100% propaganda-free, in-room education for your children

Are you sick and tired of hearing that your school is going in and out of lockdowns and quarantines?

At XClave Private Towns, it's business as usual at our schools. We never close (unless it's a fun snow day).

Small class sizes and our accelerated learning strategies give your child the best education in the world.

And since we don't teach "wokeness" or Bill Gates' Common Core nonsense, be assured your child is in a super safe and secure classroom to learn how to grow up to become a real man or a real woman.

We don't waste time teaching your child useless trivia or government-sponsored propaganda. Instead, we teach your child how to thrive. Period.

The best part is this: every student who graduates from an XClave Private Town school is guaranteed a highly sought-out job in any of our towns we're building across America.

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