miles have a current world is all signs developed before Einstein came on board and everything else is just deception and confusion and it's a bit like mining engineer being told the earth is a spinning ball but I never ever use that concept anything i plan draw or operate on is on the assumption the earth is flat and I'm moving the same is it same as I am an aircraft pilot none of these so-called scientific breakthroughs after 1900 and factors basically as if science stopped 1900 1945 specifically Frank or maybe yeah but how much money United Nations kicked in and all sorts of things happen and 18 45 yeah so they again Tim I'm looking at the clock we have about five minutes left and I went in with a video that you can play because you have the audio part to YouTube video am I commented physics always sounded like mostly science fictions that I couldn't wrap my head around physics in high school so that was the end my physics career but maybe maybe I was tuning into the fact that it's all really science fiction or a lot of it is I know I know there's principles that are that are sound but a lot of the dark matter and that all those topics always remind me of science section will they just came they just came out with another lie which they said they caught they took a picture of what's called gravity absolutely that's just a farce yeah I die those gravity ways that picture that you see that they documented that's actually magnetism as what you're saying yeah that's the that's if you look if you take a magnet and you put it under what's called Feral sell the exact same image will will will come up that they showed him a picture of the tease a world renowned scientists found out those girl it is it's just they come up with such nonsense and I don't and I knew about this 15 years ago when I had a feral cell and we took the magnet and you can see the the the forces of the lines of magnetism under the feral cell and Marcus when that guy puts the magnet up on the chalkboard that's that's an acceleration that's an acceleration to what's called an appoint so if you can clearly see it under under a feral Celso descriptions are not explanations when you have two magnets coming together or not come they're not coming towards each other they're coming towards Northpoint put those two magnets underneath a feral cell you can actually see the no point in between them and their accelerating towards that no point so it's HNNN for them to say that these are you know me know what what do you call it the gravity waves that it's absolute nonsense all it is is magnetism so they're all cousins magnetism by electricity electricity and it's at I don't know you've described a Tiago's essentially the unified field field yes yeah field theory is that everything in our existence is electromagnetism or standing waves of electromagnetism in the ether pit yeah. And. There's no whether there's nothing attachments it's nothing else that big these people they keep on lying you know to tell everybody talk to you don't talk to the masses but it's up to me they talk I just laugh at these people they we can go into whole show just about that but forget it I'll keep quiet for no i haven't spoken to much do you do you can have more airtime if you wanna go into it no I mean I mean we can we can do a whole show and I've actually done many many experiments under feral cells with Magnuson and having anti-gravidic properties and all this kind of stuff but but that's a total a total Nother so I think Frank would probably be more interested in that but yeah what are you got next Marcus Well Tim if you turn off a speaking of science fiction if you turn off the audio on this video I sent you OK we're seeing now everyone what is marveling about how tesla has basically level three self driving a little background level five self driving literally there's no gas pedal there's no brake there's no steering wheel you sit in four chairs in a car drives itself and I was but that'll never happen we'll take a look at this Mercedes video and maybe you can I plan audio this is basically level for driving today today 2022 level five driving at the earliest was scheduled for 2025 we are 2 1/ half yours early I'm basically level five Drive it says level three in the edge officially level three but if you took the steering away in the break in the in the gas pedal that's level five all I can say is a mask i feel like ripping it off or come on man ha ha ha ha ha ha Alicia Alicia went down a car crash oh I know all fucked up to drive me nuts so the question is do you think that this is BS oh no I don't think so no not at all no delay waiting I have to quote you a couple years you said this will never come and happen no I just don't think it's gonna be practical for a long time and no one else said the only way it's really gonna work well as of all the cars are autonomous the human interference people cutting others it'll be it'll be very tricky for these things to do well they just they need to be with other autonomous vehicles and that's why the 5g comes in the 5G will be installed at all the cars and can and can roll and basically they'll be no gaps between the cars it'll literally be touching each other I think I can pass are there gonna be any cars I think they're going to be Uber cars yeah well they're all of the ideas to be everything shared but you're gonna have to book through the Internet of things your vehicle and that car is gonna be running all the time it all sounds wonderful and efficient where are you when everything is a permission based Zaidi well you can't just go if you want to go on your own you have to get permission from the grid from the board that runs your smart city and has Allison and as Allison McAllen said many many times and I'm not a fan of hers anymore she has banned me from her Twitter account she sad, Uber is not an Uber is not a transportation company it is a Geo fencing company so if you don't get the quacks if you don't wear a mask if you complain about the government you don't have a ride yeah office chair yeah either I got a great that's that's coming that's that's all of the plan and all the new agenda 21 condo towers going up they are going to have very limited parking and it'll probably just be for the shared vehicles yeah the one thing that they're missing in that video is first of all I'll be all you gentlemen and everybody listen you guys all know that this is all done by artificial intelligence right what are you saying a pie torture tensor flow whatever language you're using the one thing that they are missing that you eat you guys really never see on here is in the future what they're gonna have is they're gonna have a AI polls and will probably just put them on the light holes as they go along and it'll help navigate the AI in the car as well so that'll make it a lot more efficient as well they have already have that here in the US they are well there you go so I mean I mean it's absolutely they're gonna you know they're gonna do that right away already have the technology ply torch can do that I can programming pipe torch and they could easily do that you just need you just need the exterior sensors on the road to make it a lot more safer that way nothing you know drastic or crazy happens but absolutely the only thing I can't see it working in the snow and ice I don't I don't know how they're gonna do pull that one off but whatever the sensors are gonna have to be above the road surface than how they gonna pull it off but also the interstates in inner-city roads are just racquetball potholes and frequently destroyed so they have a lot of work to do in upgrading the inspector before he has to work unless one of the sensors are all on 6 foot tall poles above the snow and above and away from the cement somehow so don't be on yeah they'll be on the light on the on the play near the lamps up there, and then with that as Marcus was saying with the 5G radiating everywhere and giving information in real time yeah it can be Donna absolutely yeah I also agree with the infrastructure with him to be fixed but in the end doesn't make he laughed at that we're going to all this effort where is with you know just basic controls we can already operate these cars without a problem they can't control you but the endgame is the endgame also Sprach if they wanna get rid of people you have to always keep that in mind why they bother with the car I know Walter they are going to reduce the cars we could really have been we can't really give everyone $500 take a driving course and then they're perfectly great at driving this thing yeah I seem to publications today one they said they wanna get rid of all cars by 2050 and then I seen another one today that was by 204 they want all of Canada by all electric everything yeah they're their pipe dreams and everyone asked to create goals but those are their goals are they your goals are they your neighborhoods goals does everyone on your street agree that i like driving obviously I do it for a living I like a car I like technology I don't like sharing I don't really want to get in a car it's someone else's bed and I like my car I like my everything left or I I like it my level of cleanliness I like my smells I i don't like other people stuff I don't wanna share I iPhone I've got a great plan for you than that but I think you should do is create an injection and give it to everybody so that you're the only one left well yeah but that's not fun either I want other people around but I don't wanna share my toys did you guys like to share your toys no I'm with I'm with you I'm with you but if that's the if the powers that be want that to happen it's gonna happen I'm gonna type that I think like in our street they should only big one lawnmower and paper should use it because yeah yeah oh 500 lawnmowers it's just completely dumb that's great are use my lawnmower we couple of weeks for 1015 minutes I get a laugh because I walked around my neighborhood and a lot of people leave the garage is open in the evening and you look in and they have a one car driveway so literally one or one and a half cars if you're in the driveway I have a one car garage I can barely fit a car in and they have a monster $3000 snowblower in i think it's taking up half the garage if you park your car like most still in the driveway when it snows there a cover on your car when you get back your car out your driveway will be clear we only have one bad snowstorm every other year or are you really need a snowblower yeah I thought that that that's a perfect example what you say what a complete waste it's just me has this monster snowboard it probably doesn't even work we don't run an engine all the time likely might not start properly what's up with all the mexican communitarian effort to to have one on Mile Post straight up at the Chi blocked me from doing it what's the Shire I'll cancel the local council city council it's a it's gonna take a lot of change in attitude for this so-called sharing technology and if they inculcated in the younger people where they grew up with it just like the girl with mask and daily or monthly injections I can still working I'll just wait for the old people they don't wanna share just die they are so everything can change there's no doubt about not disputing the power that the powers that be have but it's not something I want but then can we get them can we get to vote for the next next generation of has the beat app no voting is really not allowed or they just make all the candidates same sleeve just like in a one party system which essentially is what we have here and maybe have a Australia US there's only two parties but they are pretty much the same really we're just voting for the flavor we're still getting getting the ice cream or just OK I like talk to you like strawberry and pretty much the same effect at the end of the day there's very little difference or no I think looting does seem to be a waste of time just for that reason crazy yeah it's crazy but I do it with you before we go do we need a financial update from Diego because of this is all God we're gonna need a whole show was just for that I've been waiting for you to talk to her give me a call and do a whole show just on the finance thing is you guys see oil prices are amazing aren't they I don't like looking at oil prices cause it always hurts me that they went down no no they haven't gone down I got my God I got my gas tank filled today i've never seen this before $206 a person in front of me US$206 Chris and the pick up truck if it was a pick up truck and the guy paid cash and well that's gonna get it's gonna get worse but you better you better get all the gas you can imagine but there was a cheaper it is a good sub stack that just turned into a fact it's too that is an expensive paybacks I'm not subscribed to it he just put geezer articles out now but he did actually know wasn't him it was someone else that is a free sub stack and he was he was trying to show the break even price between electric. Lectric cars and gas cars and price for gallon where they are pretty much even assuming the price of electricity remains around I believe 14 or $.15 a kilowatt hour in the United States the break even point is about $20 a gallon before it it it it there pretty much even at all with all all kinds of different things wow marcus so gas is I believe and dollars a gallon in California where it's mostly heavily tax it's five dollars it's $5.05 dollars here in Pennsylvania it's five in Pennsylvania's height and it has the highest tax rate on gas like in the country there's no way it's higher in California California or Hawaii I don't know what the gas taxes in California but people I literally go over the Maryland border or the Delaware border and I'm paying $.50 less per gallon right but mark is at what price would you consider the new Volvo C 40 which is all electric well never because the mechanic told me that it's not ready yet but they're selling it and it's terrible but what price per gallon would you stop your weekly drive yeah we talked about that last week I thought but I never gave an answer am I actually put I just put away $500 so that we can for the next couple months have extra money for whatever the gas prices so when that money runs out then I'd have to analyze it but if something was it if it's $20 a gallon right that means I would have to each fill up with cost me 524 times as much shall I go through between me and my wife go through 1 said it would be $600 I mean I could do it I would be happy about it but I could still do it do you have natural gas near it so we do so you can buy a compressor gas and there's and there's a double conversion kit I bought a conversion kit recently it's I've just gotta organize a compressor but you just buy them often of Alibaba it's him basically eliminates the problem it's funny cause I just asked the guy in florida he has a pick up truck and he runs his pick up truck on HH00 that's a different idea though that's natural gas that I checo thing is something we're looking at for a boiler as well take that like a pool no it's not it's brown brown brown stats all guess it's a combination of hydrogen oxygen they don't they don't bother separating the two he has just a mess is a mason jar and two stainless steel pipes and boom it's as redneck as you get and it runs it's just a flashback Diegos a year you're just saying that you're sticking with your $200 oil oh yeah yeah definitely and Jamie diamond JP Morgan just came out I think was like two days ago and there are a prediction for the next couple of months is $150 US per barrel right it's not going anywhere else that I'm telling everyone else and I'm looking at my charts here right now in front of me it's it's not going any lower this is you got to fill up on gas it's gonna eat i'll do it now it's I'll tell you right now anyone living in cold towns or cities or whatever it's it's gonna be a painful winter it's not gonna be cheap not gonna be cheap Anna and it's just gonna get worse but that's nothing compared to that you didn't take me to an ass is that everyone gets bent out of shape about 4 99 gas but nobody talks about the fact that my electric bill just tripled in my water bill doubled cross ok my money and I'm paying I got into this wholesale thing in the wholesale price he is averaging $.60 a wow I've just bailed out of it and got into another supplier that supplies hydropathic $.15 a kilowatt hour so that's a huge change how long is that guaranteed for that's until August of next year next year but that hasn't happened here our water is constant third or Hydro hasn't changed much yes but they can equipment pricing I appreciate you do that yeah that is a heating unit 21 based in reality it's gonna be based on the make up a story about how Kyiv the chicken Kyiv means that you're not getting as much water games for your hydroelectric has nothing to do with it that make up a story about a half hour they well again I have to credit for the millionth time out why he's talked about this for donkeys years is he like say he said you're they're gonna use energy to get you into cities the price of energies gonna get you not to be able to afford to live in the suburbs not exactly what's happening right now yeah yeah or I am it's crazy the price of heating oil out your house has double almost doubled in price out here so the people are really really complaining you hurt I actually hardly see anyone driving around all the time used to see people here in the summertime driving or doing labs and going to the coffee place in ITV same cars and motorcycles driving now I don't see many of them my Wi-Fi turned off the car and coast into this parking spot that's a champion run right on well I ice Phil really really enjoy my plug-in hybrid I think it's the best solution I but I think even that is going nuts not going to be authorized in the future which is too bad because it's extremely efficient and it's the best of all world but if they if they don't want people driving then they can just like you said Marcus turn the price up to whatever the breaking point is and people just mark and I know truck is what I was reading small trucking cleats in the United States guys at five or six trucks here just parking the truck and I will just leave the big big corporations beers out there and then I'll be able to charge whatever they want right this is the war on small business and it's a war on private property and I I've got lots of post because I was pulling a lot of different clips from michael last cough and there's been talk about agenda 21 and from his point of view from an echo point of view because he was an adult into forestry so that's how he got involves sucked into it and he's got some terrific both stocking about how they are going to control everything centrally in the United States the Christian nation of the United States is really based on private property and in small business and giving people more autonomy and the powers that be if I did that experiment is over so it's up to the United States to stop this and I think I can I'll see how that could be a or between the those that want to remain in the old system and the others that want to force the new system but I can see that but I don't northwood last long or what states or how you even divide it I just don't know how it organized because there are people in household that on a different side so it will be really quite the reorganization of people to go to places but I think you're safe but going to happen probably if they keep forcing the issue which they are not letting their foot off the gas it's really unreal to me yeah it's right it really is that people are just putting up with it that just blows my mind well there's a breaking point for everyone and everything we have a reached yet like I said would it be $20 a gallon would that be a breaking point what's interesting no and then people are talking about this a lot on college productions as there's been no real layoff on the driving people are like how are people affording this and I'm not saying I'm seeing more cars on the road than ever all it's because the airports are all jammed up because they laid everyone off or people aren't coming back or they're purposely putting a stick in the spokes that's all that's a business by the way a little business tip if someone wants to start an amazing business Tim I think you might know about this all these flights that are going all over the world and I sent you that the Pearson video did yeah I saw that before you sent it in England ever talk about that for months by the way Pearson is apparently a shit hole airport won't know an old hockey player is the one that complained about it this week that's why if he came news but it's been going on for months so at the airport that there's no one staffing the TSA non-staffing company you're your passport and what's happening because I was overhearing this woman who went to I think Australia she said it was it was an absolute nightmare getting back no they overbooked flights and the worst part is you don't get your luggage for a week at a time so the little business that I would come up with is I would do deal with the airlines and save us and I'll deliver peoples bags back to their home so you make money off that and then you turn around and get it then you'll get the customers name and their phone number and say listen I'm in charge of bringing the bags back if you want priority access to get your bags back sooner pay me for that marcus I used to deliver luggage the Wii our company had that contract and I have my favorite thing is Christmas our warehouse first at 3: thousand bags that just because of problems and everyone travels same time so it is a nightmare at the baggage business I know it personally I've delivered how do you pay when I'm here so you get paid well no because you get the contract you gotta do it for next I think but if you if you have a big enough vehicle to carry some of the luggage and you can do it but the problem is he can't do it fast enough because he got a call right now do you do we are on and then race back to the airport for another load so it pays well those guys are worse than Laura top runners but I go way back into 25 years ago and I was doing it as well there's always one or two guys that control the airport delivers a horse and they lived at the airport these these drivers believe me I do I do a couple I think that they were they work like slaves but they made tons of money but the point is though they don't want you traveling that's that's that's the bottom line of all these these interruptions will be replaced with digital ID to make things go smoother and then I'll just limit your access to the digital ID to traveling and flying so like I can see the plan just coming together beautifully and I don't see any interruptions in the plan the only hiccup that I am not understanding is that philadelphia international Airport they close down during Covid the entire parking lot the economy parking lot there to redo it know what the catch was but they just reopened it and they probably redid it and why are all these airports getting billion dollar makeovers LaGuardia apparently went from the worst to the best it's like the best airport now yeah if they're gonna get rid of private transportation why are they investing billions in these new airports because they're gonna have they're gonna be controlling the transportation so the people who are gonna be going in a place to place first of all they gonna be able to afford it and then second of all second of all they're gonna i want probably the most high tech solution that they can come up with right and the printing of the money also accelerates the inevitable that's coming yeah but do you think there would you think they're gonna allow air travels the question if that's not the idea I think yeah I think they're gonna allow air travel now with what that looks like I don't know you know 30 years from now I don't know but they're gonna allow it for a certain few who can afford it but they're gonna make they're gonna make it an air travel I think in the next 30 or 40 years is gonna be if you're allowed to do it maybe you guys like like us guys here on this panel maybe we're not gonna be allowed because we're on the fake colleges so we're not gonna have enough points to travel yeah yeah every can we do a shower will lose all my social credits roll out for vacation every single shell yeah well you're more years frankel never and he'll never fly so he better eat better get all the playbill paid him for bringing out the real science right now and no no delete delete Tim and Marcus for bringing out the transgender Tory nonsense off right so and all this crap and then no building me for warning people about that dog economy is gonna collapse 25 points and I won't even be able to leave my neighborhood they'll be sensors everywhere you won't be able to get out your front door yeah they'll be sensors everywhere all these telephone poles that you guys see I think they're gonna have sensors on all of them in artificial intelligence sensors on all of i don't know what where everybody is at all times everywhere how do you how do you think it's gonna affect dating well well I'll tell you i'll tell you want for the people the people out there listening who think dating is easy a little bit of comic relief I got two words for you Amber heard ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha but not all of us fall of the story because they colleges all the time yeah halos are a good show yeah we push the extra half an hour but that's fine everyone had a good time yeah i wouldn't come back if I didn't yeah it's great and I have to I have to check my hat to you for your dedicated radio performance than last month or so you have just been thinking fryer you'd like a spartan soldier braving a half a night well I can I can always talk for half an hour if nobody shows up but if someone does show up it's always fun to talk to different people but avery if you've been every night I know I've been pretty consistent yeah and it's written on the bathroom the trees yeah this summer yeah it is it is and I get outside I'm out I'm out all day so I don't mind sitting inside for an hour at school and I got my technology and I'm having finally got the phone lines going and we could've taken calls tonight but I've got the Lions going but I guess there's not enough airtime for an extra person I think we did pretty well so thank you Frank thanks everybody appreciate I'm having fun still when I stop having fun it'll stop I'll take a break yeah there's too much going on there's just too much going on he interviewed Mark reason yesterday or was it yesterday wasn't that great love that interview group that guy yeah I listen to with the nice oh yeah thank you yeah I just like the guy I like talking to people I like the rug I like to get onto you are going to not these big TV channels out of there gonna be enough I'm spending all my time listening the psychologist and have anything on my way now yeah me too this is not good night you know and don't let's not forget next month we're gonna be doing the market so if you can maybe put something in a show that's maybe a little bit more virus related onto my Facebook channel my Facebook channel is exploding I got hundreds of people and they almost got the 7 1/2 thousand people so it'll be good gazing I will not sure what what do you need for me you know sometime next month or maybe if we can design if you want to design some questions or show around the virus you know nonsense and hoax and all that just an exclusive on that sure yeah absolutely and then that way I can we can broadcast it on Aurora on my Facebook group and I got thousands of people on there so yeah yeah what you what you could do is get an account at re-stream while you you don't I don't elite you can use a free account probably I don't I don't know what I'm on a paid account it's free I'm on free OK so yeah get your re-stream hooked tap to your Facebook and then we can tangle are we streams together yes we can all tangled them together and then then you we can all just be firing out five different directions same time it'll be quite quite good actually oh yeah you'll have thousands thousands and thousands of people watching that show I would never ask yes I would I would do that anytime if you want that we can are you with marcus or or I can do with you I want to do a financial show with you or we just let you talk about Bryce oil yeah I i think with Marcus and Frank do you know the original crew and you know help out Marcus and help yourself get maybe a little bit larger broader view yeah because honestly from what I've been hearing them talking about in my Facebook group I think I i think many many thousands of people would be interested in what you guys have to say and you know they might not be interested in the whole shebang like a transgender ism and all that kind of stuff no but you know what I mean lately might you know they might have like myself I have specific things that I like to hear so but you know I think I think it'll be great if you're looking to grow your your channels and your viewership absolutely why not yeah lol marcus Marcus ring system is stories to the table but I am pretty sure he wouldn't mind if we gave him suggestions from our appointment absolutely yes so many questions and I'll rifle off the questions yeah yeah cause I'm I haven't talked about my blog all week because if I i guess I don't get to even one story my block but I still do my blog it's like you still do your Facebook and maybe we should get onto your Facebook sooner rather than later because the possibility they can get blown away at any time and then you're in the start from scratch which is maybe you should grab it while it's still hot and at least I am Felecita great job on your blog by the way on your boobs and it is a service by the way he is selling a service I i think he really wants to wrap it up so make sure you hit them up I think it's email jealous that block [email protected] I know he's gonna in an easier remember email soon but yeah hit him off at his he'll help anyone as well it's his business cell [email protected] and I got good standing back on my Facebook group and I think I figured out why I got banned and I won't be getting banned anymore just thought to let you guys know I figure out the problem so as long as you post stuff that directly you don't save this happen so therefore causes this do you see what I'm saying then that way you NSO basically what I'm saying is a correlation not a causation that's right you just say you just go or you say you know that ex person this guy Dave over here he collapsed and he happen to have the vaccine last week you can't say it was because he died rest of the Pfizer vaccine I think that's actually and I'll take Facebook site on but I think there's way too many assumptions going on right now yeah oh yeah bro I'm just saying like my group for now is is back in the rain I got a green sticker on my group so I don't know the name of stickers yeah I will like when I go but when I go into the group out it gives me all the numbers and statistics of you on the views and all this kind of stuff on comments and then they at the top they have a red a yellow and a green and then not right now my group is green so I got no problem so that means they won't they won't impede membership into the group at you at that point so everything's like normal you know there's no water suppression or anything Lennox and I've been noticing I've been getting hundreds of people every single day oh fuck off bro let's see if I answer that I don't even think I have it better not be Amber heard no I think it's the producer from the stars trying to call in but I don't know where the hell it went to or if it went to voicemail or what the Hells going on hey not to go to press the button or if he gave up calling maybe he just gave up calling I'm not sure though but I think he thought the show might've been over by now what I was gonna ask you I'm gonna bring up your site or we call it a night yeah I my only thing with what you're talking about with all your stickers on Facebook I just would trust them as far as I can from the store I think that any time you're hanging out on someone else's spot for baseball hippo yeah it's super dangerous to assume all you're doing this right and this is why they're allowing you to stay not I I just don't buy it for any of that oh yeah they can stop me at anytime absolutely yeah I I think that's wishful thinking that you figured it i hope so I I try to I try while I try to only post stuff from from Google that's already that's already up on Google so that where they can't get off plus my chops over at sort of thing but yeah we'll do it we'll do a mega show next month and will get as much viewership as we cannot hear channels and yeah we actually did talk about that we got it arranged that now if you go to a I do have a calendar on there we should just pick a day and day and any I don't I don't I don't know yet because my daughter once she wants to go to Toronto in July to bring it's a birthday month like I'm just negotiating when she wants to go sort of thing and then I will I'll definitely tell you guys what day next month you remind me to go my wife is asking if you're not into marriage how do you have a daughter you see that's one of the painful lessons of learning of dust my stupid decisions of getting married right so so you can get married well I i mean I lived with like I guess they call it I don't know what they call it in the United States but here in Canada like common law I'm saying it now that's the perfect way to get Maria common-law type a gotcha situation but it would I ever do that again hell no absolutely not I would never do that in 1 million years no way I'm getting back to your group is Meredith repeat that that horse never My Wife wanted to know that and she listens well that's when I got some Polzer we're getting back to your your group I will not be silent anymore – – Canada on Facebook i'm really kind of concerned that a lot of the stories about people dying of the vaccine or fake I really care i've had I've had a problem with this for a while but now they're pumping out the phony stories because even though I think the vaccines hurting people and possibly killing people I think there is almost as many fake stories or dying as is there are real stories there's just so many things one thing I will I can I can give you figures out for Victoria in may 2020 there were 3200 deaths registered deaths and this may they were over 4200 it's a big jump in mortality OK but I am just wondering if that a lot of the stories a lot of 33-year-old terrible age to we apparently so may 20 2032 six 3270 people registered this May 202 two 4312 that's an a Normas jump in mortality and and the previous train was for falling mortality yeah I yeah I tend to agree with it but every now and then I listen to IPS infinite plans aside and he doesn't believe that the vaccine is actually killing people deliberately and he thinks it's just a criticism and every time I hear that it does make me think OK well I want to these promoted stories they seem fake like for instance this is one I picked off your website and we get this we get these tropes that they put in stories that just don't seem real like there's a 33 year old and although we think a 3 three and Mary Jane was known for her love of travel and passion for making others laugh and smile why are all these people dying always have a passion for making others laugh well can we describe any of us have any of you guys is that your fashion nova I think Marcus i do what are you listening to the show when I watch my passion I heard all the laughing over what you were saying her for an aggravating and pissing people off it seems like all the stories with the really odd filters on the photos and they're all just old from Facebook or Instagram and I don't need a 33 but it's 15 April 15 23 through all these people are just wonderful yeah let's hope and change and that's part of the the checklist of when you know it's fake yeah yeah it's it's a real mind warping concept I think why are they putting out stories big stories people dying OK we're never gonna leave ecology shell Tarvarius it was me what are you trying to get through this is the villas at the villas at [email protected] for all your hardware off her name all right sorry I just wanna get it to come in and participate just to demonstrate people how easy it is it's really cool that you easily comedy part of the conversation of kind of what this whole thing about how I'm trying to make it really easy for people to understand that by cleaning up the way you streams and podcasts on the website so yeah I was just listening to you talking about this mega car stinks when you're gonna wrap them together and shoot out in different fuck you yeah yeah that's what I had all those both sweet overtime this pay him on my call me in exactly at the right opportunity to try to promote your offerings and demonstrate how yeah hold you down when I'm putting putting your head together on it but I think it's a good idea yeah I don't know if you had the idea to have the hooks indicate where are do you have all all these holsters together I mean that they could still happen I think in the future in someway or form that would be cool if you've got your working on some alternative social media stuff and just to just to text Rufus from the bad boys that wanna control us so we're really looking at our own little plant micro platforms that we control we own and are harder for the big people to disrupt we know that's coming this is an info or send info damage that they are all trying to put a Quashon sell well bye-bye just sent you the demo model login so you can check out my new chat platform I'm working up that could down take the place of quarantine speaking a lot yeah when we communicate yeah and and I was just warning him Thiago with his Facebook he before he gets too excited about his group and it's it's it's really getting really big now now on the other hand you're going to be on the Facebook radar as you are getting big and you are creating ways and you're influencing and that's not what the agenda calls were so if if if you can't login tomorrow you'll know why not someone is talking about the 10,000 yeah one of those people you touch spoke to you this week yeah somebody's there when you hit 10,000 in any group that's when they come in and pull the plug I can't remember who told me that so turn that into a positive and make it so that you can't have more than 10,000 members in already the most active 10,000 people get to join that's a good idea can you do that if that yeah because you have a private group on Facebook so you can screen your your people that come in yet there's a button on here also where i cannot take any more members OK no it's just something I heard I think on one of our interviews about a 10,000 i remember hearing him play don't remember who said it it's possible yeah it's put it might be it might be definitely in their algorithm to be more coming down more with a hammer at at 10,000 absolutely I don't I don't doubt that at all I don't know their algorithm obviously but there is a high possibility that some thing that's why I try to keep I try to keep it as clean and quotations as possible but you know if they're going to end if they're going to end it but we're definitely gonna do something big a collaboration next month I want you guys to to get his money by balls on on on you're on you're on the stuff that you guys do as much as possible and yeah it'll be good all right well thanks for everyone joining and I appreciate it we had a we call tonight I add one more comment before you go out I'll try to make it quick I just want to also I am yeah shout out to Marquez to patricia's question I believe about if some Tiago had been in a relationship and how did you have a child because the way I did and I'm glad you think so I just got to Anns Nails I got right as far as I know Frank's Illinois first marriage with one more kid Marcus a decent marriage with a lot of kids absent his first marriage like kid and SiAGO seems to have been in a relationship and it's just beat it but you're all the same point in the race is at Adrian's lightly that's very interesting because it's very easy to be Miguel when you've been through the ringer went by think every man with all I'm not I'm not I'm definitely not big towel yeah I'm definitely not make TyY I definitely you know I I do what I gotta do it as a guy but in terms of I'm just talking in terms of marriage sort of absolutely not but you guys know we're all at where I'm coming from but it was great to be here tonight it was it was a excellent podcast and I will catch next week OK and I'll just I'll just hang up on everyone so everyone good night thanks for joining and of course donate hasn't been through any donations lately but that's fine we don't do this for money we just do it for fun oh thanks everyone for joining all the best OK take care see ya bye OK good night.