Tell me more about XClave Bux

XClave Private Towns has its own currency. We call them Bux.

Bux are redeemable for goods or services at any XClave location.

Bux is much like US Dollars - only better.

Bux is securely stored on XClave centralized servers. It is impossible to have your Bux stolen. No bank account needed. Every XClave member is automatically approved to hold, transfer and spend Bux. There is no credit check - ever. Even better, you never pay fees for using Bux.

Because Bux are only spendable (or transferable) within each XClave location. Bux keeps our economy local instead of feeding the greed of BIG corporations.

At XClave, we do not loan out currency or charge interest. This way, our money is super stable. Bux are tied to real resources such as food, clothing, stone, iron and glass - even t-shirts. This way, Bux are not subject to wild fluctuations in value.

For now, XClave Bux is "pegged" to the US Dollar exchange rate. Soon, we will peg XClave Bux to a basket of local goods to insulate our private towns against economic volatility.

Bux are the most trusted, private currencies on the planet. Unlike crypto, no one outside of XClave can see (or track) your transactions.

Bux are stored on our servers and accessible via your smartphone, computer - even an Apple Watch.

For added convenience (and backup), each XClave private member is issued a metal Bux card, too.

The best part is Bux allows any XClave private member to easily pass wealth around in a click of a button - without fees.

And Bux has a built-in, mini living will that takes less than 60 seconds to set up. Bux are automatically transferred to your beneficiaries once a death certificate is confirmed.

Using Bux is super easy... buy anything at XClave in less than a fraction of a second with your device (or membership card). Or send and receive money in just one single click. The transfer is instant, trusted, and safe.

And unlike alternative currencies (like crypto), it is impossible to lose Bux as XClave is your trusted steward of all transactions.

There are many ways to top off and convert standard Federal currency into your Bux account - convert credit card, crypto, personal check, money orders, Venmo - and international postal money orders into Bux in just a few seconds.