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This is why the Texas shooting is a 100% hoax (with proof)

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Good evening everybody it's Thursday, May 26, 2022 is the fake Ology speaking I am coming to you for the North Shore of Lake on terrible Toronto and Terrible Canada and I do the show Sunday through Thursday around 8 PM Eastern and tonight is Thursday which is become has become a regular event night where we post the Marcus Allen super sure when we call it that because Marcus Allen is here and he's super of course we have regular gas we're also super Thiago and an ounce of salt per day so we'll go in we'll start with Marcus today Marcus hello hello guys hit him how are you doing I'm well Marcus I'm very well I'm here and enjoying why am i lying to Thiago Thiago from Sydney Nova Scotia how's it going nice to be here as well i haven't yet and finally our last regular gas is an ounce of salt per day Frank from G Long Victoria australia hello and thank you for having me here welcome you guys are so reliable it's fantastic never have a problem getting you guys to show up on time and that's all that's quite a few people to make this commitment so thanks to everyone who joined us and is committed to joining in on the show and we are on YouTube Facebook Twitter twitch alive and also of course fecal tube and I see that a couple people are now in the YouTube and nobody is on fake or true but that's fine we'll just start off and get going and I'll turn the broadcast over to Marcus who is the hostess with the most us thank you tomorrow I don't even know where to start I mean this is like a wet dream for talkshow house what's going i'm in life's bar seriously isn't it what's going on I mean what where do you want it where you want to start but we could start technical and say that some balance that has been helping me play around with it with my phone system the phone system is up and Adam and it's a pretty call right now we've got a big colleges secretary that answers the phone at I'll put the phone numbers up in case anyone's actually watching live and usually we have a crowd play quiet people that don't like to call him but that's fine 810666 1984 902-400-1984 you guys can call him and I can try and answer the phone there's just a little bit of a menu you have to navigate to get to press 12 or three etc. but then you can get on but yeah if nobody calls and we have enough people here to talk that's fine and we also Marcus has a screen so Marcus is gonna have some sharing screens are ready to go all right all right OK well yeah we've had some pets and we had a brand new shooting in Texas there seems to be a Texas shooting at least once or twice a year so that's kind of exciting and I did post a little video on that with a little bit of a crisis actor and Crisis forgetting his lines we've got Joe Biden stumbling away as usual and when no we've got to stop having kids movie apparently spell on your screen Marcus which is funny because Don Le Bon was talking about was it last week's fantastic sure we had Vallas it on her with room two weeks ago maybe weeks ago right amazing show yeah yeah it was not the intention whatsoever to stir up such a controversy absolutely not there is no intention on my on my behalf and I doubt or is any on Marcus's either no don't speak we talked about on the bomb before the show started John the bond in a little audio chat on that with his group of people i did post I don't think I'll so do you want to hear about that that ties in beautifully with the Marxist this thing that we've got displayed on the screen right now yeah well it's not a coincidence I did listen to a little bit of which I was talking about with some other people of his memo calls actually a great thing I mean where to get some people some background what happened is you had two people on you started laying into them up from from what I heard I really don't wanna go to Tejas laying in that trailer Bonset oh yeah he's very dramatic great great very innocent actually right so you're trying your best to try to convince two very awake people that maybe it would be a positive thing to reconsider having children and then I called in because the conversation just came to a screeching halt and I said well maybe I'll chime in on that too and give my my thoughts I never give advice next thing you know I'll Hellbrook loose and I'll post actually a link you also have it on your blog and I'll post a link to Balusek call me when I say before that I think one of the best podcast of all time very important podcast I would say it's important I don't know if it's the best that's for sure no navigation was great and there's really no intent it's actually a standard line that I threw out there to file the scuffles and I i think Marcus and I agree on a ton of that information including him is there a point to getting married if you're not gonna make a family is that a good question that I am or is there a point to getting married if you're gonna have children another day why do we have to wait why are we to get married if we have children how about that no I think you do I'm more of a country class but I am so so my I am convinced you do not add in fact you're really doing something legally detrimental that's right when you get married but if anyone wants to do anything they should DM they should be forming a matrimonial contract right to handle the legal system and with respect to getting married under God's eyes it's a it's a different idea altogether no the legal system if you if you sign a state contract for marriage you are signing at 3: thousand page contract which you can possibly know about and it changes all the time without you you know they don't need your approval to change the contract it is actually mad to get married really Diego him do you have any views on marriage children oh I don't know I don't know if you guys in the hole and they're in the audience wants to hear my views on marriage call Robbie now you're here everyone here everything ha ha ha ha ha well even when it when it comes to dating an end and marriage i'm i'm with Frank I'm a big red pill guy so marriage is definitely probably the worst thing about a guy can do in this day and age for the simple fact of probabilities and how much do you know the the Court systems screw these guys financially so there it actually makes no sense in my dating life I I I don't I don't even bring the girl here Mike to my own house I don't even want them here or if I if I if a sleepover is needed is done at a hotel I was just gonna say do you need a hotel rooms OK it wasn't for abs absolutely I don't I don't mess with none of these that the women of today or is is definitely not the same as 3040 years ago and to get me I tell all my friends when they tell me they're gonna get married I told him I'm sorry to hear no it's a turbo and you and you know what seriously because yeah you know I look I drive you know nice car I got it I got a nice place and I get girls all the time you know trying to hit me up and talk to me and it's just in today's world it's not worth it it's a for a for a guy like me it's not worth it and you might as a man you might have great intentions on you know this is the one she's a unicorn I'm gonna be with her forever and most of the time it doesn't work out that way I can I can name you dozens of my friends who you know who are divorced and the ones that are together are cheating on each other and they're unhappy so it's it's it why do you wanna get married there's no point of if you wanna date a girl and you got enough to me that's that's good enough and yeah take it I'm very offended that you said that you agree with Frank I mean you're you should agree with me too I'm 100% with the right are you red pill or are you married I'm married and I'm miserable and I'm asleep easier to see in here let's talk about that's not true at all I am absolutely miserable as being there because it's both our faults when you're married you're comfortable forget the money aspect forget what happens if you get divorced I believe comfort is a curse energy if you're comfortable all the time then you're not taking care of your house it was great when we were dating we dated for nine years it was fantastic then we got married and went downhill from there because we both got comfortable yeah I agree I i agree with that and I also think comfort is in particular for a male it's it's not good because he loses his most males lose their excellent there's there's a excellent mom and they should be focusing I tell all my single guy friends here you should be focusing on excellence driving self out you know never mind the woman they're nice to have my stuff you know what I have a girlfriend but she should not be Podesta lies down the center of your attention of your world you should be chasing excellence and you know the best that you can be in life and you're in your truck do you know whoever but so you're right you absolutely and vice versa that devices for women to just make a new word why light is the best word I have every right now I Atlee I don't know if that's crystallized I want that I can take it take it and use it and run with it because you know what a lot of these guys they're good they're good well well-intentioned men good hearts they protest lies these women and then these women destroy their lives and one example that I i think I said on the show one time was I know critical care paramedic in Toronto he works for Orange the air ambulance service he makes about 47 bucks an hour he's been working for 25 years and one day he came to work and he was driving this old Honda beat upon it and I told him hey Nick why are you driving such a shitty car you know you make good money make a lot of money make with overtime you're making 150 grand a year and he told me that he had a divorce to the woman ruined them in Port took the house took everything and and the monthly payments he can't afford even a nice car so this is what I get on it and he treated her Michael treated her and she cheated on you know the whole story so this is this is where men have to chase excellence I'm in my opinion and in today's world market you know Frank is right with the cot with this contract is a contract is absurd it's terrible it's not in favor of a man of things go wrong you're you're you're you're you're gonna be in big trouble Valhalla on optimistic that well OK end pedestrian side that's not to say that and add it in with her for the proper contract everything's fine the key thing is to not sign a wedding in about a government wedding certificate if you take a civil contractor metromania which is just a normal civil contract you will have complete protection under the legal systems as they stand today is any of that change with the child no but if you if you sign a certificate a matter of anything you talk about in your in your contract how are you going to raise the children what's gonna happen in the event of an end to the relationship etc. because of course the the the thing that people do not get is getting divorce does not in the relationship it just makes it more difficult the relationship is gonna continue on with the people want it or not yeah I mean it's a it's a it's a disaster from the beginning to the end and that's why I don't have women coming here I don't date single moms I don't date girls with tattoos I don't date girls that are in therapy I have very strict you know because of personal experience and experience with that are friends of mine and then that's it I think but I think that at the end of the day men should be chasing excellence knock knock women so then you're definitely a fan of coach red pill absolutely yeah well some of the things that some of the things in terms of all of you know women that are dating that he talks about absolutely I'm 100% in agreement with them fucked up certain things not really but I don't even know where he went he was online and then he was in the Ukraine and then he got caught and I don't know what happened but yeah coach red pill and in that kind of community absolutely 100% do you put women in the category of planes and boats somethings should be rented and not on yeah yeah ha ha ha ha look for me I can only speak for myself for me and my lifestyle I've learned by my i want experiences and experiences of my friends that for me absolutely 0% chance anyone any woman's gonna it's gonna if you marry me that'll be 0% I don't even like I said they were even come by don't even tell them where I live all right Diego is now off the market lady so don't don't even waste your time no I'm in TK tigers got one game on the market I'm on the market but but with that with certain with certain rules Lynn regulations no no single moms right no no no psychotherapy sessions you know dirty bitch does nothing beats ladies of the evening unless you pay for the privilege of course DVR yeah OK ha ha ha ha ha ha let's move onto the next topic because it's a little two off ecologist but it's it's it's real talk of course I had a quote I had a quarter finish up with our Charlie Munger who is Warren buffets partner says there are three ways a smart person can go broke liquor ladies and leverage yes cirillo ok is Warren Buffett guitarist Charlie a man or a woman I need to survive flamingo or just what kind of partner is it because if you can you tell me that a 70 year old no but whatever is 88 year old yeah he's girl of the stock market is gay then I'm I'm I'm moving out of this world what time to leave earth is the John Talk that's what Marcus what he got next what he got I would like to get Diego's opinion on a video I'll try to play it on my Andrea OK show me pull it up here it is green I'm sorry everyone look at the screen and for those that are listening to the audio will describe add something to it till I can't wait to get my new computer I'm gonna send this to you to telegram it's not very long you've seen it before but I don't think I've heard Thiago who is in the emergency services or are used to be industrial yeah so if you can take a look get this video and put it in the private chat and re-stream Ashley want it won't work how to send it by telegram my God you're having trouble OK well that is that you can't drop a video in so you can I do text OK go ahead and link it away and hello to all the usuals in the crowd Gabriel dirty Benny Anthony to next pepper welcome everyone to the show Anthony Stark and Marcus is going to send me a link so let me describe it's a Getty attack I think it is Getty Getty videos using your whole video OK yeah it's not that big OK but do you have fast time do you have fast Internet in your neck of the woods well it's not fiber but it's the fastest broadband has ever been for last 25 years and now it's no better than it used to be OK so are you downloading it now well if you're OK I'm gonna try and plant excellent for Teagan if you can look at this and tell me all the things wrong with this scenario this is from Columbine as an EMT tell me all the wrong things that are going on here with the victim" yeah I think you used at this many times to the group OK let's see if we can see this year it's a telegram window thought it might be a little small but less you want me to download it you say Diego yeah I could see is pretty small though now really small well maybe I'll download it and Marcus you can talk it up a bit high so of course we have we have all the shootings going on right now it's there just save everyone the trouble if you wanna know if they're fake or not they're fake hundred percent hoaxes I'm actually on let me see I have scheduled on June 6 to do a show exclusively about my checklist of how to know when a school shooting is a hoax they're all hooked but how you can figure it out on your own without relying on anyone telling you this thing is a Macedon that better I better Diego a little better medium size so who's that running to those two guys behind the SUV another yeah OK so they're pulling looks like they're pulling the victim to the grass that's good treatment kind of giving it away 1030 start time filler thing first of all they're not maintaining any C-spine they don't know if the guys yeah right cripple the road but the but the thing here but even though the more glaring thing here is this so my question to you is is the shooting or "" shooting is it still in progress at that moment in the video where there's someone running there's a cop running with the ok all right because this was hiding behind her this is the thing with paramedics over here in Canada OK and I'm sure the EMT peas in the United States are probably the same thing before we go we got called to a scene like this the scene before any paramedic goes you know goes in there that you know to help the person No Hass to be 100% secured great weather right that's the weather it's a shooting a stabbing a domestic violence I am not allowed in that building until police give me the all clear that everything is secure that's the first rule is my safety and you know before anything else go to church so let me pause right there with that being the case let's assume that's the case here or if Tim can roll that video again wanted to go yeah keep it rolling baby cause people really need to see this this is this is just crazy if the person if the if the fireman or whoever that is drug this person away like they're doing right now drag king drag can you assume I went to public schools I don't know that shit can you assume that they i got the all clear to pull that victim away it's it's possible that would unite I don't know it's hard for me to say because I'm not there I'm not listening to the radio communications it's difficult for me to say but I'm just pulling that but I don't know who pulled up victims I see a firetruck there so I no in the United States the firefighters are paramedics to Canada in Canada and a lot of the cities in Canada they're separate services so giving me seeing this video if the police gave you the OK what's a little weird to me as they pull the guy to the back and then just left them there on the grass right no assessment they did the blood yeah they just look it up they just left them there you know normally would be put in or even if he was dead let's say for example even if he even in that scenario he shot in the head I have to go through the proper procedure at terminal D fitness machine on them to confirm what's called asystole that the patients in the air it's stalling meaning that they got no heart rate and then I can radio back to base hospital and then get permission to call it on scene so this is a little weird that they just eat all you know you don't lie the guy over on the grass and and that's it so and then they just leave that's the guy that's not real so to me looking at this video this is totally totally fake this looks actually looks like kind of like Looks even like movie is kind is it that that is those are not real that movie yeah these are I know what I'd be surprised if they were real paramedics to be honest with you because the real paramedic who's worth his salt would never like just drag a person and just leave them there that's like a dragging through the mud that's like an insult on top of an inch yeah this is this is what drag me through the mud this this looks 100% fake to me if you if this was a real training session and I was still working let's say for Toronto EMS I seen his paramedics do that they would fail they would fail right off the bat that there's no C-spine being taken to consideration there's no assessment I don't know if they cleared safety from the police officers are not nothing and if there's an active shooter in the building you know they could actually get reprimanded for that here in Canada why is it after 23 years it finally took you to talk about this 23 years of this video is gonna let her present it to him or I don't know I know you've shown it many times Marcus but most people don't either yeah I've never seen it is the first time I've ever seen this is kind of comical actually live as a paramedic looking at it April 20, 1999 Hitler's birthday of course i thought was the 19th OK before 20 is a big day in the drug world I think marijuana or something about that right right right I mean if you if if you want to know if school shootings are real just keep watching this just loop well I said over and over 10th time my daughter asked me today are are there if you don't believe in them they today's or yesterday's school shooting do you think there's ever been a real school shooting as we are yeah of course they're half OK but are well I mean I have a whole checklist form if you want me to bust out my checklist it go ahead so people do get are are there ever mass shootings in schools ever anywhere in the world do you know I don't wanna be as you have coached me Tim never be an absolutist so I'm gonna say probably my guess is probably not but I'll be done yeah what about in Australia Frank well they had one shooting with Janet and play school pulled either I'm just cool well if they only know they haven't had any school shootings I had one thing that went on in Port Arthur and within days of that occurring to 3000 pages of legislation requiring him to get to get rid of the guns was already in play sun and reading parliament no and Gabriel there any school shootings anywhere in the World by school shootings I don't mean the guy just bringing a gun and shooting is his buddy I'm just saying an organized engineer planned out attack or someone brings in a assault rifle I guess all rifles could be service all right I'll weapon just a mole down and take out children do you think that occurs anywhere in the world ever probably not gonna be probably not till the reason that i know that these things are genuine though it's because you know what reason would they with the authorities have for income to start in the deep these rituals sarcasm alert for those who don't know what sarcasm is well it's isn't that what you hear all the time why would I do that one go ahead and call you answer that just with us with us just a straight no sarcasm! Why why why do they dude why do they do them in the USA because you've got that fourth amendment and second whatever it is it where you are guaranteed guns and I don't they just gonna get them off you frank I cordially disagree with you on that I can make that was gonna be my follow up question to all this shooting stuff what is the real reason they're doing so it is an actual question I know right question but I just I have I've been straightforward with you I've just assumed they wanted to Sam you never will never happen in America ever ever OK that's very absolutely it is absolute shit we have now we have controversy so let's hear it well I wanted to get yours before I give you mine you or do you want me to go first time I've given you my opinion I think they disarming people let's what about Royer Marcus Diego D's think there's ever been mass orchestrated school shootings that seemingly lack motivation because most crimes need a motivation yes big part of crime violent crime especially well we can you know that I get maybe even that same question applies tear nova scotia two years ago on that mask killer kill 23 people here all right yeah you had one in your tiny little province and it's a tiny province nova scotia yeah so we had we had the same here but you know for me even if it was even if even if there was such a thing as a real you know mass shooting let's say for example there's always nuances to that and there's to me there's timelines there's things that don't make sense that donut together probably the police were involved or or or some sort of intelligence agency was involved so I don't trust it when I hear these shootings I don't trust with that you obviously what the news is telling me you know unless I'm actually there on the ground in and Marcus's question what's the reasoning for this the real reason the real reason for this I was with the with the the Franklin Tamil I thought they wanted to take your guns but it makes sense that you're staying that they would never take in all the guns in the United States that does make sense to so is there another reason you don't want to meet could be it could be a sideshow you know what a narrative that they want your brains off another story that they're doing on undercover some other story that they're doing that they don't want your attention on I don't know it could be a variety of different psychologically yes so I'll ask Frank a question cause he's in Australia and I think he's gonna answer his own question by my question so my question is this Frank if you think of America what's the first word that comes to mind texas freedom or freedom is a Texas yeah are you just being a reference or no no way when I think when I think of USA I just think of them as Bing Crosby songs give me land lots of land and all that stuff I think of Joe Biden ok chica what do you think of what's one word you think of when you think of America freedom yeah that's interesting because almost everyone I talk to you outside America they think cody buys guns and violence shootings unnecessary shootings if you specifically ask me about Texas what's the first thing that come to work first two things that coming into my mind about Texas then yes my first thought would be guns and and rimbey yeah I think I'm gonna be here yet but I was at dinner when all this was going on with some friends of mine oh this is up in Queens I and they're going on about I said look at I don't think it's I don't think it's genuine and just for one I think it's just a TV and you know yet that the idea that the USA is the got the most murders etc. in the world just doesn't hold up shut the fax no I mean yes they're there are there are people shot but most of the people that died by gunshot bones are suicides or from police action the number of homicides performed by guns per capita in the USA is one of the lowest in the world I think it's like 100 or something so here's a piece of trivia that might help you're thinking of what I'm thinking and that is there's only been three school mass shootings between 1903 and 1966 OK and another pan is everything in America changed five years later in 1971 the Gold standard for the dollar right OK I'm in trait don't we only have an hour show so be smart I know you like to challenge us but do you guys usually you guys usually come through so I know I think I think it's it's all about 2 for seven surveillance digital tracking if you notice they use every time it's a military style gun why would they use a military style gun every time in açai up who's going to be triggered by that pun intended yes it's the middle class the middle class is gonna be like summit that's the reaction part of the egg and Guillian dialectic someone do something about this yeah what are you do 24 seven surveillance digital tracking my my wife is retiring and they were good I just said it for the first time she's retiring instead of the many times I don't think so I think I told you personally and I told you personally this is first urgency before two as she's officially retiring this year or a year early and in order to get into her school and every school in America since 911 you had to get buzzed in and you had to have clearances you have a background check it's a couple sandy hook that we got our our our public elementary school got a intercom system right after sandy ok that was very quickly done so are you sure it was 911 or not and I'm I'm 100% positive and I know that because I would always surprise my wife at school and in the teachers just loved it they melted because I would show up and then as soon as after 911 that was all god i have clearances right now OK yeah my daughter is the same you gotta be buzzed in well I RyRy Cordiolli respectfully disagree I think it's more way more about the second wave of this is gonna go way deeper because can we can we do a bat do you any amount you want to bet that they're not gonna take guns away they're gonna try maybe there's no way my neighbors are gonna give up their guns no chance in hell ok well it when they have exchanging guns for food never mind you up if you know not gonna happen OK how much is i was at the grocery store percentage or Agneray plausibly Marcus I'll have to say that OK cool I was at the grocery store tonight and all we hear about is the shortages the diesel shortages and I'm sure Tim you have some stories about diesel I was at the store tonight the only thing even the baby for me it was half gone it wasn't all gone it was half gone the only thing missing from my store is fully stocked is spring water for some reason I think it's because the rates of of tapwater here are like trickling so people are instead of getting water from the tap now they're going down the store and paying a dollar a gallon to get water everything else was fully stocked I've never seen the store so stocked ever so a lot of what we're hearing is whoppers of a lie so this idea that they're gonna take our guns away how many school shootings have they tried since 1966 it Hass to hundreds and hundreds I don't know how come they haven't taken the guns away yet hundreds because they're waiting for the people to demand it and they're going to ramp it up overtime that everything is being celebrated ramped up I'm telling you my neighbors will shoot those people who want their guns taken away and tell guarantee they will put those guns to use it it's new you might be in a more rural area but the people i'll send the Cox what can I say the cities are the rapidly becoming the majority of America just like everywhere in the world so that's a good one what do you what do you think yeah I hate you know what I think it's makes sense his argument makes total sense to maybe the only thing where I might suspect they they might initially try to take your guns is it in your hard-core blue states play California then yeah I would agree with that but but Pennsylvania here no well let's take a look at the headlines under the pre- when we type in second amendment does the second amendment actually give you the right to own a gun the Supreme Court is on the verge of expanding second amendment gun rights President Biden says the second amendment is not absolute following slew of mass shootings the right wing lie that's killing our children Michael Moore tells MSNBC it's time to repeal the second amendment Don Mclean Larry Gatlin Larry Stewart cancel NRA convention after Texas shooting it justice burger call gun lobby's take on second amendment a fraud on the american public etc. so I think that it's really ramping up again and if they choose to make these go to school shootings accelerate which they can and they have that momentum on their side where they have change going fulltilt with Covid the Covid catalyst as I called it in 2020 it's just like gas pouring on a fire they can pour it anywhere and it seems to work magic I really think this is just another push now our guns going to go away next week no but this is just the baby and model i'm changing society and they have 3-D guns that are just as good as regular guns guns are never gonna work out for very long though it's if they're made of plastic they only when I'm telling you I've seen some videos reply well I have a friend who is just become a gun a Holick and I will ask about that he's sending me pictures all the time of his latest purchases so I will ask him it's interesting that Canada friend is super i Thesy Astec about guns all of a sudden because it is his latest hobby store anyway I still think this is part of a in orchestrated event to bring in ring in a repeal the second amendment or change it change it i just sent you on telegram to comments that were underneath a YouTube video and this is again like people need to not know this if you read the comments they see exactly if you can pull that up if you're able I would've linked directly to you too but this sort of thing gets deleted a lot all right that's fine we have two different usernames writing the exact same comment do you say that I'm going to look at it oh and there's tons of bots out there this everyone thinks oh everyone is pro is everyone's Antigone of course there's bots yeah but people don't know that I'm telling my wife doesn't know that she hears me talk about all the time she's just a little small but I think that you can sort of see it here anyway it doesn't come out real well on telegram want me to read it a go for Steve's dad was assassinated by gun man you can hear the emotion in his voice and his breathing and he really means it and that Steve is that Steve Kerr who is the coach that's another way to know if a school shooting is real or not when you have the culture creation industry and NBA coach who's who's interrupting his press conference to talk about the shooting on that's hockey they had a statement about how horrible the shooting is that's how I know what's fake and again on June 6 I think I will do I have this massive chocolate that anyone can there's no need to listen to me you can just do it for yourself and see what's real and what's not and I've never seen a real mastering in school or anything to keep things are is that the name the perpetrator which if if there was a real case they wouldn't be naming the perpetrator secondly the perpetrator it usually dies in fact as far as I no dies every time ours did today in Toronto I won 2 miles away from my house today he died as well OK so that's just another example is the Texas one died you know this this and that and then naming names did the name the name of the Toronto guy no no no i just said it was a guy walking with a butt look like a rifle we got we have no details here OK hon zero and usually they have a three names but in the last several shootings are not there been two names to two or names down I think those are really weak young things go 100 yeah but when you put it all together it builds a strong case remember the guy he was hot who shot I forget who was who shot people and he was hauled in and it looks like he's wearing like a paper outfit no you know like everyone's coming out like why is he wearing like a paper jumpsuit it was paper you're not thinking of the Unabomber guy know this is like the last month or so I can know I'm a see if I can find it in my notes it's just I remember the unabomber had a bit of a jumpsuit thing going on tonight but I told him he probably Kaczynski yeah yeah yeah he was he was caught in the in a forest and I think in Montana somewhere rural Montana he was hiding outside yeah I think he had a one of those jumpsuits we kind of look like mechanic jumpsuit yeah mechanics where it is in Ski Haus is in a museum now I think it's a little jazz the museum is it is out of business it's no longer there and that's got the new Museum killed by Covid ha ha ha ha ha ha actually no one ever was don't no one ever went there it was just does empty space and it was founded by the guy founded Maryland the USA today there's Teddy i don't even think that's a real picture I think it's photos where is the house yeah wow it's just gonna take a large doghouse look they got lights they got a generator they got everything there a little house in the woods where this madman wrote manifestoes plan bombings is just brilliant it's alcohol a prelude to the cave Osama bin Ladan Marinette Aniston is the same same idea same storytelling storytelling device your favorite podcaster legal man waiting on the texas shooting in Hiro I have been now I have not been listening to him I don't listen to him anymore anyway because it's just it's just repetitive negativity he wrote so an 18 your old puts a body part puts on body armor to kill his grandmother then is running from police crashes near her school gets away from the cops chasing him runs inside the school and starts killing unarmed little kids that's the story they expect me to believe yeah ridiculous is the inside of Kaczynski's workshop here this is where it where is tied require it was we did use tide to make the bomb I'm guessing this product placement is the product placement and she has another little hint right there they always do product placement that's a great it's the most colorful part of the whole picture of the tie box and presumably they must be a donation site set up for the victims of the shooting all numerous haven't looked out numerous is just another clue where they have the yeah they have they have the bumblebee here it look at this is quite interesting picture yeah the Ted Kazanski inside the shed there's a looks like some kind of near or something on the wall that has bumblebee covers I think someone is talking about bum black and black and yellow coloration is some of the clue as well but yeah these guys are the hive maybe the hive I don't know i think the museum is brilliant and it's closed isn't it sad when it would've been the highlight of my next trip to America in right after Graceland it's actually down the street from the spy museum there's a spy Museum the CIA spy museum standards and coincidence in law is fucked I only know that because we were used to go to Washington every other month don't go there anymore supposedly tell Kaczynski's at the super eight exit in Florence Colorado where they are if you noticed they all are at the Supermax all the all these mass says EDX and for ATX that's like the highest level of security in the United States prison system and so I i think it's a level six that's where all the what is the mafia guys an Aryan brotherhood are it's in the nest people who know how to dodge a text road isn't it that's what I like Bernie Madoff he was in Butner he was in the FCI Butner it was like a college campus I heard so ha ha hey Siri is taking a run outside to do it again by his own brother yes yeah wow well that's a step brother is that at Hollywood he had a heart well you know the funny thing is that I found a little funny was you have all these killers out there but yet when they locked us down for two years up here in Canada and they had all these mandates they don't let you go anywhere or do anything at all this ridiculousness where was all these killers all the psychopaths at the Kilda securities idiots politicians are all obeying the laws yes i've got Covid I said Europe where was the Unabomber when I needed a man ice ice is called send it all it's a operative back from Europe he said we don't want you to catch Covid and how do you screw that was i saw the story you mean it was a story but you're not gonna come true obviously on the icebergs exist yet I'm just wondering how they found out that ICE cold beer operatives back he told them you know what's the link to Isis do you know where our socially responsible terrorist organization we've called all our operators back and I'm pretty sure it was in there somewhere Frank I don't know if you know this but you cannot shoot a gun straight if you're wearing a mask on that's probably why it hasn't happened last year is that what it is Samantha I need to allow for the Coriolis affect her it's very difficult when I have it when I've got Covid to allow for that oh you just reminded me Frank my wife wants to know what your favorite karaoke song is to sing it's a new one but my wife's put me onto cold but I'm writing this down all of all of me by Johnny legend ok it's a hoot OK it's got all the emotional very common thing that people crying people cover ever see what Harry iconic looks like these days no he lost horrible put the picture up we're all over the map tonight it was fun keeping the freshman only talk about killing so so long this is this you can pull this the Deer Hunter episode app I don't know if I got a recent 109 Creek Rd. suspecting any FDM action no I have to run to find's to take it in his name and then today Harry Connick Junior today ok i'm at his ball he's totally bald what I don't think it's anything wrong with being bored myself no what are you saying Frank so I grew a beard very good he just looks horrible bald OK keep talking while I'm looking how are you listening in and found a picture of it I'll send it to you he's gonna send me some links what does it's not good to use the milligrams at the best I'll send it I can send a link and in the private chat here we go it's so very bald OK that doesn't even look that doesn't even look like like him and or at all I know that looks it looks like he's wearing a rubber whatever on the head to so yeah like why don't we do that used to be a great really good looking guy people to get all but he's not that old why don't you see I'm looking it up IMDb is 54 is a year younger than may i see him tonight OK I was born on September 11 by the way actually he was born on the year yet of the year I was born 67 September is this one friend oh no that's that all of me is an old song is there a new all of me i knew all of me by John Johnny legend OK it's got lots of cheering you know emotional and stuff it's all about right go to Diego Toyota got for us today anything to take us off yeah you know you know him is that Frank's turn off the phone frank if I ever make it to Australia again and I've been there like 20 times man we call for a beer and sing absolutely that would be great if I get to Canada again which I've been three or four times lots of relatives there but I just don't think international travel thing for me at the moment while I might come there my daughter is dying to go there so we'll we'll see if I say let me back on a plane one of these days and the atlas emphasis on the dying of course yeah absolutely is there so is there anything that I have you know what I was actually taken aback today and I was suspecting that one of you three gentlemen I had something to do with this I wasn't sure I was gonna ask you on the show tonight to have any of you three ever heard of a gentleman a podcaster reviewer by the name of Aaron Aaron Fifield from Australia no no OK because he is a guy who interviews the top traders in the whole world like multi multi millionaires and billionaires and he actually friend requested me today on Facebook I like hot yeah so I thought you know I thought maybe one of you gentlemen had something to do with it because I've I've never communicated with him before unless he listens to the fake all of us that's all I can tell that is Boya call yeah you've been on mic in the night maybe listens to Mike in the night it's possible yeah it's possible in and speaking about podcast I made a deal with a guy here who does facebook promotion so I'm gonna be promoting my Facebook group I guess to like got something in the neighborhood of 80 to 100,000,000 people online and directly specific targeted at that the healthcare sector and he does it for cheap he's just gonna post my link to my Facebook group and all please a big Facebook groups that have millions of people in them and also that's why I wanna do I want to do a what do you call but i'm like a simulcast podcast maybe next month if you guys are interested that way yeah I thought we're doing it tonight I was all excited not what I want you said that no I said I said for next month I was yeah because I wanted to do I want it I want the commotion out there so I can get you guys as much as I appreciate him as much eyeballs and you know on the podcast thanks so if this guy Aaron fifield de podcaster he he is probably like I said he's the biggest interviewer in the whole world of the best top traders in the whole world he's got a following I think of a quart something like a quarter million MM fighter ever made no no no he just he just said does podcasts and all his Anisha's he interviews the top all day traders in the whole world and and so if I can marriage podcast at New Orleans Verdi OK yeah well it only pretty much in the trading Dino trading if you're a trader than you'll know who he is right but i got it yeah yeah and so if I get maybe if I get on his podcast and I'm gonna tell him that you know to put my link to my Facebook group on so i'm gonna try to get in the next few weeks I'm gonna try to get as much exposure before we do the simulcast that way you know that way it's not you know you know small I want it to be like you know large so that way you guys have as many eyes on you guys is as pie bruschetta then what what are the what are interview targeting i'm gonna be well for iron Fifield obviously the traders but for my other friend he's doing he does YouTube and Facebook promotion mom so he's going to be specifically pointing my you know my Facebook group since it's a vaccine injury Facebook group but it's gonna be strictly like to healthcare vaccine injury and deaths that type of thing mom so I'm assuming that you know what that million that many millions of people that he's going to be putting it out there do you want there's gonna tons of people who are going to be "" you know fake Ology interested as well I would assume you know that you know and a lot of these people are turning into fake colleges because they already don't trust the government with these vaccines and the deaths that they've seen their friends and their families are people otherwise who you know are quiet by nature and would've never of thought this way you know three years ago and now all of a sudden they don't trust nothing the government says or does i think I think the tide is turning a little bit in that respect in terms of an audience for podcasters like I like Tim and Marcus so yeah I'm seeing a massive massive turnaround in the business owners space on Twitter because I keep a list of different audiences and I was blown away I haven't I haven't looked at it in a couple months and now everyone is a conspiracy theorist they're greedy oh my goodness yes it's great but I'm hearing more in the 50s just dying and everyone just saying oh boy I guess I'm we're just at the age and everyone around us dies the early 60s 50s and 60s of a pod Guerra radio personality in Toronto just drop dead he was overweight apparently but he just drop dead and he seemed perfectly fine I want is for the string a famous actor plays in Australia even I'm starting to get suspicious it in and maybe not all of these are real right and you know I think part of the effectiveness of of of the injection might be in a peoples fear of it too I think I've heard it said that your mindset affects your health and it's a thing that I agree sure i think paper people that fear the injection may also be mole mole badly affected and they need necessarily the placebo effect is quite powerful right yeah yeah that place even see Bella LCBO yeah right no seatbelt right well that'll be good thing of you getting any any synergies any crossover that's always welcome yeah and then you know I'm particularly excited because he's doing it with such a broad audience of 100 roughly 100,000,000 people in his Facebook groups so yeah so yeah one groups got 2 million other ones got three know what I mean and then when you add them all up roughly an audience that that's going to see my the link to my Facebook group of about roughly 100,000,000 people so it's gonna be pretty cool if I can if I can get some of them stragglers onto my site and then and then we can we can run the lifestream next month and who I'm gonna call I'm gonna accept I haven't accepted the friend request yet from here in byfield but I'm gonna accept it here tonight and then I'm gonna message him and see if he wants to set up an interview and then that way I'll make it part of the interview where if he wants to interview me then he's gotta put that Facebook link down in the details of the YouTube video nice good luck with the strategy open alpha alpha yeah I think it'll be OK I think it'll be fine so right now my groups you know it's pretty small it's only like 6300 people I wanna know I kind of want to get it to 100 grand and then and then we could do this podcast to be live and then like I said you guys going to you know all eyeballs on you guys as well too so it'll be pretty cool nice appreciate definitely appreciate that thank you so much Tim I wanna respect your time as always it's coming up on 926 can we put a can we go back to the stop having kids movement real quick yes please it's my favorite topic are you all right with that time go go go so I think I think you bringing up Valesca and Sarah have a kids not having kids etc. look but it sparked a mean John Le Bon now at four other people on his record a call that I listen to a little bit of and now he's talking about how many people actually have that real conversation i've never once heard a podcast have a conversation like that I think that's awesome I do too it's great it was it it was timely fantastic and stop having kids movement thing i think what people who are anti-what Tim has said and what I've said I don't understand is that agenda yeah that's working and if we're so smart if we're still awake why are we falling for the agenda that's one and then then you know that really triggered actually Sarah she's like oh that's the only reason you haven't kept it just because they don't want to have kids and we know it's there's a many reasons out i choose to have children I don't like their kids but that's me way things are going right now we're gonna be extinct in my strength in my case it was a driving me from a very as long as I can remember I always wanted to have children I don't know if you heard me when I called no i did not want to have children when I had children so it's it was interesting when I know one of the things I said to mow my like before we got married is it on if we're not gonna have children I'm not gonna get married she say why I said let's get married so we can get it going and have children but that's all it's all about that's what it's all about that was the only in a even better than I was never going to get married for with that if children are going to be part of the saying I couldn't work out what it was all about sometimes obviously the zeitgeist has been altered awfully so it's a mental sterilization program isn't it yeah absolutely yes yeah and it's like these last two years of them I would say very effective at that I thought I would look forward to seeing the statistics for sure I don't know if Frank is Adam up the birth rate is up at the moment because they connect with stillbirth ride tonight stuff it we're not getting them you can yeah yeah maybe there's a big wagon of the statistics it has to be going way down because everyone has just been encouraged to stay away from each other and each other and such a level of a danger when you're near people no matter what just it's just it's got there are still so many people badly affected by the Smith it's it's i don't really wanna say though anecdotally my mind obviously I've just become a grandfather and several of my daughters friends are having children oh that's great yeah so there's been in in my circle there's been a jump in the bath right now that's fantastic I think tim back to the marriage thing and having babies can we talk about that yeah go no you go you so you disagree with that you think you should get married to have children even though the document is bad for both parties well get married you don't think of the break up and I know that that might sound naïve but I think when you have those negative thoughts in the exit plan already built into the marriage then it's it's it's not a good way to go go into such a situation so yeah I i think I am still I'm still a believer in marriage for better for worse is is your wife in the room listening right now no great let's talk about it then that raises all the snowy we are very simpatico on this there's no issue there but are you guys comfortable now that you're married compared to when you're dating in Bowie how long were you dating for about a year and a year Apple and figure out what's why are you dating your daughter dating as we want to commit you but how do you how do you possibly know someone in here that's mind-boggling to me you get to know them all you're getting married it hard for five years you you but that's what the car manufacturers rely on they no you're only gonna test drive for five minutes and then you finally made a mistake now that's yeah gonna take me into the into the matchmaker matchmaker area nice reality they're all the years that we have lost all of those traditional skills about how marriages were made in the community in your tribe etc. all the important stuff people have walked away from yeah yeah no that was talked about in that film fiddler on the roof people at the matchmaking well we'll be walking is really one of the most important things a reason that marriages are failing here is because we walked away from that and it's not as if we had a perfect yep and you had a perfect system and they are tearing down their own system now and the chaos is evident everywhere now wasn't a perfect system but it was a system that had some basis then in the logic and reason that's right and they would match people for their personality and they drive it and all that sort of thing and that they were known to the community they're not enter is the families were not on the history was known there's a lot of support there supporting them this is so a marriage is held together by a healthy community in my opinion oh yeah and what's what's it at the root of the the heart of the matter is that in and no one knows what the purpose of Australia or Canada why does Australia exist no one's got a clue what song about no I'm so sorry no yoga I was just saying no one's got a clue as to what it is we're trying to achieve here anymore i wanted to talk about polygamy go head go and then I said I wanted to transition into polygamy what do you think about that Villa Capri a few can afford it diego can I think it's great it's not good for women if you're probably not good why not it's a listen when I see them getting married at the park here outside and I'm driving by my convertible idea lol don't do it do it you idiot right so it listen polygamy enough signal to each their own of course right but if it works for both parties and they both in agreement or adults consenting adults why not you know if the guy can afford it like Frank says in the women want to be taken care of in that respect absolutely and if it were to look at your screen this is the resonated with my wife and myself and we try and tell our children that Hollywood that's not real romances is that an ideal it's not necessarily real but this is movie love and true love which is your point back to Hollywood you're right yes I did you see that graphic movie love and it's you it's always been you and true love is it looks less swollen today I don't think it's particularly funny because that is true it is and yeah I'm a big part of the issue is is this the Termanology we talk about English been spelling right love it it was this full Greek words for love and really talking about the paperwork i talking about Limerence when they talk about love here Limerence is that attraction that physical chemical attraction that last for one year what's the talk about it Limerence LIMERENCE on I gotta go to LIMERENC they might be two hymns in German there's 10 different ways to say love in English we only have one that's a big problem and and and it isn't what we talk about anyway either love clearly is deciding to accept someone as they aren't committing to making the thing work love is a decision that you make to commit to a relationship that's love that's what marriage is a commitment or you should be committed one of the other brother did they go hand-in-hand and really the successful marriages are other people that commit to it through thick and then right into Jimmy committed as in like a psychological thing I guess it was a little joke yeah yeah I got i got I agree with Frank and there may be a lot more worse than better or better for worse and people just forsake the worst and if they don't have better than they just bail on Angel don't do it and I've got no thank you sympathy for people to realize that really into it it's just not gonna work to bail out but if people are prepared to battle through each day as an agreement the thing you took it back before Marcus about them getting comfortable with each other I don't think that's possible like in my relationship with my wife we certainly have a regular disagreement and we have to negotiate all the time so it's never just aren't those the disagreements because of your comfort they are for me they are for me I don't know yeah you don't know her used to send my wife in a postcard I don't i just I just don't feel particularly comfortable you know in the world at the moment with my family I feel quite comfortable but my views do cause difficulties for my wife sure so much in a reviews reviews on Colvin everything on everything it might be you know the idea that she's not when I say even when I say to my wife you know your email as we both assume the world is flat you know that just hit tins or enjoyed headspin and you know how do you negotiate that how do you get this idea that the thing is gonna get stale has not occurred in our case we are constantly exchanging ideas and setting up a new one it's the one in new balance I yes power balance each day Limerence by the way is infatuation yes pray i have a question for you Franco bought that yeah when you go out karaoke Hoppin yep says that what are you do you are you hoppin carrier didn't have you in the last 235 years had any Limerence of what you've seen in the bars that you got like you used to in the past because I am done I'm going to invoke the fifth whatever amendment is the fifth and Bayard required i'm not seeing any infatuation anywhere I go it's people taking the wrong song or I'm hanging the wrong place what are you saying like if you don't see it they ate the appearance of lust I have had no lust for like in the past because I used to I am seeing no lustful infatuation signals in my brain for anyone at for any woman I've seen in the last five years I have a question does anyone lusting after you I told you tell him it's like I'm gay I mean every gay guy loves me but no women no but that's up that's my point like I used to look at women and I would feel that Limerence that Frank's talking about i haven't had that feeling in years OK well I'm not gonna admit that I have I understand i feel it all the time dude fantastic absolutely if I wouldn't have any to hang out you're not that far from my house not far yet but that's true we're not that far out man it's awesome I'm telling you man it's been a wingman Thiago Marcus is there chicken wing man I can go solo thank you I just need to know where that I need to know where the prospects are I thought you just thinking about his discard I just imagine Magine the Amish were the hottest things ever that is actually there if you can get past their terrible teeth some difficulty here here here in the in the area where I live in Sidney NK Britain Island you wouldn't believe it but that it's the Cape Britain island is known for some of the most beautiful women in Canada do they where do they were make up some do some don't there's a place here Atown maybe 10 minutes for me called new Waterford Nova Scotia and it's you it would blow your minor it's a population about 5000 people and it's like it's like 2000 of them are like nine out of 10 beautiful women like it is it's incredible well then I need pictures or I call bullshit so send them to me it's better you come here in person so you can see with your own eyes OK is it is nova scotia we're going to become the next to Thailand Tiago I wish yeah I wish it's good it's it's like it's it's nice it's beautiful out here I mean you know I mean it's a little cold in the winter but it's it's the Limerence you're talking about i'm surprise you're you have never felt that in the last 510 years or what do you know the fasteners Thiago no it's when your ass is in the front of yeah and that's what most women have around here are you in about a minute you mean like a muffin top not like a muffin blowup doll is like a screen will have to say that is one thing I have noticed is that women now I'm much larger than yes I was 20 absolutely yes and I I just assume that's all weight driven yeah savable wheat belly yeah repo yes I know there is so much weight to consume now it's just madness Tim just put up the donation that means it's hook time it's open time does anyone have any closet corvettes because the night was a little more reentering the normal OK I enjoyed it immensely I thought was one of the meds like the message the message of the night is Dom Podesta Lizer remember that word yeah that is a word that's real or I thought you were making it up but I did put a link that word in the show notes for tonight but digitalization that's the name of the game remember and remember boys if any single guys are out there listening you don't want her to love you you want her to respect you yes that's right that's my saying I don't I don't care about being late I just wanna be respected that's anyways thank you for having the boys it was a great night I hope everyone's doing great have a great weekend and we'll catch up with you guys next week all right thank you very much Diego thanks for joining in for Sydney Nova Scotia trader extraordinaire and will get some market reports maybe during the week or next week absolutely thanks a lot have any closing comments from an ounce of salt in no I did I did I did enjoy the conversation though so I really appreciate them being oh your true self indulgent free for the others on man what can you do will you be joining in on the Rick and Rollo show the saturday if the creator wheels and I'll be there OK that's a different kind of show we do that on the fake all just audio chat and there is the call in number now you can call in the main line and it should pass through to the audio chat a new technology we've implemented so anyone can try that phone phone in if you want you don't like discord and you have a phone if you're not even a phone you can do that all right oh thank you Frank and Marcus any closing comments from you tonight that's great my favorite one I've done so far I appreciate it appreciate invite your absolutely I love laughing it up especially nowadays it's that's great and Sunday Velocette and sarah may come in to the regular show and discuss that just Disney World or just part two of their relationship and trials and tribulations of of that of his journey to Florida from Australia to meet his Internet wife which is a pretty interesting way to meet a smaller way and the help that he may discuss that and it will probably not gonna get into controversial aspect i love children and I'm bringing up children and having children but will be talking about the things he actually wanted to talk about the last broadcast but it got derailed but that's that's a fun conversation though my oldest son has his trainer just got back from Disney World and it was absolutely dead and it's dead because everyone is going to what's the other attraction errors yep because of the weakness of Disney some severe backlash or severe like severe which is good I think it has more to do with the maybe we'll talk about it that was Dallas that because he was just there in the last month or two they have some very bizarre grams for getting on the rides the rates have dramatically increased so they might be might be pushing their luck with the all their price increases and restrictions to getting on rides but mainly it's about money I would say it's universal that much cheaper I don't not know I do not know but Disney is always had a pretty good monopoly on things and at least on the people that are committed to Disney and I think they may have stress people out on price in in a pretty dramatic way but i don't know how much there I was there for three days with my family of four $4500 for three days I thought you said you were never you never went I did oh you did God I got worked on I didn't go to any I didn't even get a pass at that that 4500 didn't include a pass for me but you just go cause I was always under the impression he would never go in and I only went because I wanted my family to see my parents haven't spoken to in a decade now and my parents blew them off and they live an hour away I'll quit was that recently it's like 45 years all 34 years ago at $4500 for three days nice oh it's yeah it's it's crazy but well that maybe we'll talk about that with Allison on Sunday so we've got us some shows and some guest lined up from the fake all just for the pic I'll just go and thank you everyone for joining and Marcus that you can plug your site if you'd like sure if you would like to get all of my shows that I've ever done publicly you can go to escape the new escape the and thanks for having me on again all right we'll do it again next week all right take care thanks everybody thanks for joining thanks bye guys