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Is this proof the government crashed crypto today?

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Raw transcription

OK good evening everyone it's Thursday, May 12, 2022 it's 8:53 PM Eastern daylight saving time this is the fake all just so we can you sunday through Thursday in between 8 and 9 PM Monday Sunday through Thursday and so they were late sorry about that I had to cover for someone his truck was in the shop and the kids got out late is by the way it's really hard to get your anything fixed now it's guy had to wait a week to get his truck fixed because the mechanic so backed up with all 1 million reasons I don't wanna waste everyone's time but I guess he's not loyal don't even want to speculate but I i just know it's hard to get stuff fixed now everything is being dissemble disassembled on purpose around the world so they can rebuild their brave New World side effects everything everything used to run actually I thought really very smoothly and I think the old system is probably working really well but hey the globalist want to take the place apart blow it up and rebuild so we're just gonna have to suffer probably for the next 10 years great timing on the retirement Idea anyway this is the Marcus Allen super shell where we have Marcus Allen ask us a question and we all try and answer normally we have Thiago on the call but he he went to the bar to watch the hockey game and we did get Frank who is now Frank from G Long Australia who is mobile and his audio is not quite up to his normal perfect quality but that we're all here all three of us so we are going to make a good go of it tonight so hopefully you can enjoy hello Marcus it's MA Frank I am Marcus and Jim hello niihau Niihau Niihau de yeah as close as you can get to that Mike Frank I got you on my maximum level here and of course that we don't have the leveler working tonight so OK well I'll project into the into the microphone yeah pretender singing karaoke maybe you should sing your part tonight that's a great idea a great idea the only problem is we can't Bestos only problem is don't you need the words in front of you to sing or there's not a karaoke works it yet basically yes all right OK so I'll hand it over to Marcus and Marcus how are you how are you all recovered after the latest show we did with damn Joel and Bella said and Sarah and Sarah and me and your wife and what was there anyone else there I forget the cat was there from outside cat was listening from outside we have a stray cat that decided to to be friends with us for the last two weeks but yes it shouldn't it as I was telling you before we hit the record button yeah she came in and had no no idea that Sarah Henshaw my wife had no idea that they were they she just thought I was talking to you so she went off on this lovely rant about how awesome children are in she didn't know that Sarah was just talking about how she didn't want to bring children into what we're going through right now yeah so it was it it was really bad timing she had no idea and then it just went downhill from there which is unfortunate i thought she was great she makes perfect sense she's a compassionate person she sounds like a great teacher and she has a perspective that that's antisocial people don't have because she's she's a socialized human being in the real world I might cuss people so yeah I always like to hear what the normal people have the same cause I'm pretty sure everyone here is pretty abnormal but do you think Frank bullshit be honest I i thought it was one of the most important discussions that have taken place for a long long time you know you've got someone at Sharis H who is Sam obviously you know living in a world with his get out for people her age it's very difficult to make decisions and then you had Marcus is due and mattresses by sushi Yama getting 20 years difference in h different perspective and I thought it captured the demographics of that modern dilemma beautifully I thought it was one of the most important pieces of audio we will hear for a long long time but you know I i think I like your perspective because you are a little you're sort of a half generation above Marcus and I and I agree I thought it was compelling Sarah is a very good speaker very passionate and obviously Trish is pretty passionate to from her point of view on it and I think I found a fast day myself and it's it's very important you know anybody audio Veritas you know those people were speaking unscripted from the south end of Dino's sympathy Overton Kishi just priceless oh good well Frank you're you're a super fan of Marquez and psychologist an audio in general so I value your opinion you have more years of experience then both of us so I think that's great and we did get it I think it mostly positive feedback glad Frank my hope is that that the parties involved I will have it already I just I have abs wonderful piece in my face stockton station all right and by the way I did you you will have one extra visitor to your site today I actually witness him type in your URL into a smart phone because I did explain salt and he didn't believe that anyone would name a website what's the word penis in it so he did your appointment go check your statistics you'll have one extra hit today I can tell you this speaking speaking of that Frank I can tell you for sure cause I am a stat junkie on my website that when people come to my website in a lit in the inner "list how to take care of your penis is your website that YouTube that's me I'm sorry I do you have an extra session going here yeah I have them I finally figured out how to share my screen but getting back to Frank's website so I'm able to see where people click out of my website and you get a lot of traffic from that so clearly how to take care of your penis is a very interesting link that people click on and i don't think you have one picture of a phallus anywhere on your site which maybe is maybe you could yeah brother it's more for the shock value them for the for the pornographic video my sweetheart I keep talking about the fact that penis still remain stupid but the most powerful trigger word in the English language I wonder why the magician set that up but it's very powerful and we don't use the word we use every other word to describe it but we definitely don't use dawn yeah that's true well it's not censored on the URLs are anywhere that you can use it but people choose not to do use everything else call Hope hopefully it won't start a training yeah well you've got one of them all you got one of those valuable URL so if you wanna ever sell your domain you could get ready you'll get $10 for it yeah well there's not a lot of competition for your house with the word penis in them I don't think about that maybe that'll change people change it that is definitely a third rail URL I don't think he would get 10 bucks for it and that's true speaking of trend and penis time if you can share my screen if you're able to do that I'm ready it looks like it was our script my screen was on your screen not does it now while you're sharing the control panel screen do you have another screen yeah get your steering yeah so you have to share the old phone how about that ok let's just stay here or we got OK well that's what you're doing I want to point out also the one of the reasons I've found that discussion so compelling as I've just become a grandfather calculations so I'm going through a lot of all that stuff no I would drive listen to my sons and my daughter and how they're dealing with all these things search bury it was a very very powerful discussion tonight OK so if you could just convince me I will put I'll put it in the show notes I will put a link to that call from tuesday by the way if you're listening to the recording of this you can go to fake and what is the serial number for tonight showtime today's FAK533 which is a great number that would make yesterday lol the last show that's weird that she was 531 this is Valon said Sarah is the title OK and also having the same notes on my website right at and if you click on the Marcus Allen show do you want to look for the headline that goes something like is this proof the government crashed crypto today hopefully we get to talk about that however with that said if you are yeah so it has that for a teaser it's true actually be getting back to the trend in the penis you see my the school attempt to hide students gender transition from parents article yeah I'm looking at it OK so my wife I think it was the same it was right before the Sharrott called she said you will not believe what's going on and all the school districts and I already knew about this but there's a school district that my wife teaches Ensco Unionville actually she's in Chester county and she teaches next to Unionville and apparently the punchline is that the teachers and guidance counselors have been training middle schoolers to make a sex change and not tell their parents and a parent found out about this that they were doing it to the one of their sons I believe and he they flipped out and it made worldwide news and here it is right here do I thought I saw another story similar to this and in my neck ribbons in Hempfield why didn't know I didn't see Pennsylvania that was like I thought like usual Florida heat of Florida man Florida girl Florida woman that's always Florida something listen ok but go ahead yes I do I have any school attempts to hide students gender transition from parents pushes LGBTQ plus content for middle scores emails obtain by Fox News digital reveal middle school staff encouraging the creation of an LGBTQ related club at their school so basically that I just told the story and they got they got caught and now they're backpedaling and this there's a big deal here in Pennsylvania this is the second school Hempfield is on the literally the other side of Lancaster in this school right here Unionville is i was on the other side in Chester County so can we verify the veracity of that that was that was that that's a question is it real or fake yes don't no good question I appreciate that I appreciate the critical thinking however this is real what I'm gonna show you is real from this I was able to reverse engineer this so let's see are you able to see my other screen that I'm showing right now right now you got another one on the go OK I see something I can just it's not zoomed in on my cancel no problem can you show this this is amazing this is from the American psychological association he got it for supporting trans and gender diverse students it's a PDF and if you read this this is this literally a blueprint for schools on how to introduce this to their students in middle school it's crazy I'm gonna do this and let me send you this link it is crazy because I'm so sick of this whole transgender I have no idea but are you i have no idea my into we do talk about it and we did have a big conversation yesterday with Mr. E and Silas because fortunately it seems like we have to address this constantly because they won't let it go it's crazy and that was a very good very enjoyable conversation last night if I don't like that oh thank you well I tried to stay out of it was amazing I tried to stay out of Manchester I'll good oh good cause they're those guys got going on for four more hours but I couldn't stay awake of duty my my schedule but yeah I like to introduce people well that should be talking to each other cause my goodness if we're gonna put up with this for the next lifetime I i really feel badly for anyone who wants to spend the next 50 or 60 years in this life dealing with this because it's just it's just crazy yes I'm scrolling through this and it's so mean this is a complete plea guide for corrupting our bring our children ever made a punchline of simple I've been waiting eons for this effect I just had a conversation with my neighbors mother now in and she's she's like why are you so happy about what's going on and off because I have all these people I know her pulling out their children from scott fantastic yeah that's true I've never seen such it was I mean so many people I know we're doing this and they're sacrificing and they're there they don't have a choice but to be to income parents in and they're juggling that and in the whole thing with you not keeping their children home from school it's it's it's great I think it's great it is great I I I do see the positive in Brothers is a lot of people that don't have a lot of money as you said no it's not really an option unless they going to hit universal basic income which is coming too I'm sure and then that'll have what kind of strings attached Frank is it what did you do your young people in your life versus having an Australian anyway are you seeing the transgender yes so transgender Quinton and the frequenter of karaoke bars i'm getting more and more men dressed as women oh no are they young or old and it's time if it's a 20 years old OK so they're not knowing your age is doing it but you can tell in my eye remember what happened I was a young man L I was 2425 it was a jail sentence to have sex with another matt right same in Canada I think canon Australia or synchronize I don't know about the US though Marcus with no idea and so i don't know of the change has caught me completely by surprise and the fact that it's not only now legal but it's it's almost illegal to be heterosexual I was working in Ridgeview sector the john masculine behavior is a sensible way to proceed in life like that especially to you i think Rachel Rafael Rivera highway there he was so upset about the transgender agenda and a transgender yeah so I got some good news about that speaking of karaoke my son went dancing last night which one my older son who just turned turn 21 so now you can ranking all right you have to wait an extra couple years down in the yeah Quaker country yeah that's all you had throughout the United States here and he was saying that there is a dent in the United States is 21 I i think across the board are OK pretty sure that OK anyway can you watch you went to a club didn't get i'm till three and he said there was a very obvious transgender person and every single person in the nightclub ignored him or i'm glad that was great because that's what this is all about this is this is this is a transgender no not about it the other thing my wife told me what's up I just wondering nobody want to get close to maybe grab the guys junker yeah bit of a is that violence or should I have a mission I am supporting something I am all for violence I know you are but I'm all for the willingness to to engage in violence when you're being attacked yes sir and then my wife then my wife told me which we talked about I think a couple weeks ago she said that all the teachers are just beside themselves number teachers are lefty liberals typically yeah they're just beside themselves because I'm sorry but this parent I think it was was beside herself when you come back Frank I'm back OK standby my parents are beside themselves because people are willingly identifying themselves as they them and it's rampant yeah yeah well it's amazing I think I think people love it so so many people that just wanna mess with this is there so many people but like the new system I think somehow someway why I guess they feel they feel wanted only just noon is different and it seems to be like it seems to be like a trend or it's in vogue and send it has no future but maybe for now something that pisses the establishment off everyone wants to disrupt the status quo these days everyone likes to be different from their parents kind of yeah i could be anything but that they just happens to be what they Kabbalists like and want so high it has a very i'm sure nobody has any of the history that we have researched they have no idea what they're doing they're just doing it because it's different that's new and put in your pronouns and everything that we get to pick our our sex or our gender so that that to me it's a novelty thing will it wear off will they back off I don't know I'm not speechless many times but this gets me speechless I'm not and then if you said not that I care but if you say anything against that you're just tired and feathered it's crazy now thank you can stop ok you know the facts effective it's practically illegal to promote a masculine play of Libby is extraordinary chubby yes get out I just don't see how following the model put forward by the LGBTQ Benji is helpful to anyone I don't think anyone is going to benefit from it i don't I never like to accuse a community for doing this for instance and I think the no agenda show pointed this so when did the lesbians get the first letter in the alphabet soup at the they've come up with her used to big Gay is BGL something but it's it's kind of funny I don't think it's a community so I just like I don't think the blacks are a community i don't think this anyone that's not heterosexual as a community and I'm sure the people that started the the gay these so-called communities I'm sure they don't really wanna add everyone because just sort of dilutes their whole message because I am pretty sure that just cause you're gay doesn't mean you automatically accept the idea of transgender either so I'm sure it's very no more community than a heterosexual homosexual community needs is people that's all great to see the unicorn on the shopping list last night I see the unicorn in franco turnoff frank you're breaking up we're looking at Barney the purple unicorn with his with his double helix between his legs make your missing out on some very totally missing out yeah I think that unless we're gonna stay on transgender all they I wouldn't mind hitting a new topic if you don't mind I got that right I got a new topic with us talk about crypto I don't know if you're good with crypto going down because like I said I'm getting transgendered out I know it's not Covid and we all I got an email yesterday saying why don't you talk about Covid and I thought oh OK well i kinda talk about that for a few months I'm not against it and I still think people are dying from the lethal injection that or getting cancer etc. etc. Etc. but do you wanna talk about crypto so gone just because I had I think the punchline you'll find fastening so I'm guessing you didn't hear what happened to crypto today now now oh wait let me load up my crypto I know it's going down now it's going down yeah but did you hear what happened to are you familiar with a stable coin in crypto Termanology and parlance a little bit a little bit yeah I got even defined it for a stable coin basically stays even though it's always a dollar is a dollar dollar in crypto whatever the coin is Luna several other crosstable coins is is the same as a dollar USD it's right now I'm sorry it's Peg that's it's not no it's not packed it's not pick anything actually that's nothing OK no and I'll pick anything it's it's an algorithm and one of the biggest ones is Luna and UST Tara and her so let me pull this up I'm talking to little little slideshow here this is from Forbes says terror Blockchain halted to "prevent attacks after Luna token crashes nearly 100% basically today so I went from $100 a share count to a penny OK and that was interesting is no one in the news talking about this which is strange cause the news is always all over bad crypto news they wanna play this divide and conquer game making it sound like crypto is for criminals and it's bad and anytime there's bad news it is on Fox News it's on CNN and I put my hazmat suit on and I went to Fox News and CNN and there's no real mention of it went to CNBC early admission forms done forms but it's not breaking news on CNN etc. now if we girl by the way I'm looking at my guy about an app that has all my quotes on it and Iriquois which I have a bit 11 $.79 bitcoin is 29,000 so it's about 50% off its all-time high I think I went up to 66 yep I'm off again yeah it's been within a year then Jeff's Jeff's new pack equilibria is down at 2 nine cents and Manero which I have some of his 142 everything is pretty pretty substantially down for sure do you have a big cash No because I only because I haven't had time to get it to figure out where the wallets are and all that and I don't have any OK let me show you why it's a good thing you yeah i'll show you real quick you're laughing at 66 down 20% I think in the last 24 hours so it was six dollars yeah well pirate chain was $12 an ounce everything is down pretty good everything that's not bitcoin been smashed pretty good but Manero is them not horrible like the rest of the stuff anyway so here's the punchline I've never heard of Luna by the yep yep so here's the punchline it's a big one the crash of Luna and US tea is made by Black rock capital in Citadel? Did I tell you that's how the news does it they always put a? They make a statement and then they cover themselves with a? Yeah and that's why you saying you market I've said that yeah you said are you sure? Don't put a statement out! But I heard? he said OK I'll see you you never say I'm backing off on that if I've said that before by the way some of you couldn't find it find the audio the only have to go through 20,000 hours of my find another lucky if you literally put an! in point after any headline and any ad I've tested it all day long Egypt generally get about 50% bump just by putting! OK how much do you get with a? Because I can guarantee I've never tested that OK I don't think you should I don't think you're i had lunch and have a question mark in it well that one did the Luna wonders so that's funny cause I have a? In today's so I'm actually contradicting myself all right so anyway if you if we go to the punch line here I'm here it is Cardono which is another Davos crypto coin in disguise Cardona Cardono developer Chris hops hops hops Hoskinson just post a message letting the cause of the lunar inn stable coin USD price drops is because a black rock update here's my favorite part is the tweets been deleted well it's just this is propaganda that at the end we know whether I'm gonna get to the punchline of the punchline I it's gonna be what is it don't look well regulation yeah that's what they're who are going to use the government's crypto the digital currency anyway because that's the one that's gonna get them the most stuff Yep think they're always have the most acceptance rate of course but the question is who's gonna run the crypto it's gonna be a world currency is it going to be regional who's government are you going to trust and they're gonna have to do a hell of a marketing job to convince us that they know what they're doing because they're collapsing please all the world currencies why should we trust them if they're going to be shown to have created this hyperinflation by the way I want to recommend again Matthew Erica Canadian who I really enjoy and I post a lot of his stuff on more ab not fake all as well as somethingill he's mainly into Geo politics which I find fascinating anyway and I love history it's not necessarily fake Ology so that's why I have my other stuff and he was explaining some of the ins and outs of what was going on in the world war i in between World War I and World War II during World War II the money story is never really explained for most people and that's them that's the interesting history forget the blowing up stuff I find the money stuff really fascinating and they reset the German Mark at least one or two once or twice and that is how they really brought the German people to their knees and how they promoted Hitler etc. i think I think the people control all the money really I think we a lot of us on this call agree they control almost everything in this world including all the actors and politicians are difficult for us because really it is the that's the main thing that the whole world agrees upon money of some sort because it's what makes everything in our economy fit together and basically he was explaining how they created the hyperinflation on purpose and then they brought in the rental renters mark or a new version of the german mark and basically I don't know what the ratio was off you had 1 million of the old marks that were worthless maybe they gave yeah 10 rental marks just to reset the currency and then does that ever control how you want the country to go what's that basically they bought Germany after World War I for pennies on the dollar so all those German companies they flipped over to the Americans and the british between the two wars well I ate I think that we could just look at the history and say well we're going to i had hyperinflation here and we're seeing it now and they're going to reset the currency with what well maybe the new digital currency why i'm not gonna say if you're gonna flip a currency Maisel go to the next level of technology we're all ready for an art way we're all being prime for it do you know what's going to happen in one way or the other no but what I don't understand Abby sent you already have digital currency and then I riding with you guys should I yes we do your bank account yeah we're hanging out to site to site not teach it all already seems spirits no but it see no yeah OK it's electronic currency but then they knew what they want to do with digital currency is far away and beyond what we have now yes I know we don't have paper or plastic that we're passing around unless we're into the underground they call the black market which is the unregulated or or three of the white mark is obviously the regulator/ government/tax market but I think the new digital CB DC crypto it's a whole new level yes it's it's it's not get a printed on the printing press but it has so many more things that can be done with it to make it so more to be it's more like controlled smart money where they can they can attach 1 million different technologies to the money as it is so much more than just an exchange of goods and services they can really control issue for me at the Kia shoot the man all of this discussion about money is the at the moment there is in in the legal sense in the framework sense in the constitutional Saint connection between people voting and the creation of money like in this country the actual power to create and destroy money laws would be the commonwealth government defeated and it resides in the people and that at that knowledge is not widely understood in our country nor is it in any country really inexact as you know in the USA the Federal reserve created in the 1913 is that was done illegitimately to the actual constitutional power for the creation and destruction in the supply of money laws with the US government and the same in Canada yeah I know Victor real the real revolution can only occur when people say OK we are the people responsible for how we create add a money a lot of money symbol is going to be walked the face of the what the coconut Lakers going to be it's it's how do you decide what the coconut light is at the end anyway yeah and the international bankers want to keep you from knowing you have the power that's the whole point exactly and I think any great if you and aunts and some of the many presidents in the United States that were assassinated according to Matt Eric or sad to have been assassinated maybe they were maybe they won't but they definitely worked or flushed off to the national stage they were lol they were all trying to let the populace know that they could the country could create its own money and loan money to itself without interest and every time he speaks dragon yeah it in Australia in in the first world war they come with bangs Australia funded Australia's entire World War I war effort and Australia was one of the very very few countries that finished World War I without a gigantic cadet to someone now that the governor of the bank of Australia had to come up and give a straight at the time simply write a check for 1,000,000 pounds I love the way it went well if you read this history lesson that Matt Eric does say this in many different ways in many different articles the common theme is anytime any president or any nationalist rose up and try to get this thing going they net it never lasted it always shut down in any kind of dirty trick that you want and what Marcus is bringing up tonight with the attack on the infinite number of cryptocurrencies out there and I would almost say it and it could be an infinite number cause software crypto can all fork off from itself 19,000 yeah absolutely right but they they really want to create the powers of be the international bankers they wanna create enough doubt and uncertainty right fun I guess fear uncertainty and doubt in the population that mostly is ignorant and yeah we're very specialized year but most people have no idea about crypto and they wanna establish enough so when the time when the time comes when they want to reset our currency which is probably coming soon and basically exchange whatever you have US Canadian Australian dollars and put it in whatever new currency they want you to use they want you like I have no take the gloves off and just called a unit of currency the pope francis I don't know why we're even hiding it anymore lol the last thing I saw Colette the Vatican or well I saw a couple things on Twitter about Paul Francis and it looks like he's falling down a lot now so I don't know if he's gonna make it for too much longer you might have to bring the second pope back if he's still alive he's on ice at this time but I know yeah yeah but something is up in the next few years that's for sure the image that I have on the screen right now I think it's one of the most important Frank can't see is one of those important images this year by far what is this again this is again the gray line right here is the current condition for the Dow Jones industrial average go right and the blue line is what happened during the great depression and we're right here it's going up and down up and down up and down that's what exactly what's going been going on with Brianna crypto falls exactly in line almost exactly am I don't wanna be an absolute us with the Seattle market yeah and the Matt era describes how exactly they created the bubble before the collapse in 1929 is completely engineered and the point of it is to shake out all the people that we're not in the know and people left over and then I could buy everything up at the bottom I guess it's the old is financial trick in the book and here it is right here you can see it right here this is this is it right here in this thing that I'm circling with my cursor no and that's what I disagreed with Diego it's like he's like well I don't see any signals that things are gonna go down like dude we're recording this we're close yeah yeah well there's lots of 202 that's a year and a half away that's why I keep talking about getting out of all of these IOUs get out of your retirement why would you risk a year and a half worth a little bit of gains get out but what do you think I know that we don't offer financial advisor but I do have a problem with that we should buy a Volvo SUVs and just park them in our backyard and we're we're getting our retirement in November and the first thing I'm doing is buying two new cars absolutely cause I know that cause I know that money is gonna be worth nothing no something is gonna be worth something and they have to figure out what that's gonna be though there's something else to be able to help with the transition well here's the thing I in this is different well the store of value is always going to be a problem so the situation is occurring in Australia now is that land titles are being changed and people are not aware of it they need to be away too so the what's happening now land titles are now being issued in the all capital name of the person of the literally of the corporations person Brian extract to the living man or woman that means is the fact that title is what they called diminished in the right title if you like it's the lowest level of title you've got as a living than a woman down so the situation going on in Australia for example he's this idea that you need to develop your keto bombs a present yourself in that way through the legal system to get Ella at closer to can do analogy of title doubt that situation I'm talking about anything that you still belly with Marcus you talking about cards for example who is going to run to Carrs what name is going to be associated with those cars yeah but it's it's going to be more and more difficult to hold title and i don't care about that I don't care about the title but yeah when they come to pick it up and say give us our car back he will care why would they pick it up if I pay cash for the car it's my car now but when you when you register when you register the car you're giving it back to the state and their limit that said that that's in their system what if again I'm out of their system I'm not worried about that I'm not worried about that at all do you want me I want I want to talk about this i keep hearing this information is what you're saying is you that's the critical thing if you have working out a way to maintain ownership of the asset obviously that's a very important step of knowledge fix year with other people because not everyone is going to have your skill and so that you know I can get out I'm giving a plug for what you're trying to do here yeah yeah if you can keep it in your name and not register it is the word register I think means you're giving it to the state and they're letting you use your letting it they're letting you use the car but it's they're holding it for you that's the agreement when you register it someone explain the word register it means more than when we were being deceived with the registration that's I i can't member exactly yeah Tim did you ever see a truck drive in Canada that says for farm use only as the license plate farmer placing in on terrible so how does that work I'm gonna look more into that that sounds like a way to escape their style it's just it it just allows the farm vehicle to pay less registration but interestingly enough where I live and on terrible it is this year they eliminated registration fees or vehicles you still have to register and get a plate but there's no fee attached so that was changed this year and I don't because you're gonna pay it you're gonna pay by the mile in the future is my guess well yeah there was no real explanation it was just all were feeling really good about things even though are the deepest and death ever and ever and everyone got their money back for the last year too so everyone got a check including but the real thing and if you have her farm if you have her farm use only that means you don't need to register the vehicle i don't need a license no I hear you though cause it says on the license plate farm so that it's just it's just another type of registration that's all yeah that's right with reduced fees OK you could still drive like to meet with a way to get around registering your car no because it's got their license plate on the car dealership and literally all the all the floor all the farmers around here and hand write on a piece of paper firewall that might be different and that might be the Amish who have their own system or agreement so that actually it wasn't him it was in the army shootaround the Amish but it's not the The Amish don't drive so it's it's definitely not Amish come on there must be one Amish guy with a Ferrari beside there brother is not stupid Siri frankly really drunk cause I wanted to talk about inflation be and I wanted Respect Tim's time cause we're coming down the yard so we're done this hope this inflation thing bugs the shit out of me so Frank I was going to ask Diego this but he's not here so I'm gonna ask just frank you can't interrupt Franco if the United States Australia Canada flooded the economy with 1 million times more dollars or whatever you wanna call it work if I don't they can't your neck of the Kangaroos are in the fine if they put 1 million more times paper dollars digital dollars whatever with anyone notice besides Thiago from my dick where it depends where it goes through at the moment where is essentially gets in existence which are far greater than the sum of money so could happen is the debt can simply be paid off in the money that's in existence now would simply carry on and there's no reason for installation to take place the only reason inflation website play is if there is a velocity money excessive amount of cash swishing through the system where people just start buying because they've got this money but that but if the money is created and it simply pays off for example every single housing debt in Australia nothings gonna happen did you know it's not gonna go into the Konomi there is it just means that all the deaths are being wiped out but mommy i miss Kim miscommunicated my question is if 1 million times more money went into the system and it didn't go to peoples hands it was just in the banks whatever with anyone notice no that's my point inflation is bullshit inflation see if you think of driven by policy yes no inflation is driven by Chicago Mercantile in commodities index bankers on the bankers on the pricing let me give you an example I have paid 285 for a dozen eggs since I moved here 21 years ago I paid 599 for the best ground beef I get the grass fed grass finished I can go on and on and on with the farms that I go to the Amish Farm and education Mattawa farm I gotcha it's all roughly the same price 21 years later including right now with everyone bitching about inflation why is it that the Amish aren't raising their prices because they don't tie their prices to what's happening in Chicago the people who do tired are the corporations the grocery stores the Corporate the corporate grocery stores tie their prices all throughout the chain to what they got with the banks are saying to make their prices inflation is just a Bankster way to control that it's a simple as that perfect example of that Marcus is fuel prices and electricity crisis in Australia right inside the United Kingdom United Kingdom is in Burlington Russian gas or oil in anyway shape but 550 most it is required in the UK but the price that big pay-per-view café is very hide because the UK government takes off that's the price because we equalize the price to the European market that is a deliberate decision just to sodomize the English people that's right no reason to suppose that that's right it's control it's all it is is control so tell me how do you do you have 100% cotton find my id mobile yeah I'm not sure I'm not sure I think I when you flood the market with dollars eventually get out there and they start chasing the same number of goods around and I understand that's the official story of inflation but you're saying there's an alternative story where there's some Mormon so people can flood the market with dollars at they have to get hold of them if the money just go to the bank and the thanks just pay down the state boring so wherever he gets the money he goes to whoever you know whoever that Anakin Children go to the piggy and I we don't get more money and I had to help us do anything with yeah yeah it has to take its way down to the ground and Rachel when they say that it's because it's this it's this printing press and it's just printing money out of sinare people don't know what they're talking about they literally don't know what they're talking about you can flood 1 million times more dollars into the banks and no one would notice except for Thiago people like to go who you notice that kind of stuff you know what the M3 money suppliers etc. no windows and nothing with change in again the Amish don't fall for the system they have their own system they use the dollar just as it as a transactional unit but their prices have been the same for 21 years and they're doing just fine and again Japan has printed way more money then we have in United States and no one's talking about inflation in Japan but I don't know where station they have deflation yeah I'm not and I can't comment on that I've no idea I don't know what you're talking about Japan really that that language for sure is not making its way to North of it I don't I don't I don't know the first thing about Japan in 2022 I couldn't tell you one thing so I can get her up and very positive story about Japan OK save the Japanese people save their money and what they called effectively the post office OK postal bank and that bank has just zillions of a Japanese unit of currency in it and you know the japanese say that we're in deck the sympathy with and get to because only Japanese people have Japanese funny ends in oh in the actual economy that the young men and women can I do wages are not that great so they really can't do much no they pay the rent they playing a Tamagotchi any large Dalton Berean another very limited private planes or anything it's it's up it's a very modest lifestyle in Japan beautiful charming but modest I just bet every level OK well actually we have one of the three college members I can't member who I'm pretty sure there is a couple of Japan but they don't usually call in a report and so we'll have to get a an update from them all right so inflated just people would love to hear Sarah's conversation because those Japanese women and not having children well I think it's I think i think Sarah is a little more common than I would like to think actually I sent that somebody showed a TikTok probably got off Twitter that I put I believe I put it somewhere but I think it's I think it's permeating the younger peoples culture but Marcus have another topic OK they've been sterilized bye-bye am just by Magic and RPX tipping mentally sterilization yeah I agree with that and then maybe they're being presterilized as well the DB user you're in Japan I think Japan that is held around 90% by domestic Japanese individuals yes TV users in Japan while he's listening tonight OK that's good that's valuable thank you I don't know what that means to the world into Japan but does that mean they have more control over they're there cause from what I understand Japan is it's like Germany it's still somewhat occupied by the American empire not control yeah acquisitor yep yeah yeah Germany is occupied Japan's occupied Europe been a few generations but they don't really teach that but that is a fact yes in and in every way mainly fine actually though they can't have a standing army I don't think they I don't know how many American troops are in Japan still but I know it's quite a bit quite a few months now yes the only the only thing I think we should move to the final quick topic because I know we're coming up against the hour yeah is I keep hearing I'm hearing this meme that Klaus Schwab is just controlled opposition not a big deal do you guys agree with that well I put a post that now I can't remember what it was from her it was from that the World economic forum is really just a front for all the major corporations to world they pay membership fees this is this is public knowledge but they were basically the The Google the MasterCard the Bankster's they'll pay membership to enclose Schwab is their economical spokes spokes whole but if it's a lot easier to demonize ball German-speaking Claus than it is to try and corral all the all the major corporations that are become corporate activists and they're acting more like countries because they're not no longer no longer in partial so they're there interlacing social values and stakeholder capitalism all ideas from the salt from they are technocrats into the corporations but they have closed sort of as their representative to add our marketing representative to sell this to the world but it kind of lets them off the hook because it's a centralized bogeyman to focus on but all these subscribing corporations and they're all the biggest corporations that we all know the names of their funding him their funding the operation no money and funding and support it close to just be another crazy technocrat so if you look at my screen right now see the picture and see who Klaus is with great his his mentor is Kissinger right and you know who Henry Kissinger's mentors we're going back a bit but probably coverall guy name is Fritz Kramer and this I recommend this website is called hyper Leap to type in one of these globalist into hyper leave you'll find that you'll seem like I'm the Allen a lot of research you'll you'll just get everything ok so who is with his name Fritz won Fritz Kramer OK and he was who my real I saw that I know that they all have mentors that bring them bring them into their way of thinking of course yeah well if you if in again that we're running out of time right i'll leave it for next time but look into fritz cream OK to give us the Kohl's notes for the cliff notes the cliff notes of calls here but but yeah what are the cliff notes I mean this guy his is run everything in the United States pretty much I mean this guy is a very important guy so I think they pass the baton I mean Kissinger pass the time to class Rob Kramer pass the baton onto Kissinger and you know i'm sure it goes much further up the line beyond Kramer's go to represent the elite they represent the leading them on the side of this idea that it's controlled opposition and that it's really not a big deal don't don't look here is crazy look at everyone is in lockstep who were young global leaders of the World economic forum to say that there are no big deal beyond baffling to me when people say that yeah I know Josh I am Josh your comments like us but I'm if if they are I think what I was referring to or what the person I posted about and I can't really remember i put the post at this exact moment they were saying if things go south or the extra chronic revolution and the globalist can just send it I think now it now I sort of remember yeah so if things go south for the ideas put forth by The World economic forum then him and the United nation and they're agenda 21 in STG sustainable development goals will be the day will be the back up plan which of they've been there the whole time and I will say well OK so we won't go this far but we'll just we'll do it we'll have a little with this plan which is been there for a long time now so I think I think world economic forms technocratic overreaching to just everything economic is that sort of an extreme dream for these wet dream for these guys and they probably know they're not can i get all the things they want but they're gonna get some of them and if they get none of them then the fallback will be the United Nations plan which has already been implemented locally all around the world the sustainable cities it's been going on for the last 2530 years i don't think I don't think it's a fuck I think they're all working together I don't think it's a fallback plan at all no they already are merged they did I think they just signed some kind of agreement today economic form in the United Nations yeah they're accelerating yeah yeah but the United Nations doesn't have a visible or marketable spokes hole for their SDG is they have a Spanish guy ready to speak as as well and he doesn't talk about the bugs and Z plan Lego Schwab but close Schwab is definitely much more more powerful marketing arm ghoul that the most and most of the people that are paying attention around the world know i guarantee most people don't know who the secretary general is in the United Nations a guarantee nobody knows who his name what his name is but they're just as powerful and they've already infiltrated all around the world even in my little city SDG is varsity is sustainable everything is sustainable if it's got the word sustainable than there already they've already there any here or they've been here a long time the chance why were you like your bike lanes and 50 story condos in places you would never vote for them the Chamber of Commerce is a huge plan whether people on my neighborhood pewter app or phone app next-door which is another I don't know who's behind that's probably another globalist where they try and ring ring conversations commutes like a Facebook for communities there's people saying that what what's going on with that gas station it's a it's like it's being being rebuilt and I see a sign saying there's a 50 story condo going there well yeah that was approved by your city Council and yeah it says it well I don't wanna 50 story, it's going to cast a shadow on my house well yeah so is the one beside that beside that you're gonna be that's where you were gonna be going or your children are gonna be going and it's gonna be all rental they won't even on it what's the smart city agenda 21 homes there's a smart city coming to a sub near you Yep right next to target and Whole Foods in the same you don't have to leave yet so if you see what's on the screen right now with the World economic forum in the international Chamber of Commerce yeah i'm telling you the international Chamber of Commerce and the local Chamber of Commerce huge quick story went on the literally on the week of March 13 or 11th whatever when we go with 2020 I'll contacted by email the head of the Chamber of Commerce in West Chester Pennsylvania and I yelled at him by email about this whole mask bullshit and he came up with some bullshit excuse and I'm like this is going to kill this gonna kill all the businesses and he came up with this ridiculous excuse now he's running for governor I'm telling you these guys are all in the club they're in on it they got funding to the Chamber of Commerce is all got the cares act funding they are a big part of us it's everywhere they've already said they're only revealing themselves global scale now they've had they've already done their penetration is the most likes to say they like they've already done the grout yeah they're there they're just they're just revealing themselves it's not the apocalypse they're just coming out and saying that we've been here the whole time now you're notice a word and we're removing everyone now into this new world with them they have a there is no alternative plan anywhere for what's going on it's not like we can just say well we don't really want this thing except the status quo with the status quo is already halfway to where they wanna be anyways so that's the thing they don't we don't have there is no other organization anywhere now those the occasional nationalist that sort of rises up in different countries but they get squashed hard because inevitably they need money to implement their plan and they don't control the money and that's that's the next war that's good that's the next transition if they get control of the currency system into the new system because whatever system we i have now is ready to blow with the riveters and now the flooding the deliberate flooding or or inflation created by tons of money being issued by all governments they don't have including loaning it to the Ukraine which most people think is crazy and that's what that's where the that's where you gotta look at the what happened and why more Germany what the globalist did with the money supply in Germany so I hear that all the time to his bullshit one hour was won 1 millionth the size of the US dollar it's not gonna happen to the US dollar everyone brings that up I'll look what happened in Germany now this is the dollar well I think I happen to the dollar well this is what they haven't done a global takeover before either they were just taking over Germany which was the economic heartland of Europe they didn't take it up with you I'm saying is if you haven't seen a world takeover on the scale we're in the middle of a worldwide takeover they had everything OK they were just neutralizing and resetting Germany really cause it was the economic powerhouse so just happened in like 31 1931 when that happened the reset was between the wars between nine and I think we're teams before there was a lot of money manipulation resetting of the mark between the two world wars that was a 20 year period where they were resetting and reevaluating the mark and that that if I'm not saying I'm just saying it could be instructional to look at that history if you want to know what's gonna possibly happen here or on a worldwide basis that's why I threw up that chart I think I think when it started was two years before 1933 that's when the United States forced they didn't they i didn't confiscate that's another lie they didn't confiscate the gold date they got people to agree by force it I love the word play they got people to turn in their gold for $.25 on the dollar and then days later they upped the price of gold again well it was the weather gonna do yet with a way to steal the gold deal the assets yeah that's right the model works just like the pandemic Model works people buy into it they will know it's hard to believe we're in the vast majority vote or no smarter about viruses and vaccines over 100 years later I got to sneak off the Internet can you not type in a few words figure it out it's not that hard you don't even have to go to the library anymore it's right there and if there's not enough to send what you're reading if you can't put enough doubted your mind then OK then then you're you're good well then we talked about this last time the censorship is ramp it so you can't do the research you're always funneled to the wrong information so it's hard to blame people for that if they were doing this before 2016 yeah they had a fighting chance but now it's really hard it is difficult but it's still yeah and then they flood zone with air with their way of looking at things I agree Frankie still there I'm still here are you I am no the power of watch Jonathan with that the Covid is just astonishing remains astonishing to leah by 2020 and 2021 we're two years where is Tria headed to lavish get right really and now it's rising am but explaining to people that OK if it's English so threatening but why didn't show put a mark in the overall Portalis and people just look blankly at me they refuse to believe me when I when i told him 2020 and 2021 word of the soul PSG astray has ever experienced it's madness yeah well they're overwhelmed it will we have too much information flowing for most people to be able to add him it's hard for even people like us to really wade through this massive information we have a coming at the fastest rate ever research is coming in faster than ever and we're we're all probably really overloaded that's why I am that's really all you have to do is tell her you said if you want to stop being overwhelmed where are you wake up in the morning yes turn on The Morning show and they just bombard themselves well maybe older people do the younger people TickTock it up in the morning but I I get all the information I i want and can regulate it pretty well but it's just hard to sort through it all in on we all come here or different places to Collaborate and try and share the best of what we think is out there but it's not easy the big job now and I appreciate your efforts and obviously Marcus efforts as well so thank you Jacob yeah thanks thank you thanks for tuning in and offering your support I appreciate that we have any final comments though for tonight's broadcast a little late and I think we got a lot of information out they're discharge right here that's on the screen oh I'm sure I got it right I've got some political vasodilation coming on is Australia any Australians listing make sure you put a liberal party the labor party at the greens at the bottom of your voting references but those guys lost all right you have to rank everything so is there anyone to recommending a particular party or what are you what are you recommending us I'm recommend recommending the great Australia Party Mr. elect people that are raising the issue of making use of the constitution because a lot of the stuff that's happening in Australia doesn't pass the constitution at all and it was a senator that was in parliament and then to get him but he said he was safe to be reelected and he's been raising a whole bunch of issues in the high cost any power which is been very successful lady in blocking some of some excesses of the big going on here OK well here in the united states I recommend the bachelorette party because I think politics is bullshit and I would rather be the bachelorette party button for these fuckheads reckon I will if you don't see Ida I am at Winterthur but I would look at this chart this chart right here I threw up again I would memorize this chart this is telling you what is probably going to happen give me the timeline again if you look right here if you look at the peak it's at 2024 that's a basically a year and a half away and then it's gonna come down and then they're gonna that's a rug pole and then they're gonna bring it up to to make everyone seem like I was just a temporary thing and then bam Whammer Jammer and that goes into right into 2030 what a coincidence what's the game back up again and the elite bought up everything for pennies on the dollar that's right that's why it's important to know this information like the end of the world is not coming I don't believe it's gonna go down here and then it's gonna go back up again and they're gonna repeat the cycle until people freaking get the reset of the world is probably coming with a reset the world all the time yeah the currency reset and if you can just get on the right side of that graph you might be OK right I i mean can you tell her not to be in Marcus W Marcus is is that the job is not going to have an impact on the total population I don't know I don't iPad I am people are people everyone's gonna die in 3 to 4 years I hope so but I don't think so you know I think that thing is the thing that I could just meet you yeah it's my confidence in your analysis of graphs because I just think what's going on with the job is a whole new you over like diagrams stand by agree with that I'm seeing evidence of me that's where I go and I keep going here and I know fuck you've been looking at the death count in Australia but here in United States if I go to obituaries that the death counts are actually going down my click on obituaries online yeah I'll show you what are you able to look at the same kind of statistics that Frankie not looking at but we I'm looking at actual obituaries OK it used to be an average the average funeral home has one death every two and something days so if there's 365 days in a year they're around 170 let's say OK so you went out when I used to go to this website I don't go here anymore but I'm going right now OK no now we have two on the same day but then it skips he was on the ninth at two in the OK sixth fifth so I mean it's it seems to be a little bit greater but it is not orders of magnitude greater it is literally it seems like a rounding error anything scientifically anything less than what 50% increase of something or decrease is basically a rounding error no cigarette smoking is the orders of magnitude is 20 times the chance of you dying if your cigarette smoker that's an orders of magnitude statistical difference this doesn't look at I mean 24th down and out April 29 29th 25th we have about the same amount it seems like this bout the same amount of deaths per month with three funeral locations here in Lancaster County that's about the same as it what is 2019 I'm not seeing this explosion of deaths yes I have the stats I've got the victoria we're starting to see a pretty rapid rise down the ditch right Ende at the friend of mine just started hospitalized with thrombosis State Bank on basis yet audio guy wow yeah I know Franklin mummy be clear and let me be clear Frank there is no doubt about it that this is the job is excellent for business excellent there's articles all over the place in the news about how old these doctors we're buying these very high-end cars like never before it's excellent for business but are they are they dying not seen that yet now you might be right maybe 3 to 4 years down the line by early Marcus I'm not in I'm just telling you what I see I wish I was asking your opinion so i'm not arguing with you I'm listening to your opinion and I was overlaying my views you don't mind I spoke about about this down top of your fingers across the 1920s glad that's all it again I hope your eye hope you're right I mean I'm I'm with I'm with Jeff Berwick i know I'm hoping Marcus you gotta do I want you to hopefully you can do a little bit better than the home advertising of obituaries goes well what better way better with a better source we have the same kind of statistics Frank is getting can you get that how do we how do we know i know well I value gotta go buy something tearing their true market I'm assuming that the biggest directions to Devil's Acre right yes yes and and you can yeah so if you can get the register deaths in Pennsylvania I think it'll be more valuable I am it's kind of like it's kinda like a it's like a crypto hardware wallet to me with the stuff people use a crypto hardware wallet we're getting back to crypto they don't realize that that could be hacked too they put so much trust into the fact that the experts say that that's the way to go it could be as easily hacked as a software wall and that's the same thing with the stats just the part I have a hardware wallet and I'm not sure I can be hot because I can and I have to type I have to physically hit buttons on my hardware wallet so how are you gonna reach through the line and grandpa post in the companion no it's a guy who had to heart a treasure hardware wallet and he got to million dollars out of it I put that night but I like to see that sure if you actually have to hit something on your on your hard or device to authorize any kind of transaction that's awesome guy for some guy forgot the password and $2 million on was desperate for help he flew out to this guy and they busted open the treasure and he tracked it and it's a 30 minute it's only an amazing video to watch I just watched today in fact and he got that he got the 2 million but he needed the hardware to do it he couldn't just do it without the hardware had to bring the hardware store OK well that that's the whole point where if you could just come in to my computer but reserve over to through remote access and then fish out the soft fish out the password which is the number one hacking technique do you actually need a piece you need the physical piece of hardware to hack into it that's different do you happen to music must be you use a USB cable from your hardware wallet into a computer yeah I know that that's it but the walk-in unlocked up to the computer but you can you can hack that yeah but you can't hack it if the thing is it connected which is like it when you take the treasure and use the USB and hook it into your computer yeah you can hack that you have it you can't hack it from over then came over and I don't think so now because I'm sure I'll tell you right now I can do buttons on the treasure to make it do anything open it has a little die and you you replace with the dollars with the number of the letter I get it but I'm saying is I can send you an email that seems like it's coming from treasure and then usually install malware malware and make that happen very easily about that but I still have to press buttons which I love you yeah OK but I i have this false sense that they have a hardware wallet they get an email from what it seems like it's from trust right but the OK so but there's some physical things that have to be done so yet you could you could still be duped just like you could probably distract me I was out on the street and steal my wallet there are physical ways to get people to do things I agree nothing nothing is bulletproof you could write you yeah probably if you were really good to get me to sign over my house and if I'm sure you have a level of dementia didn't happen by the way this these hacks happen a tornado crypto Smith not sure about that Rivertown do I have any on it right now final that's Frank I've got no further Joanne I've enjoyed the cool thank you for the dentist including me all right thanks sure thanks for coming in even though you were mobile you made the extra effort to just to show up so good stuff and I appreciate invite me back to my plan hopefully we do it again next Thursday yeah for sure and I hate it I like the usual regular gas pedal I appreciate Frank for showing up at just if you and end it it's because it's a free appearance and we're not paying anyone to show up if you can't make it then we will make an effort to get a substitute guest if you give me enough warning I didn't Diego didn't let me know upfront I just contact them tonight so if we do make this a regular thing and you i don't think you can make it I will I will open this up to any any guest panel and you've been doing this for 10 years right how many times have you asked me to come on where I haven't made it I'm not talking about you you're a dear sorry this is sorted no I'm talking about the other guess not you OK I thought you're talking to me while I was talking to Frank and Diego potatoes not here so frank but now this is this one here yeah you're you're very reliable too but I wasn't talking to you Marcus specifically but if it didn't come up that you could make it then that's fine too everyone has other things to do as well so I think we're still good I think I think these discussions are way too important than anything that comes up oh I agree but what if you have to drive somewhere take a trap or have to take your wife somewhere or whatever things you come sure all right guys well good talk and I think the leaf game is in overtime now so I think I'll go watch the last import five minutes or the score by the way for anyone who cares as it's not it's 33 right and I can't stay that play for too long no rats might be a long night tonight might go to bed really late to watch the game well yeah maybe maybe maybe all right guys thanks for coming out and we'll talk next time OK take care take care OK bye-bye bye-bye bye-bye no