How can you get away with no masks, no social distancing and no vaccines?

Here in the United States of America, Inc. (allegedly, the USA is not a government, but rather a corporation located at 2711 Centerville Road in Wilmington, Delaware), they use the color of law to scare and confuse us about private property and private clubs.

Also, governments (and the media) remind us that if we go at life alone, they might attack us "Waco style".


Laws in most countries are important "declarations" known as "proclamations". In other words, laws are nothing more than rules printed on fancy paper and declared by seemingly important people (who dress in robes and sometimes wear powdered wigs).

The fact is laws are just made up by rulers. Nothing more, nothing less. And these laws protect rulers, not us.

A bigger farce is that we have "rights". Legally, "rights" are nothing more than promises. And we all know promises are meant to be broken (hello 2020).

At XClave, we are completely separate from governments. This is how we can live a great life without masks, without social distancing, without vaccines - even without paying taxes (more on this below).

Even better, we do not have to travel to some far-flung "common-law friendly" island... we can live a tyranny-free life right here in North America - without worry.


At XClave, we lawfully acquire properties across North America. Lawfully, we are then given what is known as a "bundle of rights" with the transfer of title.

This "bundle of rights" include:

Clearly, these "bundle of rights" are well hidden from the general public's knowledge. Why? Because governments like to control us. And they do not want us to break away from their control system.

In simple speak, operating a private club on private land allows us to self govern - just like the Amish do. The Amish have been on their own here in the USA for over 300 years. This is why I moved into their community on September 12, 2002. I have been studying them for almost 2 decades now. And I see how they are able to self govern without (most) government interference.

Since we have no agreements from governments (nor do we accept any stimulus, funds or payments from governments), we are on our own.

We get to make our own rules.

We avoid all government red tape which helps us build XClave faster... safer.

Even more interesting, we must discriminate - it is part of lawfully running a private club. Because if we did not discriminate, we would be no different than offering a product or service to the general public.

Thus, our private club discriminates against accepting "sheeple" as our private members.

I am not kidding.

As long as you follow our simple rules at XClave AND you are not "sheeple", you can join us.

There is one other lawful rule:

When visitors come to XClave, they must set an appointment... just like you do when you book as FastPass+ spot at Disney World. We offer our private members our XClave app to easily handle these appointments.

(Lawfully, permanent XClave on-site residents are exempt from this requirement.)

Since we govern ourselves and make up our own rules, we are structured to offer 100% tax-free living...

Tax-free living at XClave means:

In simple speak, XClave offers your money an instant and lawful flight to safety...

This means when you join XClave, you have the option to convert as much (or all your money) into our peer-to-peer crypto currency we call Bux.

Think of Bux as the safest bank account ever. Because Bux currency is tied directly to the resources we sell. This includes everything from food lodging, shopping - even flight on our air taxi service. And remember... every purchase is always be tax-free for the rest of your life. And after your life ends, your beneficiaries get access to your account - again, 100% tax-free.