How to replenish electrolytes using Cole Robinson's Snake Juice recipe

A big hat tip to Cole Robinson. He developed an electrolyte formula to help fight chronic dehydration. He calls it "Snake Juice". It is a 4-ingredient supplement that when added to water helps fight off dehydration.

Personally, I make my own Snake Juice mixing PRECISELY 1,000 grams of water (reverse osmosis or pure distilled water) with:

- 4 grams of Real Salt
- 8 grams of Potassium chloride
- 8 grams of Magnesium Sulfate (a.k.a. Epsom Salt)
- 8 grams of Sodium Bicarbonate

I avoid using plastic as much as I can, so I mix Cole's Snake Juice recipe using one of these oversized, wide-mouthed mason jars.

And every kitchen should have a GREAT, low-cost digital scale for precise measuring - here is my favorite.

I make this big a batch of Snake Juice because after vigorous shaking, the solution perfectly fits into two of my favorite portable glass bottles. I drink a bottle a day to keep the Charley Horses and muscle cramps away.

Now, if you are a "big lazy fatty" (these are Cole's words, not mine:>)... we can buy premeasured Snake Juice beverage mixes here - it has been already portioned out. All we do is rip open a perfectly measured packet, add 500 grams of water and shake.

Note: it is probably called "Snake Juice" because it taste like something called Snake Juice. I find drinking Snake Juice cold helps with the taste. It took me just a few days to get used to the taste. With that said, this is sort of a miracle for me as I no longer experience extremem body cramps like I used to. (Seriously, I have had muscle cramps so sever, I was ready to call an ambulance and rush to the hospital.) My first drink elminated 95% of my muscle cramping the very same day. I hesitate to use the word miracle... but the results were beyond amazing. This is a must-take electrolyte solution for those moving into a carnivore diet.