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Good evening everyone it's Marcus Allen Tuesday, March 29, 2022 at 90 one in the evening here and beautiful and cold and Wendy Lancaster county Pennsylvania let's skip the stuff and get right to the good stuff people want to know who is controlled opposition shills paid agents etc. and the name that I keep saying asked about is this actor Russell Brand I forgot to pull up forgot to pull up this you're watching on the video you're gonna see when I'm pulling up if I type in Russell Brand 33 so people wanted to know if he was in the illuminati as a free mason why does Russell Brand have the number 33 if I remember right he said I had something to do with Jesus Christ tattooed on his wrist Lord makes me a channel of the eyepiece with a Christ symbol something or other and there you go so there is a 33 on his wrist he claims has nothing to do with Freemasonry let me do a search your masonry is a free spirited man but there's no searches for Freemasonry so what are you gonna do is I have not washed this is the first russell video that has come up in my timeline actually there were a couple more that came in just after I download this about the slap what are we gonna call at the slap what are they call that when there's a will there's a controversia slap help me out a slap crazy I can help me out get slap gate it's slap Kate I'm gonna call slap gate that was the weathers looking for a slab gate is there such a thing so lucky so I don't wanna talk about slack it we all know it's fake it was something else like it for for the what happened a couple nights ago anytime you hear the word gate attached to something you know it's fake totally fake anyway so is he telling us the real truth about life again I have not watched this it is 15 minutes 20 seconds usually you can double or triple that when it by the time I put my commentary in so without further interruption let's go the war in Ukraine is solely a Russian abomination with no other component to it it certainly isn't a resource war with embedded corporate powers and even contemplate that makes you a fascist hello there are you 5.2 million shimmering souls on a journey of awakening together with me we can do this communicatively don't let them shut you down don't let them make you dumb complain and passive the way they need you so that they can continue to prosper today we're gonna be talking yet more about the complexity in Ukraine some of you might wonder why I don't tell the stories of the horror of the Ukrainian peoples suffering while I feel that's evident and obvious and probably is on every news channel I don't watch mainstream news is not good for you I am very sympathetic and OK that's a good start I don't watch mainstream news it's not good for you hundred percent agree let's continue on to the horror of war I wish it would end I wish there was a way out I condemn Russia's actions I think Putin is bad all of those things can be true as well as other things being simultaneously true not so much Putin is in the club this it's all a scripted CGI war in Ukraine and Putin isn't on it so that's so he's got one good point one bad point so much and have like a total should be like the scorecard on your one good one bad it requires nuance to have open honest clear conversations about this place where I can safely use new ones and talk openly is when I'm touring live you can come and see me live in Carlo Newcastle Plymouth Bristol Glasgow there's a link in the description if you wanna come these are fantastic life shows that the meditations Q&A's name at the end you can leave before that if you want is a fantastic stand up shower talk about the last couple years and what we've learned pay that's why they call them page hills cause they get paid home out some money for touring and showing up where people who think they are like minded get together and meditate and glorify their leader sir Russell Brand I've learned what we've learned during that time let's get on the story link in the description if you fancy meet me there are many reasons for rap do you see that Blank did he just give me a link can I go back I think he just gave me a link talk about the last couple years and what we've learned what I've learned what we've learned during that time let's get on the story link in the description if you fancy meeting me there is no blank I got a link there are many reasons for Russia's invasion some concern politics history culture and territory including preventing NATO expansion not often mentioned however is that this small country has 5% of the earths natural and mineral resources including Kol oil i'm natural gas the second most in Europe lithium for batteries on North industry titanium 20% of proven world reserves for Aerospace and gallium second most in the world for electronics Ukraine is also incredibly rich agriculturally based in Europe in arable land and 25 percent of the world volume of black soil capable of meeting the food needs of 600 million people this is more than a political war is a resource war sounds like it because that is a staggering amount of resources to things you could say as a result of that knowledge is one Russia's invasion is likely in part motivated by a desire to control those resources and possibly and forgive me if this sound cynical the Westin response could Inn part be motivated by some of those resources there are established relationships between senior officials and even in some cases members of government and Ukrainian energy companies so it's not absurd to suggest that this could be part of a complex package and I've gotta say no there is that 33 on the wrestling that up doesn't make you unsympathetic to Ukrainian people it makes you aware of the complexity explaining is not condoning immense resources translate to immense wealth and power Russia wants control over them so the western nations and transnational Corporations including energy mining and agriculture companies US military contractors Raytheon and Lockheed Martin one day without i heard about those guys and their skull Duggery are telling their investors the tensions are good for business while General Dynamics corporations posts that passed such disputes have expanded their bottom line that is almost the definition of a problem inherent within a system when a system benefits from war might the system be biased in favor of war do you think that tell me the comments below stay to the end of this video will reach conclusions together but do you think that a system that benefits from war might on some level be pro-war well he's a good marketer that's for sure in the title of this what they don't want you to want you looking into this when you put the word this into a title and you'll notice almost every title that I i have features or this are these that's very good that gets eyeballs and people want to know what this or these is that's very good and what else is he talking about oh wait till the and that's a good strategy of Oregon marketing so kudos to him on the marketing the same way that over the ON and the comments forgot the comments leave a comment below that it increases engagement on YouTube speaking of YouTube one thing that really makes me cautious about whether we're getting the real truth from Russell Brand is that he's on YouTube how is he possibly still on YouTube with all the censorship I mean it makes no sense at all to make us couple years what do you think about the pandemic was irrefutable is that there was a wealth transfer some of the wealthiest institutions banks members the financial sector big check got wealthier true given that this sole purpose for existing do you think that's a good thing for them or a bad thing for do you think that pointing that out or questioning that makes you a conspiracy theories or not or just an inquisitive awakening person tell me the comments do us is committed more than $3 billion in military assistance to Ukraine since 2014 including $350 million worth of weapons recently authorized by President Biden that is always present it is in a package but where did those weapons come from there's any profit from that have you trained yourself to say that you're always in a package we gotta help Ukrainian people yes yes help Ukrainian people I don't know enough to say the weapons isn't the answer I don't know maybe I'm open to that but what I feel a lot better about it knowing that there were no benefits along the lines of profiteering from resources or profiteering from home sales if you had a system that prohibited that you'd be in a better position wouldn't you at least a fair a more transparent situation would you lobbying and political campaign contributions by the weapons industry will surely be a factor in continuing the flower bombs to the degree that energy mining and agricultural corporations believe they can eventually grab a piece of Ukrainian resources they too will use their never intended first amendment corporate constitutional rights to press Congress for more funding do you remember in Iraq when the Iraq war happened and I'm not making I'm not saying this is a light for like comparison but I do know that off the rack war loads of contracts are awarded to companies like Halliburton and energy companies I might lose the money later learned that what was a little bit dubious into places and loads of people are against in the first place that this is a different situation but what we have to extract from this complicated Malay are the areas of truth that we can agree on that's why it's helpful to have some values and principles like don't profit from war don't have people in Congress that are invested in weapons companies don't have lobbying by weapons companies or agricultural lobbies that might lead to favorable outcomes because otherwise you can't get a clear decision do you see what is the opposite of conspiracy is an attempt to prevent conspiracy from being the normal natural state of affairs I'm going a little bit off-topic does anyone ever notice that almost all the wars in the history of history were all about one person we couldn't take that one person without putting lives at risk never made sense to me because you're not only in general profitable to weapons Mike isn't corporations that directly benefit from occupations in any event or access to raw materials and cheap labor justification for a permanent war economy which best describes our national economic policy also greatly benefit other corporations again I will remind you of what Julian Assange said about Afghanistan the goal was not a short war the goal was a long the general goal is to transfer public money into private and that your money that you pay for your mandatory taxes that if you don't pay your fines yourself in prison not true you won't find yourself in prison that's a lie into the hands of private corporations and they have to redo that because I was you wouldn't wanna do it but I don't give them my money to his private corporations I'm not using their services I don't agree with the rain you have to you've given it is tax we're not charging you for this medical procedure we're not directly charging you for this water bottle they somehow or another as if by magic poof poof poof where is your money now Lockheed Martin Raytheon Pfizer what are coincidence financial corporations part of the largest single sector of campaign contributions to federal candidates and parties profit from war they facilitate the selling of US treasury debt bonds to foreign nations since most military spending increases the nations debt they also provide loans internationally to rebuild war torn nations and domestic lead to communities via purchasing municipal bonds with high yields to fill the gap of declining public funding Boston current military spending equals 48% of all spent federal tax dollars does that mean nearly half of all of your taxes is military expenditure but do you know how when your mind you like you have a good day military protecting us and by the way let me tell you that I respect a great deal pickle here comes the pandering for individual service people that are willing to dedicate their lives to be in the military I know what kind of background you come from Amity I know tons of military people and between them and me they don't wanna hear that they're just in it for the paycheck they're not in it for the patriotism and what kind of goals you have this patriotic support of the patriotic support gotta keep that narrative going for you believe in and have faith in and all I respect and honor but a significant amount it's not going into the pockets of soldiers men and women that fought in wars and took make sure I've got a good kid heaven forbid good care after they've been in combat that's when it's OK to cost them out in the streets and leave them later in your cities and towns no the money is up with Lockheed Martin racing do you say theme developing relatedly federal spending priorities favoring militarism i will funding to states and communities of place greater pressure on them to provide basic human and community needs from programs addressing poverty healthcare education hunger homelessness environment and physical infrastructure privatization and corporatization of public assets roads water sewer systems utilities prisons schools airport rail bus services medical services is increasingly the result most of the delight of sloughs of corporate entities more than willing to monetize and profit from what formally being publicly funded public services wow so there's not enough public money to support amenities you might need where is reparations of the road or building of your kids schools or some kind of healthcare heaven for bid building of your kids I hate the word kids it's children kids or goats building of kids schools comes from property taxes not from income tax and then they say I look say the Publix ex-con and let's do much pressure better where is the money go all public money your money your taxes you at work doing your job where does it go again right here at Lockheed what are you seeing a theme developing it anything else I can do some pencils Smedley Butler good Alexa a retired US Marine Corps major general gave a speech in 1935 entitled war is a racket I know you guys mentioned as a racket i spent 33 years hello baby I'm just hello baby in ilumiNATTI yeah right but why don't you say you're not a Freemason you can say you're not an illuminati why do you say you're not a Freemason 33 years and four months in active military service as a member of this country's most agile military force the Marine Corps I spent most of my time being a high class muscleman for big business for Wall Street for the bankers insurance I was a racketeer a gangster for capitalism I spend some time with the Marine Corps in America obviously and I found him to be beautiful fantastic inspiring men and women to hear a marine speak so openly even like 80 years ago 90 years ago what do you think your man would make of what's going on now what's just gone down in Afghanistan how would someone from the inside say I know a lot of vets watch this let us know in the comments below if you are a service person if you've seen active service how you feel about there's no single way to stop gangster capitalism individuals acting asparagus for big business for Wall Street and for the bankers diplomacy whether with Russia over Ukraine or anywhere else simply isn't profitable I'm sure it is complicated to come to a diplomatic solution like if you were Russell Cuca and I'm sure it will be right OK what is it and put it in now you're being a bit aggressive there might now come on all this is got you know I'm not saying it simple but the back but it's not profitable and other outcomes are probable might be a factor in the results that we are given is that is the reason really doesn't it actions that take place are the actions that benefit the powerful because that's what power is the ability to determine outcome sometimes there's a problem because there's loads and loads of us and there's not very many of them so you need an obedient compliant media to propagandize any situation and stifle healthy debate in heaven for bid unity solidarity people coming together to take control of their own communities to take control of their own money to take control of their own businesses their own lives have a bid that should happen it also doesn't justify continuation of the largest military presents the world has ever seen the military industrial empire which includes military contractors prefers perpetual conflict if not wars over diplomacy in peace and will continue to use their so-called constitutional rights to literally Weaponized any tensions in conflict by calling for more arm sales and Transfers and construction stroke maintenance of 750 bases and installations in more than 80 countries and territories so what I suppose you'd have to believe is the fact that these powerful military industrial complex organizations are getting what they want it's just a coincidence and the money they spend on lobby and the money sit in Congress people spend investing in those companies that's all just a coincidence and if you point out all these coincidences and there's a hell of a lot of then you all the conspiracy theorist not them conspiring breathing together operating cooperatively to create desired outcomes that's not conspiracy conspiracy theories hey wait a minute do you think they could be any other objectives play here other than that desirable righteous outcome for the good people of Ukraine because you know just the involvement of right in Lockheed Martin Congress people are investing you don't know what about any of that no you the one asking the questions all the conspiracy theories how do you feel about that hit me up in the comments below constitutionalizing the rights of military contractors and other corporate entities and separate entities apart from any individuals and political money is free speech represents a different but no less lethal war against the right of way the people all the people to self governance what a wonderful point beautifully made again we have to express to you the most in all our minds should be Ukraine the people of Ukraine people are directly affected by this conflict peoples hearts and lives are being torn apart by this horror that is the priority our obligation at this channel is to provide alternative perspectives on the narratives you're given particularly when those narratives appear to have been put together in order to shut down conversation and debate and to promote outcomes are beneficial to a particular set of interest it's up to you to decide whether or not you agree with me I might be wrong I don't bank i'm being right the whole time I bank on being a participant in a conversation with you a conversation I'd love to continue having hit me up in the comments below we read the comments by influence our content all the time give this video a like subscribe only 48% if you subscribe subscribe it will have even more influence and perhaps more ability to one day please God affect the outcomes of Siri situation so that you know I'm not holding my breath although I've got Prego breath control and also if you enjoy this video I will look at this one or have a look at this one sign up to my mailing list if you want to come and see me like I'm all over the beautiful country in the United Kingdom beautiful cities and towns with great people is a wonderful show link in the description come see me stay free OK very good I gotta add but now I've I've watched probably 20 or so of his videos in the past if you were to look up the word unlimited hang out in the dictionary you'd see a picture of Russell Brand he gives us lots of truths but he lies via omission for example has he said that the war in Ukraine with Russia as a CGI fake yeah every piece of footage that I've looked enter that totally fake if I did a whole show about this if you look for the show at that's my website escape the new click on the Marcus Allen show and look for the title this Ukrainian YouTuber has a new warning for the USA you'll see lots of notes actually I thought I did too did I do to hold on let me check Ukraine bomb bomb bomb nope just that one what about this one looking through my notes right now but with me one second that's not that one I actually have a hoe I was going to do an entire breakdown of and I decided against it I'm waiting a little bit more for a little bit more information to come through to make sure it's 100% accurate but from what I've seen right now it is a complete fabrication in fact you might've seen me at the beginning of this response video looking over my notes here and look for this this is the belt and Road initiative this is what the war with Russia and Ukraine is all about to blow this up a little bit more so you can see it and if you're listening to me on the podcast you want to go to see you today is 3 29 and you want to go to something that's probably gonna be titled something like is this Russell Brand telling us the real truth about life something like ok so this is it and you can see Ukraine is right here and you can see the whatever you see is an orange is Overland the belt in the road initiative and anything that is in blue is via C so these are the trade routes that go from China all the way over to our rotten rotten damn Rotterdam and that's what this is all about it's actually about a lot more other stuff but it's also a distraction and did you notice that Covid's or Conway 1984 and it two days before this war started amazing how amazing how this war put an end to convert maybe we should have more wars anytime there's an outbreak so yes that's this is all about Russell Brand is not talking about that that's very concerning to me so if you wanna go see the the what's the room the white version of the Ukrainian sigh up deconstruct it again look for this ukrainian YouTuber has a new warning for the USA and you'll see this map and a bunch other stuff too you might've noticed that during this video which again i've haven't seen before I was taking notes is based off of the book I'm assuming war is still a racket by Greg courage never heard of it before but I've certainly heard of war is a racket without the word still by Smedley Butler now and again I think Smedley Butler is unlimited hang out you get a lot of truth in there and there's a lot of stuff that's left out how is this book that completely destroys the military industrial complex from start to finish how is that allowed to be still sold on Amazon etc. very skeptical of that anyhow short one tonight short show I'm watching some some hockey I'm totally addicted to hockey I know I shouldn't be if you'd like to come out and tell me what you i think is Russell Brand controlled opposition can he be trusted to tell us the real truth about life put your thoughts in the comments below also again you wanna go to escape the and I have all my shows they are listed every night that I do a show it's listed there just click on the Marcus Allen Show and you are good to go it is Tuesday, March 29, 2022 at 9:26 in the evening from Lancaster county Pennsylvania everyone have a great night be well enjoy life and I'll talk to you tomorrow take care.