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Hey folks it's Markus Allen it's Wednesday, March 23, 2022 at precisely 8:30 in the evening here and Lancaster County Pennsylvania let's just skip all the fluff and get right to the stuff I have three videos that I'm gonna talk about on tonight show and let's take a look at video number one and before I show you the video take this quick quiz is this real or is it fake take a look who are you who are you with yes let's play that again now keep in mind that this is allegedly what is going on in Ukraine and I belong to a telegram group that I frequent on occasion called dark side papers chat and I will list that of course and I know it's always take notes with the shows so you can look below this video by the way if you're listening to the audio you're gonna have no idea what I'm talking about so if you go to escape the new and click on the show the Marcus Allen shell and look for the it's tentatively titled this Ukrainian youtuber has a new warning for the USA you're gonna be able to see exactly what I'm talking about fuck when I do this let me describe to you what I'm seeing if you're listening on on the audios here we go so there's a turn signal going off in a car and for some reason the video is pointed straight ahead and it looks like a nuclear bomb went off is this real or is it fake my vote is it fake because you didn't hear a bomb blast and of course we have this video right here do you remember this is this real or is it fake take a close look at the tower and you're gonna see something missing watch oh you know what I'm an idiot I had a QuickTime player the scrubber bar in the middle of what you saw so I'm gonna describing a lower the volume for those listening to the audio so this is 911 hear all kinds of noises in the background alarms sirens etc. and then you see for a bomb blast she actually don't see the one on the other side but I can assure you because I have another video that shows that they were for bomb blast it went off in the believe that was the south tower the second plane hit and did you notice what wasn't in the video I'll show one more time let's reverse the tape and watch carefully zoom and hold on let me zoom in Mizuno and of course i say it's it's real because there's no plane that went into the building did anyone see a plane anyway the reason I'm showing this is cause I'm really getting sick and tired of people believing the lies that the media puts out when it comes to the wars 9/11 of course as a war 9/11 kicked off crept crept I've talked about this in the past shows that I've done and of course the Ukraine war is just nothing but a migration effort to make way for the belt and Road initiative and faculty put that down in the notes belt and Road and the shit that's all it is and it's really sad because apparently if you're between the ages of something like 18 to 60 in Ukraine and you're a dude so much for the foreign dudes you must stay and protect the country and your wife and your children are allowed to flee talk about the break with the family so you have all these women and children fleeing the country because of a CGI war I've looked into the score for three weeks now I have enough evidence to put out a full length documentary on how nothing we're seeing is real and I mean nothing but there are people even those who are in question things that think that this could possibly be anything but real it's just amazing to whatever it again it's just it's a lockdown in migration move so everyone's lockdown in Ukraine of course because if they watch TV they think the world is crumbling around them they think that they're gonna get blown away to the bets because of bombs and missiles and all the rest of it and now in fact I'm in my document or you gonna see this one guy he flew into pull in and then into Ukraine then took a train to Kyiv Kyiv and videotape what was going on there is absolutely nothing I also have four different WebCams that kind of rotate different scenes in Ukraine and it's the first photo is beautiful there although it was snowing today it's always sunny there and it's like no big deal I mean yes a lot of people are inside but those who venture route you would think it was suburbia or if it's if it's a WebCam it's in the country it looks like it's all kind of where I i love you and you wouldn't have a clue that there's a war going on because it's a CGI war that was going on so speaking of Ukraine you might recognize this guy if you're a one of those men who hate women what was that acronym I was supposed to look that up before we came on you're wet men going their own way men going their own way and then going their own way as an anti-feminist misogynist mostly online community advocating for men to separate themselves from women and from a society … So I'm typing on my laptop right now you can't see it so I'll put that in the notes too so this guy is very popular with men going their own way although this guy I guarantee you gets a lot of checks because he's a great talker and he did this talk called America you're about to be poor so please don't lash out on us and he goes by the moniker coach red pill i used to watch him every day for years and then it was starting to get repetitive and he was kind of stretching things a little bit and he was experimenting with his he was experimenting with his angles like five different camera set up and it was i'm all for experimentation I love that but this is a little bit beyond the pale was actually making me dizzy so I stopped watching and then he came out with his real name his real name is Gonzalo lira and he's back he's making some bank he has like 3000 Patreon's charge between five to $10 typically you go a dollar above the five to get the average so you multiply that times sixes making over $20,000 and he apparently lives in Ukraine and I believe in fact he did if you get his channel and I'm gonna post a link to his channel he went to a chocolate shop where he lives and it look like it was bomb down but if you look really close it just looks like someone threw some bricks through the window the inside was pretty much not so bad it certainly wasn't like a war time going on where he lived and he was lamenting about his favorite chocolate shop having their windows blown out and that's the this is literally the only evidence I see of anything going wrong there now please don't send me your videos and say well what about this I mean I've already had that if you go to the telegram if you go to the Darkside papers chat on telegram again I can't hang out there a little bit from time to time and everyone's throwing all these videos to me what do I think in fact the first video showed you was one example of a what do you think about this Mr. smarty-pants and yeah there's no boom sound in them and then it was actually Omar who runs aside he's like oh that's true so we're just getting complete blitzed with fakery and you know why everyone thinks that the elites are out to kill people know what they do as they course people they course people into killing themselves like convent 198 for they've never literally forced you to take the job they cost us to take the job and that's why when people are like oh they're gonna come door-to-door enforce inoculations maybe they will but they haven't and I haven't seen them pretty much in history and I know that the people are new to the truth about if that's gonna sound outrageous and conspiratorial but if you take a really deep look use your critical thinking skills and take a look at things there's a lot of fakers going on which is really excellent news a lot of people don't understand that I mean my life was so stressful before I really got into the truth about life I thought school shootings were real I thought vaccines were good for you I thought people were sick all the time just cause that's the way it is and none of that is true you don't have to be sick all the time if you have a headache that's a big problem that's your body telling you there's a problem it's probably cause you're eating something in the plant kingdom humans are not supposed to eat plants and I know that I called but the globalist diet the globalist want us to eat plants and bugs it's amazing how people get upset with me because I'm on a carnivore eats diet I eat mostly wait i have a little bit of honey and some fruits and I don't even like fruits it's rare that I have fruits actually had a blueberry cobbler from Mission BBQ of all places we can half ago it was the best food I ever had my life and it was a limited menu and they got rid of it and so anyway we're not supposed to eat plants I'm gonna do a horse show but that'll probably multiple shows about talk about controversy I mean that as a third wheel topical I mean I'll talk about the Holocaust no one will bad and I compare to how dare you be a carnivore it's crazy anyway so this video right here lyrics Gonzalo lira again he allegedly lives in Ukraine I believe him and he did this 14 minute and 51 second video about again America you're about to be poor please don't lash out at us and I'm assuming the office is Ukraine so I'm gonna do is gonna play this and I'm gonna pick it apart a little bit I agree with almost everything else the saying there's some things that I don't so let's just get right tight sup this is for my American audience you who are americans are living in United States I'm here to tell you the truth about your situation at this time you are about to experience a poverty in the United States that is unprecedented nobody alive today in United States will have experienced the poverty that you are about to experience right now right now in the next 6 to 30 months already experiencing this poverty that is unprecedented in school and I would venture to argue that you know 3040 years from now when historians look back on this. They will talk about the 20 20s as the second great depression for life actually I'll stop right there if you look into 911 on Wikipedia there's so many lies in there you can't believe a word that it says it barely mentions Shanksville as one of the crash sites it talked about three buildings came down on 9 11 in new york city not true eight buildings eight skyscrapers came down in New York City on September 11, 2001 Oklahoma City bombing something like 43 buildings came down a day and you thought half of the building came down that day so historians are gonna look back and tell you the truth so I disagree with that but the depression started in mid March 20 20 that's when the lockdown first started but certainly no I disagreed that too but I'm disagreeing with a lot of what he saying I thought I was agreeing with most no the depression started really six months before 911 and then it really kicked into gear six months before 2008 crash and then six months before Covid it really kicked in I had a flourishing online business I was helping people lease cars from home cheaper than they can go to the dealership and get the car and six months before it just completely same thing that happened not before 911 same thing happened in 2008 and then in 20 19 completely wiped out my business it's another for some reason they kick the economy out six months before it becomes obvious with the gasoline prices skyrocketing you're gonna see a lot more poverty not so sure about that either wowser anything I'm agreeing with you I really thought I was gonna agree right now that the gas prices here in Pennsylvania it's crazy I live about 25 minutes away from the Maryland border so I live in Lancaster County Pennsylvania and we drive lots of Belair in Aberdeen in Havre de Grace and anytime we cross the border typically the gas prices are about $.2 five cents $.30 cheaper because the state sales tax in Maryland is cheaper than Pennsylvania this couple past couple weeks it's been almost a dollar different so Pennsylvania is really kicking it up however we had a topping point if you know what I should do it I should get a gas buddy do that real quick is a great site if you care about the price of gas I don't care about the price of gas and I don't have a lot of money because it's not gonna stop me from traveling quite frankly I like the price that high I know people are gonna get really triggered by that because there's less people on the road more parking spots gas if you go to church in the gas tools yeah here we go so repeat right here at $4.34 and I paid today for 19 and actually this is it this is an average here in Pennsylvania let's see if I can put Pennsylvania in there Pennsylvania Pennsylvania yeah so let's see Pennsylvania PS read said it's even higher yeah I paid for 4 nine at the top and today I just paid for 19 so does that mean that the climb is over maybe so he's fear mongering he gets paid on the fear mongering because he sells more patriots when he does that so I disagree with that too oh shit I just let's see if I can wallet when you fill up your gas tank and for those of you who are Americans well United States as organize its entire existence around the automobile most people living in suburbs cannot get food without a car that's funny cause than yesterday show I forgot about I talked about listen yesterday show yesterday sure was called looking it up right now it was called is this parallel society a blessing or a curse so I can go to escape the or just go to escape the new normal and click on show and look for the is this parallel society a blessing or a curse I talked about that I talked about it I've never which is the opposite of what he's gonna say I have never walked except that's actually not true I think I walked one time because my car broke down but generally speaking I've never walked to the supermarket to the grocery store I've always taken my car which is unfathomable to me because people in the city do the opposite and that's actually were very repugnant to me because what happens if the truckers strike I understand in about three days total starvation in a city that's crazy why would anyone wanna live in a city crazy today because the supermarket is 345 miles away sometimes crazy but it's the truth it's not a walkable distance I lived in some upscale neighborhoods in the United States and to get to the nearest supermarket was at least a mile away one way so you need a car and of course gasoline is going through the roof and so it's hitting your pocketbook and also of course going to hit the truckers you know let's think about this 80% of our bills on average in America our energy cost and there's no doubt that gas has something to do with that but there's so many more that's why it drives me nuts when people talk how about I'll look the gas prices went up three cents really three cents if you feel up 10 gallons that's $.30 you're worried about $.30 meanwhile the cost of education if you go to college is skyrocketed insurance is going up I just paid almost double for my electric bill my water bill almost doubled and you worry about $.30 a gallon that's just crazy to me and so if it hits the truck or is it gonna hit the prices of goods and services that you buy this is the first thing I agree with that is absolutely true so if the truckers are paying more to transport your stuff from Chili to hear instead of growing it locally what you can do in a greenhouse yeah I mean your food bills gonna be a lot more than it used to be and they're gonna start to go are there already going on scene you've seen in the past year and you know the Biden misdirection is lying to you and saying that oh it's no big deal you know it's Putin's fault Putin because of this invasion of Ukraine right but now it's not Putin's fault it's not even Biden's fault it's not even trump's fault and not even Obama's fault or even George W. Bush's fault this has been baked into the cake for going on 2530 years actually a lot more than that and I just realized I was using my mouse and making that clicking sound when I can use the space bar Clinton Administration when they started hollowing out the manufacturing base of the United States actually started in 1909 and 190 nine there was deflation for the first and only time in 1909 a dollar is worth $1.01 you can give a farmer a dollar and you will get tomatoes worth a dollar and a penny and it has gone downhill since then now it's over $31 i need it for every dollar you put into the system so if you give me a dollar you literally get the value the door is plummeted 97 percent exporting its manufacturing facilities to countries in Asia and Central America and South America and other places around the globe globalization the emptied out the manufacturing base of United States that was sitting number one and seven number two was right after 9/11 the so-called global war on terror what happened basically was that the United States government took out the national credit card zipping it through the machine over and over and over again to pay for the wars to pay for a lifestyle that the American people could not really afford but with a national credit card i.e. national debt because dick Cheney famously said you know deficits don't matter which is true deficits don't matter in the moment that you would take on the deficit but eventually you do have to pay it easy I mean we i know that feeling of having that credit card with the thousand dollar limit $5000 limit $10,000 limit or $100,000 limit sometimes and we go there and visit room and we buy the really expensive thing and we know that later we're gonna have to pay for it plus the get dressed we're gonna have to pay for it but right now we got it and so we're not thinking about tomorrow we don't worry about tomorrow I'll run there make a noise downstairs let me shut my Door OK play with your friends it's great until tomorrow arrives and you see you tomorrow has arrived United States that is so high but if it were any other nation on the face of the planet people would say that nations broke you know I don't understand why people talk about the national debt no one and I mean no one even the bank the bank stores don't even know anything about this national debt it's a meaningless number it's used a lot in politics and if you follow my work you know I don't believe in politics I've never voted in my life the national debt it's like a war over in Ukraine it's happening over there it doesn't mean anything people should be talking about how it's affecting us personally right here like the gas price thing is a great example like to if you look it's you I'm on the fence about yes see the thing is there's the government claims that there's like 6% inflation and then you have all these old people on the ultrasound alternative media no no no it's more like 15% but here's the thing if you go away from the big system like the grocery store and you go to a farm I pay when I first moved here in 2002 I paid 499 for a pound of ground beef grass fed grass finished the best you can get today it's gone up a dollar so inch so let's let's calculate that out by take 599÷499 that's a that's is it won't know from decimal point rate is that a 20% increase to 20% so it's basically one percent a year or something like that I'm sure someone's gonna throw me off on the math is that really a big huge deal now I i do not believe you have any inflation I'm building private towns where we go back to normal without masking without vaccines with our social credit scores and I'm building our own money system a digital money system for towns where there's no inflation and no deflation so I think that's the perfect scenario that's what everyone should have but the realities in the system we're in right now the system that we're living in right now we have inflation and we have debt and all I can do stuff to me to pay five 9920 years later compared to 499 that's reasonable because wages have gone up about that tennis balls I don't think they've gone up a penny since I was a teenager I i remember paying 349 maybe it's 399 now I think I haven't bought tennis balls in a year or so maybe because of Covid it's gonna then there's the there's other things that have come way down and press the throws the average off which is all electronics right I'll never forget the laser printer I bought in for at least 20 years gonna be 25 years ago what's $6000 now you go buy an ink jet printer which is better quality and cheaper and faster and all the rest of it and it's so cheap you throw away the printer because it's cheaper than buying a new cartridge so you went from $6000 for laser printer down to $49 so there's always this balance and all the doom and gloom or tell you all of inflation is skyrocketing how can how can they keep printing money I'm gonna put I'm gonna put in my notes that Casey hoops today's the 23rd to 3 my computer is like wigging out this is just horrible paramount so I can let me restart my Simplenote papa Papa OK so today is 323 2022 OK it's it's ok say never right and then I'll look it up he's never made a prediction that's come true I don't know if any now would I like to hang out with Casey absolutely that guy is really interesting shit and is he a really wealthy guy yup so how is that he tells everyone that the dog is about to crash he's been saying that since the Phil Donahue show fact I'm gonna do the Phil Donahue I'm gonna show you a video that goes back 3 five years or so Donahue where are you guys on there is making ice predictions that never came true so like this guys are gonna scare you into that the dollar is ready to crash it probably will but I guess it's crashing it's because they're just moving us into their new CBDC system and I'm gonna post this again cBdc tracker I I look at this chart every single day this is what everything is about the wars are all about this the Covid is all about this the lockdowns are all about this is all about getting us into a digital id to vaccine passport a Chinese style social credit score and ultimately CBDC which by the way is going to compete directly with cryptocurrencies and if you listen to me lately you know that all cryptocurrencies even Monera even those using nimble Wimbledon most secure of all the crypto's were all created by the NSA and can be easily cracked because they have the keys and I have proof and I've shown the proof I showed her ripple was a proof of concept by the Bank of England again you can go listen to yesterday's showing here on out that that's what this is all about this is all about Us moving into central bank digital currency that's fine I go back to his video UN on federal that state levels of that municipal debt and we're talking 200% of gross domestic product these levels of terror unsustainable and the only reason that they have been sustained so far is because United States has the reserve currency currency that the rest of the world needs to trade but but because of the sanctions that the Biden ministration ourselves as a source of righteously imposed on Russia and threatened to India and China even those other countries are moving away from the dollar sounds nothing to do with buying nothing to do with the reserve currency this again all to get us into CBD saying even Saudi Arabia is moving away the dollar India is already exploring options to trade rupees for rubles cutting out the dollar without the dollar is the reserve currency united states is just another bankrupt country no different from white Greece in 2012 or some Latin American Banana Republic the only difference of course is the United States is number two has nukes and military and so this is an exceedingly dangerous time for the rest of the world is it United States is broke completely bankrupt and you you Americans were watching me it's not the gasoline to go up in price it's your food is gonna go up in price and you're gonna start losing your jobs because companies can't keep up because inflation is too raise their prices and so they're gonna start cutting employees continue to be unemployed and the prices of goods and services essential goods and services food food is gonna go up and you're not gonna be able to buy it or you gonna actually have to make the decision whether you by heating oil or food or try to come to some agreement while you turn off the heat at night time and then have a little bit of heat during the day so that we get some food can argue with anything he said right there it's true and so I'm just gonna be happening to you it's gonna be happening to everybody yeah this is what frightens me I'm not worried about me I'm worried about my neighbors and I prepare I've been preparing my family for the do you know what are you gonna do when your best friend neighbor down there doesn't have enough money to eat I've never liked any of my doors never locked my door my front door and the house never locked the car doors all I do now is lock the doors not that that's going to matter someone wants to break in that has break a window but yeah I mean were I think we're six months away from the blade runner let me look that up later runner if anyone remember I'm not a movie person but I think that's when you know all hell breaks loose and no one no one has a car without a dent in it everyone does scattering and running away from things and I really see that I'm starting to see that happen right now little sign ever notice that people only retard are only driving with one headlight these days I know you're probably not gonna notice that right now but it's kind of like seeing a pregnant person you'll see them all the time take a look at how many people are driving around with just one headlight and I think it's for a couple reasons number one they literally don't have enough money to fix the headlight number two there's part shortages although I don't think it's at the headlight parts and number three people don't have money for safety inspections which are yearly here in Pennsylvania each state is pretty much yearly here in America so you no in order to pass inspection you have to make sure that your headlights work and people aren't paying for people are just skipping it and apparently the cops are overlooking the cops actually have a heart some of them do that's what's coming in some people in United States of Ulrich spirits this when their businesses were shut down because of the Covid lockdowns which retrospectively seem like so much bullshit because i was thinking people could've told you that but of course thinking people were silent thinking people were censored spilt milk water under the bridge the point is now and now because of these foolish sanctions on Russia and states and Europe the United States is on the downward trajectory people are realizing that it's over easy it's like a Wiley coyote in the road runner cartoons this by the way is a very good storytelling technique you always want to use a simile or metaphor people really can relate to that one telling stories lol sidenote he runs and runs runs runs so fast off the cliff that seems to be like floating on air until he suddenly realizes there's nothing below it's happening tonight states that's what happened to the rest of the world in so far as their perceptions of the United States how come the rain and shots of missiles that's just the start of it the start of it because other countries are realizing that the United States is over and they're gonna start making the because you see bottom line the United States acted like the worlds policeman a lot of people hated America's gods for a long time but they about it but now they're saying to realize that America is so weak so on the brink right off the cliffords floating on nothing but here people since the United States is about to crash no good try but not very good story but now the world there are everyone's in the club as George carlin likes to say and you ain't in it the club members they meet all over the place of Davos they move and they meet in Boise right I think it is Boise somewhere somewhere in the mountains and they discuss however it's like a worldwide wrestling everyone has a role in the United States as a role Russia has a role pretending like they hate each other this is all a very scripted force to bring down countries to bring up other countries you're gonna see a lot of freedom sells you're gonna see a lot of let's say I get this written down all the the buzz words exit Deezer Deezer the buzzwords are going to here but as a result of Michigan here freedom cells gonna exit in build your gonna hear intentional communities Echo villages parallel societies these are all Bankster nonsense for smart cities and it's all manufactured worldwide wrestling bullshit to get a sensor that's all you've got the people like us who are awake and aware as to what's going on and they were being pigeonholed into these freedom cells into these exit in build Echo villages that has the shooting that they're not shooting missiles at your sing cgi nonsense and so they're taking advantage of the opportunity and you're gonna see a lot more things going on in North Korea i know and also a lot of regional wars little piddly ass little shit like stuff in South America and the Middle East and so forth and so on Africa Africa is gonna be a basket that's not important for this conversation important thing is not a lot of people were afraid of the United States now they no longer fear United States because they realize that the United States is broke and everyone's Brooke is there any place on earth were there's abundance any place can you name one where the common people have plenty to choose from I can't think of we live in a scarcity world and it's ridiculous and it sucks and I'm changing that again go to escape the for my plan to Americans are gonna pay for it and you're gonna suffer now I'm telling you this because probably nobody's gonna tell certainly your leader ship is not gonna tell you they're gonna lie to you they gonna lie to you and tell you that everything is hunky-dory and that you know we're gonna fight Putin he's little gas price problems which is a little bit but it'll all be better soon enough and that's a lie it's not gonna get better it's gonna get worse a lot worse and you will have to make the decision whether you buy heating oil or food and that choice is not gonna be far away by this time next year this time in six months yeah I'm gonna six months I don't think it's gonna take a year I think I'm all hell's gonna break loose in September understand what's going on this has been baked in the cake for years it's not a recent thing and it's a tragedy and a lot of people in the rest of the we're gonna take advantage of this and shit on the United States pretty badly a lot of people and the rest of the world are going to grab theirs while they can and a lot of people in United States are going to demand really crazy things they're gonna demand wars because they're gonna say that you know it's Putin's fault and we got to go to war without send our military to white to bring back the good old there is i mean that's kind of like what's the rationale is gonna be in that's why a lot of people in the rest the world are so scared of the United States right now because you see a Weymouth he just said that he just said that's why everyone's is scared of the United States but like three minutes ago he said no one is scared of the USA and a little bit of a floppy floppy on that put a burning dog as they say and United States is a burning dog and people are very very afraid that the United States in its desperation as its economy craters it will lash out it will lash out and potentially do untold damage to the rest of the world Nah Nah it'll be affect nothing to worry about that what you see on TV just turn off the TV itself you are Americans you have to realize that your leaders I hate when people say my leaders they are not my leaders again I've never voted for this I've never signed a contract for them to be my leaders I've never signed a contract for the constitution to be the law of the land I've never signed a contract for the bill of rights to make the changes to the constitution no the Biden ministration publicans out to Marco Rubio Ted Cruz you know they're all in it together left wing right wing same bird they your script readers Biden Trump and all the rest of the clowns have absolutely no power they pretend to sign Laws all of the stuff is made up by non-governmental organizations that is the real power at least politicians don't give a shit about you they're going to try to channel your fear and anger and the fact that you are realizing how poor you really are and bankrupt United States really is they're going to try to channel that fear and anxiety and rage trying to channel it towards military adventurous military adventures that will cost the lives of thousands tens of thousands of innocent people not to mention the soldiers and all the rest of it also some people in the US government can make some money when is he talking about operation warp speed which is a militarized he laughing Cory Jack's laughing he's like my joke operation warp speed is what you're talking about we're not going after any country they're going after us our own government your government I should say he's going after you and convincing you to take the clutch shot that's where the killing comes in OK your life and something else you're not laughing at me so that some people in the US government can deflect blame look at your Biden right now he's blaming the gas price rises on Putin but going on for months before the Ukrainian war but Joe Biden is blaming it all on Putin it's Putin's fault he did it he's the one you should hit him go ahead and hate on him that's what they're trying to do to understand what's going on your poverty and misery the kind of poverty and misery you are about to experience in in in in a way that is unprecedented in American history it's not the fault of Putin it's not the fault of the Chinese it's the fault of the American leaders stupid policies Bill Clinton no hollowing out the manufacturing base of the United States because it made Wall Street more money no ok this is not one of his better videos and I can't why did I think I agreed with everything that I'm actually disagreeing with everything you say now that I'm listen close no no no Bill Clinton had nothing to do with us again he's just a front person it's non-government organizations it's NGOs like the club of Rome like the Royal Institute of international affairs accounts on on foreign relations that's who makes all that's up in the air now we know about the World economic forum which has been brilliantly in the background in secret I mean I didn't even catch onto that and this is my thing is what I've done full-time since 1986 looking into this new clip of the World economic forum that's what makes his policies not Biden or Trump George W. Bush now stupid war on they basically unleash the American credit card to go into these pointless words that were so incredibly expensive they're not pointless there it's mission accomplished baby remember when Bush said that mission accomplished mission accomplished for them not for us but the people didn't realize it because it was just on the national credit card is a true cost of what was going on now you are realizing the true cost of his policies and now you have to make sure that you're incompetent corrupt leaders like the Biden restoration and like the Republican party do not fool you into thinking that it's the fault of somebody else it's not the fault of anyone else it's the fault of American leadership this is really getting bad OK has it has nothing to do with Klaus Schwab right is that what you're saying and here comes the bitterest still at the mall oh I'm kind of scared if United States is a true democracy whoever it's a republic on the macrace then who is responsible for the leadership that United States has NGOs there I just answered your question because these leaders that we they weren't there they weren't kings no ruling by divine right I don't know it's a government of the people by the people for the people bullshit you allowed yourself to be fooled no we had no idea the war on man has been going on all my life I didn't have dad to tell me about this and my uncle didn't know about it either how are we supposed to know oh and now you are going to pay the price and the rest of the world is asking you please don't lash out let us know this sounds like 911 all over again oh it's them tell heads hide in Caves that hate our freedoms really that's the best thing that they are like that that the globalist are laughing at it can you believe it they believe that we tell them that Osama went after them what kind of imitation am I doing tummy time like anything you're laughing oh can you believe that I will tell them it's people and keys with box cutters that they brought the World tour a screeching halt no CGI it was a movie showing on TV live a 911 that scared the but Jesus even out of me and I knew was gonna happen I listen to Bill Cooper he predicted it and it frighten me so you know the media is a very powerful weapon at this idea that this is like climate change and global warming it's man-made which it is it absolutely call Geo and Geo engineering oh I have nothing to do with Geo engineering I'm not i'm not steering the ship in a controlling the joystick that makes the weather and I'll do a whole show about that you'll blow your way of how the weather is Geo engineer but I'm really getting off track now just come on did you gotta stick to your to your route wife and rules videos this it's really bad there's only 21 seconds left the rest of the world because we had nothing to do with this shit show that you are experiencing who's Wait what are you talking about like people people never have anything to do with us think about all the wars think about OK the Gulf War one bad person Saddam Hussein was in the club he was that he was the the number One shareholder of Chrysler stock at the most Chrysler stock he's in the club of World War I was it a mad I'm not a history person but I was Hitler right one bad person it's always this one bad person that we go after if America is so great and has the technology to be able to from a satellite find you know a quarter on the sidewalk they can't find one person in a cave somehow this is our fault like he's pointing at me like is it a route appointed someone he's pointing at me I didn't have nothing to do with us I'm just trying to pay my bills raise my children get the white picket fence and the dog and I don't have that yet set my fault you are responsible because do you allow this to happen no I didn't what did how old is how we gonna stop at Gonzalo tell me how are we going to stop it you wanna sound like a purple shell and this is a really disappointing video bitter pill but you're gonna have to swallow it OK I guess that's a little play on words on coach red pill that was just horrible so there it is hopefully that was really at least entertaining because it's just pure crap I'm at a loss for words and that's unusual so I think I'm gonna end it right there we've been going almost 49 a little over 49 minutes it is Marcus sound of the Marcus Allen shirt today is wednesday, March 23, 2022 at 9:18 I have so many shows in my simple note that I use can't recommend simple no enough in fact I put it in the notes let's see it's simple note makes me sound like a genius I'm able to just type a few words and find all my notes from the past it is way better and I'm an apple fan boy way better than Apple notes never have any problems syncing I can be on my iPhone I can be on my MacBook Pro I can be on my iPad and all my notes just pop up like it's on one one device it's great is there anything else I can talk about right now if you like I feel like I should keep talking I'm in the talking mood I'll just leave it at that OK over and out have a great night enjoy life and I will talk to you tomorrow take care