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This is why we should all be scared of Elon Musk

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Good evening everybody it is Thursday, April 28, 2022 at 8:32 PM Eastern daylight saving time this is the shakeology shell this is a fake all just speaking I'm coming to you for the North Shore of Lake on terrible in Toronto Ontario Canada and we normally have the super show on Thursdays but it looks like we're going to move away from that format for tonight unless everyone starts clamoring for it to come back we're just gonna do a traditional fake all just chill with many guess because he did assemble some gas for the panel but now they're just gonna be regular guess so I will introduce everyone on the panel tonight myself of course ecologist and next on the on the icon list on my glad we have Marcus Allen from escape the so welcome Marcus tub Tim and then I keep scrolling down we i have an ounce of salt per day from G long Australia Frank Niihau and then we have a catch 22 my daughter who is joining in and she can just yeah it's still something different so we don't have a panel so just be here to comment on whatever we did when we talk hopefully be interesting to someone her age of my normal nail whatever comes after millennials are 22 my daughter hello I believe it's Genzie by the way GenZ checking in ok that should be your name that you use on these calls GenZ instead of catch 22 I found that on on on Jeopardy last night the first episode of Jeopardy I've ever watched in my life I found out that it was Genzie no thanks hoping I'll be interested to see fZ becomes a letter in Australia where we say Z instead all right so Marcus has a video tonight to shell and I'm going to put it on the display is that the video is he's going to be part of the show I believe Marcus ok i'll see if I just did videos for Frank a tribute to Frank and let's see Frank laughs ready it's inside my house by the way you're able to see that Frank can do you know what I'm gonna do with the salt make a lemon drink nope you're gonna wait 15 g that's right cause I I think 15 grand sounds like a lot and you recommend that but it's really not I i'm surprised it's just that much and I went 16 g so I mistake or 16 g is better but yeah there you yeah what are you gonna do with it what are you do with it next I put it back in the container but on a normal day I had a normal day in my by the way the lead would've been if that was a prop I would've had the lid on because I sprinkle it on my meat but I easily put 16 g on on my food all day long easily I didn't think it was that much but I do yes it OK but normally you could eat that throughout the day so you would take a third of it if you had three meals and spotless and never have three meals I had three meals for the first time two days and I felt awful yes too much is not yes I can do two meals a day sometimes a new one was Omar what was that called one meal a they mad what about eating when you're hungry if you go to food is that a good idea I don't think so I think intermittent fasting is one of the best things I've ever done in my wife ditto prank what do you think yeah I've I've every couple of months so I will fast for five days yo you're fast for five days in a row yeah but it's it's it's it's it doesn't entirely with that food it's just him for a couple of days I might have a bit equivalent of four or 500 cal do you ever try to drive fast track I know no I always drink salty water over it and for people who don't know how to drive fast is that when you don't drink anything I can do that catch 22 what do you think of fasting I don't really have an opinion I've never done it I can't do it because I enjoy food can I give you a boring item about fasting go ahead after three days without food the cell division stops in your body and so the fourth day in the fifth day you'll actually have the equivalent chemo but they try to cheat with chemo which is to stop cell division and so you're your body starts itself out during that time in cell division of stock and what's the benefit of that it say it it's a healing it's a time of hearing if you're not constantly if your cells are not dividing at that time then in a process is it a rather wet. It's that that's a principle of chemotherapy is that you've got some cells which are operating using sugar fermentation instead of oxygen respiration that's why cancer is in effect when under stress cells no longer respire oxygen and come dark side but I moved to glucose fermentation and when the cell division stops the body can clean those things up and out Let's welcome Diego to the panel this is an all-star lineup tonight that's not necessarily intentional but I don't mind having a box of people on the shelf Otego welcome from Sydney Nova Scotia how's it going how's everybody doing good fantastic yes just relaxing here and just doing some training and listening to you find people and hopefully we get some good conversation here tonight till you ever hear me talk about Doug Casey on the Phil Donahue show and how he was wrong about every prediction no I've seen I've listened to the door case if you times but he's a he's a older gentleman there he's in the he lives in Uruguay now I think along with Matt yes yeah yes I watch the show this is the third time I watch the 45 minute show and I I enjoy listening to him although I don't like the fact that he's a Freemason he chose it in the video so it is Matt but he literally predicted the dollar would crash any day now basically in a gold would reach $3400 an ounce any day now now it's never reach to over 2000 every single prediction he made on the show didn't come true and wouldn't when was when was the show 1980 owow so we're talking to 42 years ago I don't know oh yeah he's rich as fuck yeah I heard he's got a quite a bit of money that he makes money and yes that is fine but he references i'm a liar and he did not age well that is for sure I definitely wouldn't take his health advice what can I make his money that he needs money scaring people into buying stuff which I'm sure he pumped and dumped yeah probably I've listen to him time to time I don't really like all these guys on here they're not really you know they're more you know they are they do you know they're there's always a crash coming you know next week sort of thing like a Robert Kia so I can clean all these all these kind of guys and they're really not they're not traders really they don't really they don't trade the markets whether you know it like every single day they don't they're not you know nothing like that but the word you know they don't trade in hedge funds are that they don't manage hedge funds are other peoples money so you know they don't really know that they're there I don't think by listening to them talk to me anyway they don't really understand with technical analysis is a specialized indicators like I use so they don't really go to them you know there is a crash it's like Peter Schiff he's always talking about there's gonna be a Krashey you know even a broken clock is right twice unsupported and right sort of thing so you know eventually yeah there's gonna be a crash and then he's gonna be like yeah I told you're so soft but you know that's how a lot of these guys on me I guess on YouTube and the Internet are but they're not traders that are no not by not by my definition anyways but I tend to listen you know more than you know guys were actually are in the trenches in the trade every single they are the guys I really listen to sure what time since your daughters here this would be an excellent love to get feedback from everyone we have everyone for Craig you are definitely a little bit older than me correct I am in my 63rd year ok I'm 5510 is around there Diego you're look like 10 years nine years younger and then we have another nine years off that I turn 49 this sure so you're not too far behind yeah yeah yeah yeah so here's the question Elon Musk in Twitter what do you think he's saving the world ha ha ha ha ha ha that start with the youngest catch 22 but what do you think well currently the entire world hates Elon Musk because he had an affair with Amber heard when she was married to Johnny Depp so everyone hates him right now in my generation your generation doesn't care cause you guys think the whole thing is fake anyway but my generation cares hey we know it's fake I vote for Johnny Depp so Elon Musk is a bad guy right now but in the Twitter world yeah he's currently a hero because he's there for free speech and he preferred he advertises himself as being for the people currently so he's a hero right now what do you think of them personally just based because you knew you've got 1 foot in the fake colleges swimming pool and you've got one pool there 11 foot in and the rest of the world you're you you're exposed take all just whether you like it or not so I'm just worried where do you stand on the whole Elon musk who is he and what are you doing and is he saving the world what do you think i don't think anyone can save the world but I'm indifferent on Elon Musk I don't he could be real he could be fake to me doesn't really matter what he has he's the face of Tesla he's now the face of Twitter he's collecting all the tea companies him and that's about it that's that's all he does that's that's it what does that mean he's cutting all the tea companies I missed that all the companies to start with a T i know but I don't get a Tesla and what else Twitter Twitter what about the board of the boring company is that a tea company to what's damn that's an underground he he digs tunnels underground antifa tunnels OK Lego OK let the facts get in there and I hope your day is just a great pick up the tea thing that really is clever maybe it's a thing maybe it is and who knows but Elon Musk is is there I don't really care about him either way people say he just bought Twitter to delete the bad stuff that people say about him that's about it nothing deeper on my end so you don't think there's any nefarious to it because I do but I'm curious to know what you think not really I mean what what else can I do just go through peoples data on Twitter and added to his Tesla data that he already collects so you're closer than you think I'm not resting so do you think Elon Musk is is an actual person supposed to like an AI or something that we just see just a character created to for a particular purpose I suppose heads of companies can just be the face of companies rather than brains behind it yeah relationship managers I like to call them he can just the public figure of the company like The KFC man so with that with that idea if I put that idea to people your age or you're in your PE group how would they think of that idea in it do you think I am I'm sure they might disagree cause people of my generation they like people to look up to people who have made it very successful in life and they do everything on their own build from the ground up instead of being nepotism baby or other things like that Selfmade they like looking up to people like that and he's relatively self-made he went to queens in Kingston apparently people yeah yeah you got a worldwide audience sorry queens university Kingston Ontario Canada and if so if I were to say to your peers and I don't think he's self-made at all but he's been created and stayed and pushed every part every step of the way how do you think that would be received by people in your in your Milyer in your group or should I be 50-50 my generations more open minded than yours definitely we we kind of people question things in my generation is fighting words they could be sure to pick it up take it on God I mean the older generations are the ones who don't really question everything I just take it they told us not talking I'll talk to strangers on the Internet and no believe everything and yet here you are unlike CNN watching the real every day and you read it and you're like yeah oh God we're gonna die and then they tell us children we're gonna die really why would you believe everything you see in my generation kind of questions things maybe millennials the older millennials does 80s babies they believe everything too but the newer generations kind of question everything because the Internet's full of crap so people people are a little more skeptical I would suppose I suppose in my generation maybe maybe 50-50 maybe 2575 either end depends on the story yeah so you don't think they'd be too alarmed if I were to say things like that to not really interesting I agree with you by the way that's what I found now we're very easy-going passive people you could you can really tell us anything and we probably believe it either way would really put up a fight OK when I get Thiago Let's keep it keep this conversation going around I'll just order the back yeah Thiago yes to the question is I think you no what do we think of Elon Musk and the purchase of Twitter a few in like a half of Frank's question there whether it's real or not to me Elon musk it's a Gary he said it's a very complex question to answer because there's so many facets to this guy and the number one thing is first of all a lot of the money that he received initially from the beginning of his career was government funded money like a lot of government money that he was given my real opinion on him is I believe there's breakaway civilization technologically he's a front guy the new AI and all the satellites that are going up and he's he's not OK he's he's the owner I guess to the public but is he the guy who made all this up but you know the Tesla car is the research all that research and development that was done again was given you know with government funding the cars aren't even that good they have a lot of problems I know two Tesla owners to regret their purchases so for me he's just he's the future of what everybody saying he's the face of the future but behind behind in the background is the breakaway civilization technology that's gonna come to the forefront that he's gonna deliver and he's gonna they're gonna try to make him look like the good guy almost kind of like the Prime Minister candidate here in Canada pure Paul of you so he looks like a hero right now he's anti- trudo basically you'll win the next election you know but you know I think he's gonna have a nefarious in on the various go at the one is Prime Minister so same kind of thing they did they make you love them first and then once they got you trapped so it's gonna be quite a ride that's what I think of him I don't think he's for real at all what do you think Frank yes I i am more or less what you guys said they DM you judge people by their fruits and I think the electric car thing is a terrible scam and it doesn't even match the carbon dioxide equation little and any other economic equation so the idea these electric cars reduce the carbon footprint is completely the reverse of the truth it's a.m. It's such a M a scam so and then is Jay says the car is a terrible I think he's bailed out of the Tesla nothing himself he's onto new and bigger things putting rockets into space and sewing yes he has him and is his brother but the majority that lead that the owners that I've actually spoken to them and they hate the cars and one car actually burnt the with the with the quality of the battery in the car actually burns and it's it's terrible at the servicing is terrible at Tesla there they're horrible cars but Frank's right I mean I just don't think he's really looking at his background looking at you know everything not this guy is done if you actually look at what he's done and who's given him the money you know is it's me he's just a front guy for the new technology for that breakaway civilizations have been talking about so essentially I am in assume he's working for the what you call marcus the military industrial equipment yes girl galaxy military industrial, if I may I'm also Tesla is technically not a car company it's a computer company because they they pride themselves on coming up with the best technologically perfect computer cars and then they just put the wrap the computer in a car and that's all they do they their cars are the worst maid cars ever cause it's if they're not they're not there to make a car there made it there to make a computer pretty much and then sell it to you as a car and that's that's the point it's a great observation by the way I've never heard damn OK oh yes I was a little everything in the American Winters electric cars are terrible because when you're trying to hit your car that uses an a Normas amount of energy plus :-)18+ when the rain turns to ice and you try to open the doors you can't get the handles I didn't I didn't I didn't know about that but I'm just talking about from a theoretical point cold climates Canada in particular the north of the USA it's it's too cold for electric cars to be practical you can't drive to work freezing that's mad I love cars so much that I actually created a business around test driving cars for five years and I test drove the X when it came out and it was literally the worst car I ever drove by personally I'm not I don't really have an opinion either way on the on the quality of the Tesla car cause I've never experienced one but I did see a mini Tesla videos where the actual owners create the videos and they do dispute the charge that they are much worse in the winter and there's many videos were there that I saw where they drop it around Edmonton in the winter which is typically Mine Celsius and below and they were they were they were trying they were debunking those messages about how they are have a depleted but unusable amount in the winter if you're if your job is 25 miles away yeah the range goes down but it's not can i go down to 25 miles from 350 or 350 might go down to 150 if it's cold enough but I I have standing in this cause I i have a hybrid vehicle which I think are the best vehicles and it was pretty Lee Iacocca said in the 1990s that he said that all cars would be a hybrid in the late 2000 the first decade of the 2000s he was wrong but he did predict that that would be the case and I I want I can testify I think it's a great idea as a hybrid car at the plug-in hybrid that's what I i have and I would also celebrate I would also agree with Frank that heating uses an extreme amount of electricity and that's why my hybrid computers programmed to turn on the gas engine when it's below or Celsius so it's it's got an it's got some AI if you wanna call that AI it's got some intelligence around that because it knows that it's much cheaper to burn fuel to create heat although if the price of fuel goes to $10 a liter that might change the equation Tim back to Twitter and then ask what he what do you think the real reason he bought it was well I think it's just to maybe somehow control the narrative of censorship and I don't really believe he bought Twitter I don't know how the finances are create around that story I like I don't know if we get to no what's really going on with the transfer of money I wasn't really means it seems like an insane investment to buy a micro blogging website because it's just a website with lots of technology storage space because I have a I have a blog and I have a micro blog component to it and it's not worth $54 billion now you're buying those you're buying to use your base that's what he's mine yeah but it's a but it could be a user base it's completely stuffed with bots there's a good chance that you would know better than most well that that's actually the direction I'm going is the box that's why he really bought it he bought it for the bots that's a hell do you know what that means well I think the bots are what influences the conversation and controls the direction of the narrative but maybe that's part of it it's so influential it's like the New York Times and Washington Post maybe go to London whatever used to be back in the day where they control the direction of the conversation they control the narrative that's just am I getting warmer well actually two necks nailed it and I'll read what he wrote everyone will be willing to fork over all their data to be verified on Twitter and then succumb to a CCP like password that's what this is all this is all about your social credit score and the only way to post on Twitter will be to be verified since you're not a bot you to verify you're not a bought and that's like Facebook we get to turn in your picture and your drivers license in your last phone bill to prove that you're real person that's the way I look at it brought to Knox nailed it now I have them I just sent you 10 through the private chat maybe you can pop it open something that almost no one knows which is that Elon Musk is a 2005 graduate of cloud Schwabs young global leadership that's a surprise not really is it really OK here it is on the screen is is that coming through yep so if you scroll down and search for mosque this is very hard to fine by the way cause you're very scrubbed from the Internet oh really so this is this is an archive that creates and here it is halfway through what's the date on this article as he scored 18th 2008 yeah oh he is a member of the much hated forth slowly becoming much hated World economic forum and then we have the lovely transgender queen of Jordan also if you read that list it doesn't mean it's a Who's Who of tyrants right it's been 14 yeah so this is the graduating class is in control at this point out that I would say all over the place so that's the way I look at it I also he owns NeuroLink which is a brain chip company everything he does the exact opposite in fact Tim I remember during the truckers freedom convoy you posted something about this he he was praising the truckers for what they were doing in literally the same day and I'll put it in the notes the companion notes that I put that figure if you go to the blog section look for today's date April 20, 2022 or if you go to my website escape the and click on the Marcus Allen show that I am calling is this is why we should all be scared of Elon Musk that's what I'm titling it temporary right now I'll post all these notes and yeah you'll see you know he's he's NeuroLink brain chips he's out any flip-flops on the heels like we support the truckers and the same day he announced his self driving trucks which will get rid the truckers and he does it every time every time he does something it's like he's trolling us it's amazing he plays both side of both sides of the fence same day literally the same day I have a whole file of this but that's good that in the notes yeah I'll put all that in the notes here I'll put on my half of my home notes about Elon Musk in there all right so that the final word anymore comments on Elon musk and in the Twitter purchase which is becoming Yesterdays news queen yes it hasn't made it the 11 day new cycle has it nothing like 11 days there's a great comment in one of the youtube videos that I saw and I'll read it real quick it says I think this is a bait and switch whether Twitter allows freedom of speech or not Elon must stated that he's annoyed by the Twitter bots and wants every Twitter user to authenticate their existence to prove that they are human that means that every Twitter user will have to provide their personal information such as name home address phone number and current photo in order to access the platform it takes away all anonymity from the user which is very dangerous when you look at the legislation that the United Kingdom in the EU are trying to pass which aims to criminalize online speech it's only a matter of time when every government will adopt similar thought crime legislation and a VPN will not be able to cover your tracks it leaves it open Twitter likely adapting into social credit digital ID system and that will probably extend to needing a digital password to login just to access the Internet just right wherever you are right natural progression an extension we're really really lucky that you were here that everyone here is able to talk still because I don't think the future you're gonna have not on the Internet as we know it I Graton that's a great opportunity for someone to develop you know a N off their system Internet and I don't think it's that hard i've met mesh networks and I don't think you can eat like being a truck like you are Tim and use the Internet with an alternative mesh network I think you're gonna have to be stationary all right i don't i i think there's opportunity I think anytime that a system begins to dominate and faltered as always there's always gonna be ways around it water always finds the easiest pathways right I ain't like I don't really have too much worry about it I think they just wanna control but the mass the mass is the greater group but there's always alternatives in another common I found a medium about this he's the person wrote in his talk at the WEF which is of course the World economic forum of Dallas Elon Musk just discussed how society needs to work together to create some kind of world government he stated that this would be necessary to address the challenges currently posed the climate change in artificial intelligence so Elon Musk is no freedom fighter friend of the common person it's a complete lie he's a wolf in sheep's clothing right as usual as usual yup play the elites public relations manager as soon as the public gets tired of him they'll bring a new one out maybe Mark Zuckerberg was on stage on the world stage for a while and if he wears out his welcome maybe Bill Gates at the time during his time with the personal computer was tried it out and now he's on his last hurrah pushing me digital world digital ID in the name of keeping track of vaccines and Elon musk is really for catch 22s generation catch 22 is there anyone that sells that it has the same status in your generation is Elon Mask is there anyone that you can see bubbling up underneath the lawn that could take his place no no no one would really know I don't really know how many people follow him too closely anyway we just listen to the store is a papa bottom I promise you don't listen to stories about him really sad I don't really really care i'm being honest that's a boring answer but I know I'm not really that interested in them either but the power of the beer put him and in front of us now for this week he's definitely been at the top of the Pops even if you want to ignore him it's very been very difficult this week at least I have a little story to see if we wanna switch topics a little bit mature so I have something with i've been touting two people who back me over at escape the new normal and I put out a briefing about this I have something called a go to zero strategy and Thiago left this ticket I don't think I've ever told you this but ever since October of almost 2 years i've stopped paying on all my unsecured debt I have eight credit cards that I've stopped paying on ever since October you're supposed to say yay because it was your idea that you mention a couple weeks ago I thought yeah absolutely yeah but everybody's gotta do it well I'm trying to lead by example yes and then the good news is that I had my two of them so far actually I ruined my credit because I know credit will be nothing you will not have if anyone thinks you're gonna have a good credit score coming in the near future you're high as a kite again I was in the leasing business for five years and I saw this coming about two years ago I had people with absolute stellar credit 835 here in the states 850 is perfect plenty of income just perfect Lisa car and and then I found out that they weren't very politically correct so the social credit score really started kicking out a couple years ago so it doesn't matter what your credit score is you're gonna not have any credit unless you're perfectly politically correct then you'll have perfect credit so I went my go to zero is to stop paying unsecured credit and to move all IOUs that would be retirement funds crypto anything that's not asset base and move it into assets that spin off residual income and I've been working on that for a year and a half so I do I got sued by two credit card companies over the months and I finally came to court last Monday at the same time ironically and I won both court cases i did it by literally just showing up all you do is show up and you win I don't know if anyone's familiar with us but most dead is bought as a package so you can buy like $1 million with a debt if you're really a good negotiator you get it between 2 1/2% to 5% if you're really good to get it for less than 2 1/2 percent so if you buy $1 million package of bad debt on that million dollars it'll cost you 25 grand well that but if that package has 1000 people in the debt package and three of them pay their debt in full eventually broke even anything beyond that is a win but they know that 90% of people won't show up to a court case and they don't even show up themselves so that's a big hint right there if you're in a bad situation and you're going to zero you have nothing to worry about it I'll take you to court and they will not show up and you win the case in fact it's funny because the judge it always goes the local judge you goes to where you live and the judge when I was in there by myself he said well since the plaintive hasn't shown up on either cases because my my the two cases were literally right on top of each other he said since they're not here or you i have two options I can either continue this and do it again at a future date or option number two is you can request that I drop the case I said thank you very much I'll take option number two he goes that you're right and I'll send it to you in writing in the mail and there is the back door if you wanna save a couple steps your car have a nice day great afternoon so do that too many times though you no no because now what you do so now when I get this proof in the mail saying I was going with my wife so those so I had to credit cards in my name so I'm done with me now the six are in my wife's name now she's freaking out because she doesn't wanna go to court and she's embarrassing all kind of stuff and I i said listen what we'll do is we will as soon as we get a notice that we're being soon I will contact them on the phone and I said hey listen are you just spent $170 on filing a lawsuit I'll tell you what I do I'm gonna send you a settlement of $200 you've offered a settlement of half and half of it was 2500 bucks yeah you're not getting $2500 I'll send you $200 that'll take care of the court costs and you can take the rest in by yourself a nice lunch and I know that they were I'll take that because again it's a numbers game they know that most people they're gonna lose money on but they're gonna hit a home run on a few so they can recoup their cost to take it the worst case scenario is I have a letter with each credit card that has offered me anywhere from 40 percent to 60% off the debt and with no expiration date so I can international said make sure and record the court docs yes but now I know some people gonna be like what about my credit dude there's no you're not going to worry about credit score ever again in life unless you're 100% politically correct yeah they did they did the same thing with rebel news a few months ago they applied to get a mortgage on a building in downtown Toronto and the Royal Bank of Canada won't even take the application based on their political standing and they had great credit and a different cup yeah that was disgusting and I have a better part of the story so we're doing the same thing with the retirement my wife is literally retiring a year earlier than her 35th year of service and everyone is screaming how can you do that you're just one year away from full retirement well in the news are peas or's who is her state Pennsylvania state retirement system they have had the exact same investigation with the FBI for malfeasance in whispers misappropriation of funds and the exact same nonsense that happened with Enron and I've been warning my wife for two years now that it's been in as i said you have to get out and you have to get out fast fast read there might be no no money forget the pension just take the lump sum because when you retire you get a lump sum plus you get your pension which is half your pet so who cares about the half the pet you're not gonna see that years from now the same things gonna happen with with your lump sum so anyway here's the here's the point of the story someone asked in the audience by the way I was the guy who is in front with a hand up the whole time and who everyone every teacher hates i'm that guy and I was that guy again I was asking all these questions that everyone in the room should've been asking it's very confusing this retirement nonsense tell tom i said there's a rumor going around that we should delay our retirement from June 15 which is the last day of school 15 days until July first and the woman the counselor said that's correct and then the person said why is that are you ready for this she said that the life expectancy of the pensioners has dropped two years this year oh dear OK then I don't love but I bet it's not yo-yo you'll understand that start now anyway story time over I just thought that was quite interesting and it's a mission mission accomplished with the VAX is here oh yeah it's still going on three years in one year lifespan expectancy has dropped so now all the people in the room they're just closed there they're all teachers Libtard's are all excited cause you're gonna get in there like how much more do you expect we're gonna get no you're probably a $40 more a month that's great news that they're dying two years early yeah well this is the same argument with Canada pension plan then in Canada you could you can apply it's normally for 65-year-old even started at 60 and get less money and be the point of equalization is about 78 years old right and the average lifespan for a male is around well no it's actually I don't think it's quite 80 yet so it's raining around there i'm not giving you any extra muscle it's all a numbers game they figured it out there's no question right I told a friend of mine who is older than me and make sure you get when when you're 60 because you just don't know and he had health issues and he didn't listen to me and he died in his mid 60s one month before he was gonna get his first check none of it and I always advise people just a minute anyone offers you any money that you're entitled to just take it take all of it it's right or goes away so I've always done certain certain to respect your time cause I know you like to wrap things up in about 14 minutes here yeah I think the last thing that we should all talk about including your daughter what do you think about the concept that you should not save for retirement that you should reach a certain point maybe in your 50s and 60s and start spending your money so that you plan it so that your average that you die penniless or versus you should save your money all the way until the end and then give it away to your children who won't appreciate it I guess I'm showing my bias by saying yeah well yeah or bounce your check to your undertaker that's what that's from that Steven Gross find out he actually said that it's a good job only problem is that that's why the funeral funeral home is want you to pre-pay your funeral upfront because most are cremated Mr. cremations now well right well there's still some people want burials and might not know that some Cooper AV percent now used to be 50% how is that right now I believe when will you start to pay for your cremation but I guess it's under a box and I only know that by the way I now know another family member who has probably died from the VAX 39 each all right I'll already 9939 world he was a "" closeted alcoholic who bled to death in the shower button but when we got the tax about what they were doing for him there was no mention of transfusions and of course they put him on a ventilator that's that's Covid protocol and yeah and that's a certain death that's right tell me back to my question I'm curious what do you guys think should you gauge it so that you spend it in your last check bounces to the undertaker or do you do with a traditional person does and safe for the rainy day deep into retirement why do we asked Frank first cause he's the closest to the closest to death it's going to dispute that I'm my my assumption given and that Jesus died on the cross from is it that I now have eternal life so so that makes my life much more pleasant. And I essentially took your view Marcus some time ago which is the reason why I started the company that I started simply because my view is that any digital assets are not with anything and so I started this company I bought property I even bought a plane because of the time thanks for being sold in USA for $21,000 which was $20,000 in my money at the time and I that's not a Cessna for Comanche Risa piper pick emoji and I think the prices in US able skyrocket it now for those types of things but you know essentially I don't really have paper assets I have the stuff that really supports my life and and so I recommend to people the idea that your retirement is secured by paper yes it is the sound wise you know it with only minimal with only a.m. minimal level of Pessimism might I don't think Piper is it going to be with the what's it called that the electrons are written on verbal contracts not with the paper it's written on us and gold neuter so can you you're converting the IOUs to assets and assets that give you residual income yeah like your salt factory is giving you residual income yeah yeah essentially anyone else want to anyone i just wanna take a stab at three I'm just trying to you know move out currently I'm not really trying to retire you're moving no no i'm not thinking of retirement unfortunately I can't relate to any of you I'm not thinking of retirement I'm not thinking about the kids that i'm gonna resent and not leave my money to and even the end because you got some issues you need to work through already working on issues at work and you get how did you pick a name like catch 22 which is you know that book came out when I was 12 years old if you want but the real reason I came up with it is because my favorite Australian band five seconds of summer has a song called Catch 22 and that is how I chose this name OK how did they choose that name for the song what's it about it's about liking a girl it's just you're a catch 22 that's what the song is about I don't know how they came up with it they're only about three or four years older than myself so I wanna consider that much wiser we'll just have to ask the Tavistock Institute why they selected them yeah but anyway I'm not thinking of retirement I'm just thinking of saving money to move no unfortunately sorry dad so mind my son my oldest son says the same thing I asked him why he file taxes behind my back dinner and I got into my wife's grill about that too I said did you know about this yes I said you know he didn't make enough money to have to file taxes yes but he wants to get he wants to move out and get a house I said do you not listen to what I'm telling you you're not going to be able first of all you can no longer get a house with 1% down or 5% down you need 40% down now 40% the prices of housing is skyrocketing you're not gonna be able to afford to buy a house and then all the energy bills are skyrocketing I paid triple for my energy prices two months ago because of ready for this carbon taxes that's new on the electric bill go go look at your electric bill see if that's on their AAA don't think it's new here is new here I don't pay attention dad no it's it's it's been going on here for a while I thought all kind any carbon tag well with that's weird carbon is everywhere we are carbon we're walking carbon they can they can find carbon everywhere so yes it is it is it to me it's just a general tax that they specifically are applying to energy right now and of course energy is the basis for everything in our economy so it will spread throughout yes it's another just another hidden it's another hidden tax order in some cases it's broken out on your bill so you can actually see the words carbon tax yeah true also already told us to give up on trying to buy a house so I've already been to the town until nothing yeah it was a while ago here he came out and just said you know give up on your dreams kids and go live in a home already OK now here is here is what I think people your age should be doing and that is working collectively yes so there are and I've I've suggested it to a group of Engineers that I worked with while I was in Adelaide that really they were they were young engineers that were familiar with permitting and all sorts of things and it's obvious that they could've bought it say in an industrial side that was being resigned etc. and essentially collectively they could build houses or housing for themselves and their families at a fraction of the cost the reason the housing market is unbearable is it it is mad to try and just have one house for one family right the way we do it's just doesn't make any sense so what's required in my opinion for young people who are quite happy to have Chino so in a household anyway is the have that same vision but to create their own property there an asset and to add to that you had to be a lot willing to be lawless cause of all the new environmental and Davos bullshit laws that are coming down the pike to save the planet you're not gonna be able to build your so you're not gonna be able to tap into a well you're not gonna be able to put so you can't put rain gutters out that will collect water it's illegal inside in a lot of places in Pennsylvania you are not allowed to not be tied into the electrical grid another G can't have solar panels they must be solar panels that are tied into the grid it is unlawful to have your own energy so you have to be willing like me to be unlawful when it comes to doing that most people and then in the end they will have to prosecute you and they Enano prosecution they will have to demonstrate that they are the law is in fact both of which almost certainly is not right but you have the backbone and you and you know we can do that but most people can't say I just really bummed her out I fuck no i didn't bum you out should be perfectly honest I don't I don't really know what you're talking about I don't want do you want me simple speaker for you know I do not want you to man Splane it for me and we go oh hi no I don't need it I'll figure it out as they get older I'll ask my dad one day I don't we don't need to for the the listeners for you explain things to me we can keep going any other fun topics happy happy conversations let's get Diego to take on the whole thing she sounds like my neighbor might've met my neighbor doesn't like talking to me because I'm I'm not fun topic person you don't always need to be fun topic to be interesting to talk to just sometimes the doom and gloom gets to people a little bit take your thing you say that because on my Monday so I'm doing all of me pull it up 52 I have 123 456-789-1011 123 4050 6017 reasons I'm super grateful and effective title of my shows these are the reasons I'm happier than ever when others are miserable so if you want if you want some good news listen to my Monday show it's free escape the new normal Dhaka tune in is it good news or is it new I will literally list them all if you want and then I'll go into detail on Monday I'm finally getting under stove top and these are by prior priority order finally getting good at understanding the game life is not nearly as hard or scarier challenging as we're told I have a very clear image of who the enemy is massive awakening of people that count eggs exiting the heat stage towards admiration that's a little that's all inside baseball life is more predictable than ever go to zero which I talked about tonight almost in the best shape of my life mastered the art of saying no not worrying about what people think about me no longer drinking alcohol plants coffee my wife and I are the best friends ever the boys same way my youngest is no longer in prison school I no thousand times more about life than my parents taught us and finally I am what I sent of the best ones for last so I save that yes it's very positive and I think I'm positive a lot it's the people who don't like me who think that I'm just overly optimistic and think that no one's waking up and it's not me I'm very optimistic about the future I just read one comment here from Jericho in the they got vehicle to chat which is a separate chat and you can't see it on the main screen so I bring it up on it's on screen miracle from England says more and more people here in the United Kingdom are challenging the system long story we don't pay our liability statements and ask them certain questions they can't answer we have some great process we also change the electric meter and installer on I'm like OK that's interesting I like them I know a guy went to jail for doing that but that's all right yeah he wasn't electrocuted they have to turn it off at that at the end of the street usually you need to know who you really where are you a person or a man no one is between me and my creator so that's the legal the legal fiction of the person and the yeah that's what he said what is the difference between lawful and legal statutes and ask her for persons are you a person or a legal entity or are you a man or a woman before that before that's in the kitchen to the whole common-law thing and I just ignore all that I'd like all the legal fiction as a person yeah it's like it all that stuff is not I don't care about like I'm building these towns and I don't care about what the government says I'm not worried about them I know the 10 things that I need to do to do things privately I have no concern about them let's get Diego's take on that we did you answer retirement account I i think no no no I have for me myself I just kill two birds with one stone in that Marcus questionnaire so basically I make enough money to spend what I want when I want and I'm gonna leave my kids or my daughter money at the end of it i'm not I'm not I'm not really you know when you talk about in terms of saving "" I usually just buy what I want there's you know and whatever smoke my the counter to my account and I don't really you know I don't really say well I'm gonna have us in a specific amount of money at the end of the month it's all relative right it's all relative to how much you make and what investments you having and all this kind of stuff so yeah ok i hope that answers your question I don't think it's safe for retirement or do you do agree looking end it depends yeah depends depends on again it depends on on what what what facilitates your income making you know if you're a guy who's you know I'm making 50 million 100 million a year does it does it really matter right is a really doesn't it doesn't matter for if you're talking in terms of an average person that's gonna be up to that person you know how they want to how they want to do that for you know if it was if I had like a you know let's say for example a $50,000 income than you know absolutely I'd be putting some away I'd be a little bit more of a saver but if I have you know it's more substantial income than that I don't really care I just know purchase whatever I want and if there's any left at the end then my daughter can have it I thank you i think was Brett Weinstein who brought this topic up which was and I was in the car with my wife when I heard it and of course we disagreed which is if you're married so it's it's not it's more like do you is there a tipping point or a peek in your life or it's like OK we've made enough money where we can now like throttle through and kind of you know no not be destitute at the end but literally just like instead of leaving it for our kids you won't appreciate it and most want some well but most one do we just blow through it all and have very little at the end or do we do the traditional save as much as possible scrimp save sacrifice and then you die and then you leave it for your child yeah look out I think I think you should live your life and you know just because you're you know 5060 7080 years old whatever age you where are the upper I'll talk in the upper years you still have to enjoy your life I believe you still have to enjoy your life so even if I was one of those guys that was making you know 30 or 40,000 a year i thought I'd still be traveling I'd still enjoy my my life that you don't get the things that make me happy and I wouldn't be no pennypinching right till the very you don't read till the bitter end maybe enjoying life you gotta enjoy life you know you gotta be happy and go travel meet people and experience new things if that means you know blowing through a little bit of money hey man you only live once right so you know you got it you gotta go for it sort of thing but you know do it dude I think in a intelligent fashion if you got 100 grand in the bank you know don't be blowing through 100 grand in a few weeks so yeah can I just stop you you made a comment then it was almost flip that you only live once OK yeah no I can't I should preface what I'm saying by saying I agree that is the that is a fact but there are many many people who do not agree what does that mean what does that mean what it means is I think that people are affected why do they plan finances retirement the way they live their life with one of you that they can live forever or I can come back in 100 times I don't really and that's all and I think I think this question Marcus is asking out you know how to plan for retirement and time a lot of it is going to depend on what your view of existence is and if I was to give any advice it would be if you're gonna do things at least make them compatible with you what do you think is reality yeah yeah I think you know I guess yeah I guess it depends on you know what are you think you're gonna come back or how long as you know what you just mentioned there but for me myself you know to be honest with you guys I think I have a skill that allows me to make do you know a decent income at any time at any point that I want so for me I don't really I don't really think in terms brother you know I gotta say you know for my reading on call" retirement sort of thing before I die so I just I live in the moment I live in Zavino if I i want to purchase a new car new bike or whatever I'll go do it I don't really think of you know how much is this gonna cost for the thing but that's just solely based on do you know particular skill that I have that allows me to do that so I think I think the bad answer is yes you're right it's it's different for everybody but the other question is if your saving what what is it you're saving out do you in a people are saving dollars of paper receipts or something thinking right saving can anyone give me the forecast of what's gonna be the right place to be with your retirement fund you know it is just a nonsense idea at this time the guys that are running the system clearly planning to close that system down and give you a what you call it an income for life type thing where you get that income provided due to the line universal basic income area so that's that's coming there's no amount of me praying he's going to stop that yes and that's a reality what does that mean for me that means to me develop skills that allow me to live in that world or get out of work get out of that world Frank yeah well yeah but you know in that set of circumstances like in an hour can you make it like in Australia they build these these are wellness camps for people they think they kind of flat out of the homes in the next a few months Nicole wellness campus straight out of 1984 and I guarantee that to be well you won't be allowed to have salt that's the first thing I can guarantee I am a hasten my question to UTH Iago is when you say you've got the skill what does that mean in another world it might you know what you're right it in another world if it transfers over once if I'm still alive then the bottom line is this I'm a hustler I'll make could happen or matter what so if they take away my skill in this in this realm of me trading and making money and not worrying about you know that I can buy a car or motorcycle or whatever and they take that away from me that's no problem because I'm a hustler I'll figure it out so either they transcended let's say for example like you're saying to a totally different system all excelling at two I'll figure it out I'm a hustler yes that's the scale really weigh it i thought we should all be recommending to people yeah the skills that listen to skills adaptation you gotta be out you got it you gotta be a hustler you gotta recognize you know you gotta recognize trouble and you gotta anticipate how you're gonna fix that solution so you don't answer your question yes they close this realm financial law you know what a technology ram you know that I'm using every single day to make money that's fine to me I don't worry about that people ask me that all the time they say what happens if you need a vaccine to trade what happens if you're trading company via brokerage platform requires you to show proof of vaccination before you can open up an account that's fine it's OK doesn't like things like this don't bother I don't think of stuff like that because I have that inner energy that inner inner hustler that I'll make it work no matter what no matter what the circumstances are great and the greatest thing you're gonna learn of Marcus Allen Let's go with Marcus for whatever scheme he's promoting as always you always demonstrating that hustling attitude Marcus now you know I would say that the chief skill that you demonstrate to people by your life is exactly what Thiago is talking about and kind of on a tangent speaking of that guess how many of my Amish neighbors work for a big Corporation zero right now that's like the most important thing to know especially nowadays coming coming up zero yeah I need to eat and I think also Frank him for me very small things make me happy in life night when I walk outside I'm here Nova Scotia and I take a big breath of air of the Atlantic ocean makes me so happy I don't have to I don't have to have a Ferrari in my garage to be happy right I don't have to have a Dodge Viper I don't have to have a six bedroom house to see this shit these are the things that my daughter asked me these questions as well you know when I say that this is not happiness it makes my life more comfortable yes but you know for me you know I love smelling trees I love smelling the air the ocean these are simplistic things that make me happy you know I like the animal I love animals I'll let you know I love interacting with Animal so for me it's you know it doesn't matter you want to take treating away from you want to take you know my financial IQ away from me in this round go ahead it doesn't get to see that's that stuff does not bother me one bit you can take everything away from me I'll still be happy and I'll still make it happen and successful in another in the evening on another format that they have planned yes Tia are you from and I have no doubt got a friend no it's all good no doubt but Thiago would exactly are you Frank are you still in Joan Australia yes I am yeah OK I used to work out I used to work the gentleman there on the Victorian ambulance service in Laughlin Garvey and I'll see if I can track him down yeah started started frequenting karaoke bars again so I'm eating all sorts of people well he works for the Victorian ambulance service I used to be a paramedic I used to actually I've been to Australia about 20 times cause I used to work in the Panera in Solomon Islands and I used to work in hey by the way Jillian yeah it is a duck I used to work in the steamer as well so a lot of the people that I work with were from the Australian defense for slaughter the nurses so if you ever come across one of your ambos there ask for Lachlan Garvey and tell him Thiago from Canada says hello i'll be shocked that you know me you'll be like hey how do you know this guy I will totally be proof of a small world yes tonight and I don't like veggie my tea tried making me eat Vegemite made it like it taste like car oil ha ha ha ha OK well you've been going about an hour and now that we've got a Vegemite I think it's time to shut her down I think that's the end of the light I would end it on Vegemite myself yeah Manuel it's been and should we go around the room is for some closing comments to shut down the shore sure he wants to start that's 22 is still on the air yeah I'm still here just arrived at all in One thanks for joining I know it's not exact weight we change i want to make sure I was gonna be more of what did she want to talk about no well we were gonna wait wait we thought that we are still going to do that you present one topic and then we talk about it but I can present it to them tonight yeah OK so I guess it was I guess it was the show that we intended to do so it's good but I got a question I got a question for her what do you think of Lizzy's why she's a singer pull up her pull up her Twitter account or something 10 Lizzo I don't follow Lizzo very closely I listen to some of her songs I what did she do well my my oldest son just can't get enough of all this you're LIZZO is it is it no that's her that's not wait is this is rather large yes this is one of the most popular singers right now OK now I can see why everyone I'll take another picture here let's go to town with they have any body size is healthy size yes no fat shaming no fat shaming which of course is a big lie and Gina who introduced the world to Lizzo for all of us and I don't remember I'll give you a hint he is knighted he's knighted and he wears glasses and he has no what's his name the Elton John Elton John Elton John well thank you introduces the world to most of the new singer so he's one of the hammers for them it looks like that's my favorite picture right there that's all that on your wall that's on my wallpaper yeah how do you know or you spying on me to know I meant is it on your wall does a over your bed tonight on my screensaver OK all right that's what the way there another night but I'm not gonna be able to sleep either I can't on see that Kenya know what she fills the screen doesn't she sorry they did you say the camera adds 10 pounds yeah OK then she got an extra large caramel Jago 10 cameras OK and OK Frank any closing comments from G long yes thank you Frank well I want to redirect and Frank him what's he regains his composure he did a really good reply in the comments I'll post on your post that my notes what bacteria make proteins yes and that start of the salt conversation as it is at one might've expected and Frank did some great reply and it really breaks down the the myth of how much salt that they are propagating and then he goes into the acid alkaline exclamation which most people have upside down which I definitely wouldn't have been able to understand or explain what freight in the in the comments here so make sure you read the comments on the colleges blog you'll you'll have a gold mine and I did ask Frank to possibly transfer that this digest all the comments and put it on the fake I'll just warm so I can easily be discovered under the health topic hopefully Frank can do that if Francia remembers a solar Frank i guess he is having broadcast issues OK good deal thanks everyone for joining with Santiago and I have a final story already you can't escape we're not gonna let you live I wanna escape the old normal day I have the tiger what what what what was the question yeah you know what just thank you for inviting me you don't have an hour and Isa and I sell a quick chat here and I hope you guys have a great weekend and the catch 22 I didn't know you were Tim's daughter so that's pretty cool my daughter is not so great she's she's really shy but it's nice to hear that you're here and talking to us about the younger generation so that's pretty I thought that was pretty cool but thank you for having me and I'll catch up catch you guys next time and my final thought is a feedback for your blog Tim blog is very jumpy nowadays and I'm thinking it's because you have the never ending pay automatic page loading feature on yeah maybe turn that off yeah cause I can't every time I go to retyping it jumps turn to something yeah I can do that maybe it's always loading OK so as long as people don't mind pressing the next button yeah I'll do that it could have something to do with the comment system at some taxing Scripps on it that might cost trouble but yeah the forms as much faster using a different script so hopefully people can check out the fake ologies forms and just remember your message Marcus that gonna give you the last word did you that was it just fix that and that would be great so I can read your comments cause I can't read them now it's always jumping all right OK I will do that and there's always a latest comments on the very top of the block oh thank you everyone for showing up and ounce of salt was gone silent from G long Australia and catch 22 I have from reflection of this household on the North Shore Lake on terrible and Thiago from city Nova Scotia and Marcus from Lancaster County Pennsylvania home of of the German Amish as I learned today from another interesting audio chat and the persons name is ask somebody ask whisper I came over his name actually his name is Kevin from Oregon and I'll be posting that possibly tomorrow very interesting new ecologist audio chatter which is found at if you want to join in and discuss different really interesting topics yeah I got high listening to him it was great yeah I was that was gonna be one of my questions how much does the smoke but I didn't get to that in Jesus so much information this guy is unbelievable unbelievable so if you haven't heard this guy ice is actually very nice guy and I even introduced him to David J homemade Godfrey Avenue that's that was like introducing a pitbull though a Chihuahua didn't go well but that was he came back he came back that's all I need to know so baby I would like to thanks my number one fan dirty bunny thank you that's my parting from my parting words thanks dirty bunny you're a real one max well you got a whole bunch of fans in there yeah I'm really popular yeah well good but everyone likes the new boys and different definitely but i knew that another generation that's for sure and another generation really adds to this not that it shows uniqueness of this broadcast me we go all over the place and then we try and make it interesting especially for you core group that comes back night after night it's amazing and that's quite unprecedented I think in this day and age of infinite programming so thanks for everyone for choosing and thanks everyone for coming out and I bitter end it now so have a good night all all the best take care bye-bye