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Is this parallel society a blessing or a curse?

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Good evening everybody it's Markus Allen end of this Tuesday, March 22, 2022 at 6:50 in the evening and let's just get right to it take a look at this website this is the second time I've heard about this website first time I heard about it was 34 days ago when I got an email from Brittany Shaffer I believe that's how you pronounce your last and Brittany interviewed me back in October you can go to escape the show and listen to it! I'll pop it up here helps if i spelled right/show and it's titled this LA lady likes my money that's a great title I must admit myself so she emailed me and had a friend who listen to my interview with during my conversation with her and asked if it be cool if she pass my name onto this person because she wanted to talk to me about parallel societies and she pass along the persons name so I did some digging into the person and this person had mentioned on another talk show this parallel Society in Honduras called Prospera Prospera and then I was watching and alice McDowell video she's at a Mormon trans humanist trade show of some sort and once again this got brought up and I thought I'd be really good to go over how I investigate anything anything weather comes to truth parallel societies whether crypto is a good thing or not I thought I'd give you kind of my thinking about how I go about the so you can on your own do the same for yourself I think that's always a better thing than to follow leaders I'm certainly not a leader I'm just an entertaining guy and I'd like to make fun of life and there's a lot to make fun of all the material I have these days is never ending it's an endless parade nonsense so yeah I wanted to show you how I go about telling whether this would be good for me or not now let me be very clear and very upfront I am the developer of exclusive private towns and pull that up for you here if you just go to here and that's where we go back to normal we do not mask around masquerade around and face diapers we do not take waxing quacks donations we don't check your social credit score we don't do daily check ins with health status in test those are all the things that are either have calm or is coming soon did I mention the social credit scores I forget I'm pretty sure that we don't do any of that kind of so we're just going back to the way it wasn't a good old days where we have manufacturing town's Main St., America and we're bringing those back there 21 locations as you can see right here and if you wanna take a tour to click here the bottom to take the tour in fact as I mentioned in yesterday's broadcast I have a new video tour that I'll be putting up sometime this week I just have to finish it up I'm on the 5 yard line as they like to saying you'll see a brand new spanking tour of what I have in mind and we're still on target for breaking for breaking ground in Q4 which is in September of this year so if you want to be involved in that if you would like to be an early adopter go to escape the and click on the tour so that ad is I am very biased obviously I have a competing parallel society that I'm developing here in America it's strange everyone is why is everyone running away from America America is the easiest place to start your own parallel society I don't get it I modeling the know everyone says to me how are you able to pull this off on isn't the government gonna get you isn't it aren't they going to Waco you if you look into the Waco story it's as simple as the founder of the Branch Davidians had a dispute with one of his colonels and the colonel reported him to the ATF because he was Jealous or something whatever store you believe and then the ATF saw that he had all these guns and they came after him I had nothing to do with trying to do something separate from the government it's just that it's a flat out lie and if you want more proof that the government isn't out to get you at least not when it comes to doing your own private thing well just look at the Amish I moved here 21 years ago from Westchester Pennsylvania to Lancaster county Pennsylvania here is where we have the largest amish community I think in the world and I've tried my hardest to befriend them I'm a white person and they cost the english and they are very secretive when it comes to the English they're not secretive when it comes to taking our money they love our money but they don't like to divulge any secrets so i just kind of you know that they're their property line is on the property line of our development here and I buy all my food from their farms and over the 21 years I've been able to figure out what they're doing and they're 10 things that you need to do to have a private town where the government doesn't pass with you for the most part they leave the Amish alone I say for the most part because there are greedy Amish people although I wouldn't call him greedy that's a bad word there are Amish people who think it's ridiculous that the big milk yes there is such a thing in Amish produces a lot of milk against the big mouse other competition and big milk has made a loophole that says that if you are transporting what they call raw which is a slam of the rocker a derogatory term on what milk it's real milk if you take real milk from Pennsylvania to Maryland across state lines that is unlawful search the only thing at the Amish get a little bit of junk about but besides that they've been left alone for over 300 years throughout America and the rest of the world and that's what we're doing excellent private towns in America you don't have to go to Honduras to escape the new normals you can just get yourself here to America so if you're listening from Russia to Australia to Canada if you can you get here we'll make sure you're safe and insecure so yeah that's my that's I'm very biased with that so clearly keep it in mind as I go through this show that what I'm saying is biased at the same time it's 100% truthful and I'm gonna show you again how to use your own investigatory skills to figure out whether this parallel society has promised prosperous para parallel society is for you so let's go to the first thing I see is this at the top I see Rotan and I later found out that's where I guess the island on her Honduras is when you go through here gives you all kinds of data etc. etc. nothing too suspicious here looks pretty good pretty good and I got a news this is what I do I just click on stuff and I'm one thing that I tend to look for or dates and the first thing I see here is the featured article is from two years ago and that is a very bad sign if I click over here it's probably gonna get worse everything's from 20 20 and there's is three things so it looks like yeah let's see prosper in the news from 202 one from a year ago is from over a year ago again this is looking pretty stale so it looks like they had some momentum and then the momentum right away let's go to the press releases here OK that's good from that that's from last month and then the day before and then back into 202 one so that would that would trigger a red flag for me you know what this thing is been up and running from the little bit of investigation I've looked out for a few yours yeah there should be momentum there should be in a growing list of press release is a growing list of blog posts a growing list of prosper in the news and I'm seem so OK so then I go back the back button and click on residences and OK says explore ownership and Prospera now the first thing I saw and again this is my bias is this looks like with the residences are gonna look like and this is modernism architecture no and exclave private towns we mix traditional architecture with a tiny little minute amount of modern architecture why why because traditional architecture is amazing it's beautiful it makes you feel calm it last forever and it's the opposite of what the technocrats the people who run our lives the Klaus Schwab's of the world want they want us to be cyborgs they want modernism part of modernism is brutalism now this doesn't look like brutalism brutalism basically as well the twin towers or the we just so this is our video at dinner tonight do you member the Houston Astrodome dumb do you member veterans Stadium in Philadelphia that's where I'm outside of all the stadiums are brutalist and the name kind of tells you what that means it's brutal to look at and that's part of communism makes total sense so this this is a very very modern thing to look at so let's click on here and it looks like it's got some tabs so I can click from back-and-forth live grow and invest in Prospera can't live grow and invest cancel this scares the the the F out of me right there because now when when you use the word invest now you're getting governments involved now you're getting governments involved so keep that in mind as we go through this explore homeownership explore ownership of the first ZHA design homes in Rotan Prospera limited number of presale reservations are available to qualified buyers so when I fill this out and then I put an optional LinkedIn profile how are they gonna know if I'm a qualified buyer that's another red flag to me how come it's not asking for my job title or my job or my income or whether I'm a high net worth investor etc. might seem that this just seems like a mailing this crap to me so we go over here learn the ins and outs of building a business and prosper OK next to see this it says join the innovators experts in Ashburner building in better future with us Zaha Hadid architects OK so I'm going to typing so that's all about hot how did the ha Hadid Parkette having trouble typing tonight and I copy and I had a new tab and I open a new tab ok so I click on this it's an architectural firm in British or current architecture blah blah blah oh this is not the same when I saw this morning to spell it right looks like yes not the same I'm here and her OK OK this is kind of what I saw this one ok this is clearly modernist architecture and the other problem with modern architecture is it doesn't last very long just look at your house unless you live in a brick house in Stone House summer steel beams you know your house is it gonna last that long and this is very smart city-ish to me which is actually frightening to me so that's do they have is it looks like as the lead architect for this back and it's a residences at Quakertown here ok this here's another word that friendship frighten everyone which is sustainability and sustainable and anything sustain yeah this is the world world economic forum speak for globalism and communism the first resident residential units on route 10% or custodian local sustainability in global air we go global integrate OK so here's your one world smart city sustainable development all the buzzwords at the World economic forum likes to use combining the most advanced modular construction techniques with sister here we go again sustainably sourced a local materials the design and planning the first dwellings and what is a tangible example blah blah blah dramatic shift papa people neighbor I will take part in construction and management and part of the purchase of each resident goes towards the construction of sister residences have no prom that time and then they show you how everything sustainable which is bullshit and here's what you're gonna live in do you really want to live in something that looks like it's 350 to 400 ft.² this is it each one looks the same an integral expression of natural beauty and resources here we go so you can customize of course you can customize your residence probably over the Internet which will be probably store on the block chain when you listen to my document document documentary about the crypto business called crypto Gaz him you're gonna see the Blockchain is like a four letter word even though it's more than four letters it's something you should highly avoid environmentally integrated designs papa Papa bum bum OK just just fluffy stuff and yeah you're basically living OK here we go you're basically living in a zoom in on this you're basically living in a cargo container like that is that what you want to live and join the community that's interesting because this is bad marketing no one wants to live in a community these days and that's sad but people were out for themselves people don't want to hang out with like-minded people and I've learned that the hard way and when I do the marketing for exclusive private towns I will I lay off the rub elbows with like-minded people because I can see in my stats as soon as people say that they come off they bounce off my page so I think they really need to Heinen on the marketing to better marketing next platform where's the platforms with the smart OK this is clearly a smart sitting on an island everything is bunched together he probably obviously you don't need a car which is interesting I had a conversation with my son we travel through Baltimore and that was not my choice this weekend and my son is still my oldest son my youngest son his auntie Marcus my older son is on team communism he'll admit that and he thinks it's great that you can walk to the grocery store now it's Interesting is never in my life have I walked to the grocery store once in my life we've always lived in a suburb or like we do now he's live in the country and for me to go shopping is in I gotta jump in the car and get there you know it's a 2 to 4 mile drive will be hard to bring home you know $200 with the groceries like that and we were going back-and-forth on the advantages of cities or not and it anyway I'll just leave it at that does this is actually disgusting to me this this whole smart city thing so let's continue on prosper OK huge red flag enabling Sustainable and profitable growth in partnership with local communities and out and I'm smelling it here I got here we go what am I smelling here right here with a common lol legal framework familiar and flexible regulations a Bill of Rights low taxation taxation by the way at exclave private sounds are never attacks are no fees on anything we believe tax is taxation staffed at our place we don't have to tax because we don't have we don't have any of the red tape that is involved in cities we don't have mafias we don't have cronyism we don't have politicians we don't even have managers that run the businesses in our cities we have leaders everything is in our people who do the work on their own we don't have slaves we have entrepreneurial type of people who get stuff done and they don't need to have managers in layers of management to do it so if you have all the stuff that you're not paying for your ear there's no need to have taxes but this one frightens me the most Kamala so I'm a let me command click on that OK so it goes to Wikipedia that's not what I was looking for this is what I'm looking for and I have it in my other computer show me photos of a check take a look at this this is crazy this is absolutely not anyone anyone who looks at yes of course this is hidden I had a dig deep to find us now check this out Prospera Zeid has something to do it like zone something or other or something rather code of rules now I'm glad they use the word rules if they said laws that would really freak me laws frighten me don't think you need to have laws that exclusive private towns we have basically a couple a common sense rules be kind don't embarrass people don't harm people it's it's basically two or three rolls and of course they're a little some sub rolls and I like don't climb this tree because some people don't have common sense sometimes you gotta put that rule out now take a look at this i wonder when they introduced us because again this was very hard to find on the website I had to do some reverse engineering and searching for PDFs take a look at this is paid one page one page one page 168-2023 guess how many pages in you'll never guess I'm scrolling we're at 162 we're at 270 pages of laws or rules 310 keep going keep going keep going 17 135 pages 3524 pages I think it ends around there let's say no there's more 3552 pages I don't let respond to my wife she's asking if I want to Ben & Jerry's no thank you OK now to be fair you can see here that they're both in looks like Spanish and English but still that is insane now here in America we're always told when we grow up ignorance of the law is no excuse which is just bullshit it's a load of bullshit why because there are new laws every day there's no way you can keep up with the hundreds of thousands of laws if you go to a judge and ask a judge a question about all the laws the judge won't even know what all the laws are can you imagine living at this this parallel society where you have all these laws it's crazy I wanna go through all these I'll post them in the in the notes below if you're watching this whether you're watching this on my channel again if you go to escape the I'm calling this one is this parallel society a blessing or a curse and you can get all the companion notes that I have so that is a huge whopper of a red flag for me that is for sure so let's see let's go back with common law legal framework familiar and flexible regulations a bill of rights low taxation and protections for the environment there's your there's a climate change BS which is gonna lead to attacks Prospera enables entrepreneurs to solve problems structurally and responsibly for the people of Honduras and the rest of the world really really is a true let's say take a look at this how about this still trying to get used to using two computers this is a during my little investigation this morning I found this in again when I do to find these articles as I type in the name of what I'm looking for and I'll type in scam or problem or frustration and I stumbled upon this and I hate websites to do that you scroll when it's like a fixed picture in the background of it when you finally get to it but basically a libertarian start up city in Honduras face is its biggest hurdle the vocals Prospera was supposed to be a privatize silicon there's another huge red flag Silicon Valley funded paradise that's smart cities that's technocracy not good paradise but it's a hard sell for the neighbors and they go into a story and you can read the story again it'll be in the notes but basically the Silicon Valley investors either promised the locals like unlimited water that they promised them something and then it got really dicey they didn't come through then they started to strong-arm the local villages it's nasty it's Nasty so you can read about that here but here's the guy who started the towns just being that let's go back oh darn it go back OK and get a platform i think I read that I wanted to get to the founders a new model for entrepreneurship doing business obtaining permits you have to worry about permits are exclusive private towns everything is taken care of one of the things about having your own private town and not having the government bothering you is that you govern yourself so their week without permits we don't a red tape we get stuff done fast let's see common-law 3500 pages of rules oh darn it I wanted to find OK so then when I do here's a little tip as I use in advance syntax and search google with us so I hit site: the name of the website and I type CEO want to find that page yeah about that does Erica OK so then I stumbled it on there about page on this look at all the people involved in yes and look how they're all Silicon Valley Silicon Valley people crazy like where is the construction managers where is the architect councilmembers I mean that's very Soviet sound and counsel observer counsel this counsel that that's Soviet everything is about finances and oh and by the way if you do a little bit more digging you find out that Peter Thiel is involved and that's that's a really the red flag is very involved in cyborg smart cities of the future so then there's like a way where are the contract where is the plumbers where is the architect where is the electricians where is the chef sweat I'll see any of that so anyway that's really bad wreck big red flag so then I clicked on the sky Eric Bryan men in his LinkedIn and let's see what he's all about unleashing human potential so these guys these these suits they always talk in platitudes that make up the talk in riddles makes no sense working to catapult the many into I'd like to know if there's comments underneath wherever someone post this post in the comments I love to know what is this mean working to catapult the money into prosperity by developing a platform of time-tested principles and good governance capabilities by the governments as it as it is a huge red flag good governments capabilities and applying it at social scale on a voluntary opt in basis please let me know what that means I have no idea what that means it sounds like they need a marketing person to help them with the messaging then let's take a look at his experience so he's been the founder and CEO of Prospero's in September 2017 nothing too bad about that and then he has another little glory beer Prospera provides the conditions for prosperity to emerge just total platitudes and riddles I have no idea what that means and this is what else he's worked for Ernst and Young so he's a big banker guy everything's about banking with these fake parallel societies that's what I thought and that's what really got me moving fast on doing actually private towns you go to look into any of these parallel societies that are being brought up now and there's lots being brought up a whole list of them and everyone of winds up like this it's absolute smart city agenda it's almost like the bankers purposely created these to catch people like us maybe the one percent of us who are looking to escape and then they were just being brought right back to the smart cities crazy OK so that's that looking at my notes of anything else not really actually have this not really too much of a big deal and our retiree talked about that but then there is then there is this that's not what I was looking for i'm looking for this no come on i've been having trouble with my hand off I just have to yeah it's not let me do sandy spring sandy springs to bring most government services in house area so they're going to be using the city of Sandy Springs which strew international attention for privatizing city services and it's 2005 funding is bringing most of its services in-house in a dramatic shift so basically this is where the term public I'm sorry private public partnerships P3 comes in also known as laissez-faire governance if they were governance so basically what they're doing is they're outsourcing the government to private industry but it doesn't seem to be working because if you read this article I think this person is involved with Prospera and just doesn't work so I can I'll have a link let me see if I can copy this and paste it into your into my notes oops it's not let me do it I'll do it after I stop the recording so basically yeah it seems like I'm kind of speechless it's like what's going on here why is everyone talking about this and it looks like it's a ghost town I'm in axis even a real thing another thing I'll do is I'll Nick Prospera and I'll search Reddit Erica and then I'll look for our sort by new area new and see if people are talking about it so I see history of seeds free online event and then I want to see if there's a Prospera Reddit Brady adult C1 90% employee rule exceptions for 15 days ago so that's that's actually pretty good looks like there's some activity 17 days girl the bill what happened 17 days ago so that's that's a good thing it looks like there's some activity but it just doesn't match their website there's a disconnect there I'm not exactly sure what that is but that's good I wanna see some activity there in the last month or been five or six posts let's go back a little bit more do you think I look for his comments so this one is 20 comments can I Airbnb them I i can select to firm the email I got they were saying unit owners can live and work with him Prospera or making his Volvo for a rental with a expected return of 8% so that's how they gonna make it easy to lease out their units few more if they can be entered by they could be running out by Airbnb these units are small by US standers no can someone bedroom apartments are bigger than June as doubles see also our previous cutter OK this is great that's what I'm looking so I'm gonna close out you wanna keep the tabs in the browser clean because you're having all these tabs open so I command click and and then i'll read this and this is from eight months ago first outside construction company building a project in Prospera as far as I can tell this Apollo group building for themselves with clients around so units on on a plot of land inside the jurisdiction as opposed to just being hired by prosperity sounds like prosper employment services pretty doing what he's doing pretty well which is what's making the deal happen there's just a lot of demand for local housing for young OK I can't wait to see the cost and that's the thing there's no cost there's no there's no nothing that I didn't say estimated completion date middle to end of 2022 so that's coming up on that we're coming on this very soon we're very excited do you let me know if you have any OK will there be an excellent exercise clubroom a poor short-term rental any updates on this project so we went from two months ago to eight minutes ago that's quite a coincidence and I'm not saying I'm not seeing any updates there's a golf course right next-door though it isn't part of the prosperity territory some renderings from the Apollo group no I think we're doing an exclusive private towns because that's the that's the critique that I get it's OK you know when is your first place open yet know well when's it can i open i can tell you exactly it depends on a few factors so what we're doing is we're communicating a lot if you go to escape the you're gonna be able to join a list if you are able to become an early adopter you'll be able to join my tablet by personal telegram what I call a briefing you'll get a briefing ever and I do it every single day and I keep you up-to-date and that includes once we start building WebCams people of WebCams here's my favorite WebCam right here it'll be just like yes this is the teeny martini bar in Saint Augustine Florida and if you notice if you pump up the quality and hit the play button and hit live boom there it is so there's gonna be lots of WebCam sprinkled upon us building so you can see what we're doing we're very transparent and you get excited as we get excited for building our towns so I think that's it that's enough to get you started again to see how to figure out whether parallel societies are coming through with a real parallel society not something that the government is hiding and becoming a smart city with us if there's anything in my notes I click out of those so I go back to here and see if there was anything else I didn't click on careers so I would just click on everything and just have a very skeptical mind OK current openings now this is disappointing let's see how many remote remote so they're eight remote jobs Rotan and Schweitzer there's 28 jobs in a smart city how is that even possible that Peter Thiel has invested millions and millions and millions in town and all the software again where is the construction jobs the architect the plumber the electrician the chef that's a very big problem we go back prospera oh this one to this one really bothers me do you know what the resident is be part of the most forward thinking governance or go again governance platform from anywhere in the world is prosperous prosperous and prosper with E is your digital gateway to the Prospera governance platform let me translate this this is the bike chain there be no privacy they'll be no anonymity everything about you will be open to the public on the blockchain and from what I remember reading they're basing this off of Estonia if I type in Estonia Watching Estonia is the first over there known as the Blockchain pioneers Estonia was the first nation state in the world to deploy Blockchain technology and production systems so you can be an E with a Cardigan resident you can become an E resident here Prospera through their e prospera governance platform you can access our business from the ecosystem wherever you happen to be so again if you like smart cities you're gonna love this although you don't need to go to Honduras there's a smart city being built around here they call them actually that the word from our luxury apartments and yes they are luxurious 350 to 400 square-foot apartments have fun in your box and they're expensive and everything is digital now i'm not against it at all they'll be digital at exclave private towns but they're going way too far with the digital way too far anyway it is 730 we're about 45 minutes or so in and I think that's good I think it's a good primer to help you figure out what's good for you and yeah I think it's time to watch a little hockey and relax and I'm going after during the hockey game you'll be coding exclave bucks suck exclave boxes are money system it is not it looks like crypto but it's not it's nothing like crypto crypto as you're about to find out with the with the videos I put out is a colossal scam it is an NSA created Bankster created scam it's crazy man everything in life is inverted and now I'm rambling so i'm gonna stop talking Tuesday, March 22, 2020 to 731 have a great night be well enjoy life and I can't wait to talk to you tomorrow take care.